The June 2013 CNF Plan Revision Newsletter

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Chugach National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Chugach Forest Plan Revision

Revision of the Chugach National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan).

Portage Valley Waterfowl and Fish Habitat Improvement Project

Reduce shoreline slope angle to provide habitat for waterfowl in old gravel extractioin pits, and increase vegeation diversity for waterfowl and fish habitat.

Trail Habitat Improvement Project

Improve moose forage through prescribed burning, mechanical and/or hand treatements, reduce fuel loading and fuel continuity, and improve stand health by thinning spruce and hardwood stands in the Trail watershed.

Under Analysis

CDK mining plan of operations

Proposal to approve a mining plan of operations for suction dredging and access on Bertha Creek in Turnagain Pass

Granite Creek Campground Reconstruction

recronstruct and upgrade existing 17 site campground to meet accessibility guidelines, provide additional recreation opportunitities such as group camping, double sites, hikingtrails and winter camping, and reduce exposure to flooding/erosion

HHH mining plan of operations

Year round suction dredging in Palmer Creek with two (2) six inch suction dredges, high-banking on the bench above Palmer Creek, and use of two temporary tent camps. Access will be by snowmobile or ATV on existing trails.

Main Bay Fish Hatchery Permit Renewal

Renewal of a multi-year special use permit to Alaska Department of Fish and Game for continued use & maintenance of the Main Bay Fish Hatchery located in Main Bay, Prince William Sound. Managed by PWS Aquaculture Corp. EIS/ROD 1980. Constructed 1981.

Prince William Sound Campsite Hardening and Restoration

19 dispersed backcountry campsites in Western Prince William Sound would be hardened and restored.

Recreation Roads Reconditioning

This project would do basic roadway maintenance, such as brushing and grading, plus reconditioning work to the road surface, and construct barriers to limit where highway vehicles can drive.

Resurrection Creek Restoration Phase II

Approve a supplement to a mining plan of operations and new mining operations. Restore Resurrection Creek's channel, floodplain, and streamside vegetation to pre-mining conditions and enhance fish and riparian wildlife habitat.

Sand Trail Parking Area Construction Project

The project is to build a 60ft X 140ft. parking area at the Sand Trail trailhead to provide safe public parking along the Copper River Highway to access National Forest system lands.

Sarah Mining Plan of Operations

Renewal of an existing approved mining plan of operations for suction dredging and access on Gulch Creek near the Hope and Seward Highway junction. proposal is for five years in duration.

Spencer Whistle Stop Outfitter & Guide Opportunities

Provide commercial recreation opportunities at the Spencer Whistle Stop recreation area, by issuing special use permits.

Wild Alpine, LLC permit amendment

Wild Alpine is requesting an amendment to their existing permit to authorize a new use area Southwest of Turnagain Pass. Current permit authorizes avalanche education classes and other baccountry travel uses in Turnagain Pass & Portage Valley.

Analysis Completed

Creek Side Nugget Plan of Operations

Plan proposes suction dredging in Bear Creek using a four inch suction dredge and accessing with two ATVs trail on the Bear Creek trail which is closed to motorized access by the general public

Eyak Boat Launch Reconstruction Project

The USFS, Cordova RD is proposing to reconstruct the Eyak boat launch and parking area. The project will address stream bank restoration, traffic flow safety, eliminate encroachment on private land and install a double wide boat ramp.

Hope Stone Mineral Materials

Removing slate from an existing source near Mile 11.5 of the Hope Hwy using hand tools and mechanized equipment to load and move pallets of slate and for reclamation. Storage of slate on-site may be authorized through a special use permit

Joe's Place mining plan of operations

Proposal to extend a plan of operations for suction dredging and access to an operaton on Cooper Creek for an additional 5 years

Kenai Lake Work Center East #7398 and #3532 Conveyance

Sale of two parcels totalling approximately 40 acres of National Forest System Lands at MP 23 of the Seward Hwy, pursuant to the Forest Service Facilities Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005.

Kenai Peninsula Invasive Plant Control

Control infestations of priority invasive plant occurrences on the Kenai Peninsula portion of the Chugach National Forest including use of herbicides on small scales on species and infestations where manual control has largely failed.

Lynx #1 mining plan of operations

Proposal for an extension of an existing plan of operations for access on a trail closed to the general public, seasonal suction dredging, and a seasonal tent camp on Lynx Creek.

McClain's Mining Plan of Operations

Proposed mechanical placer mining plan of operations including several 50'x100' excavations per operating season and a 50'x50' camp area. Equipment proposed is a small trommel, small dozer, small excavator and skid steer loader.

Potential Recovery of Pigeon Guillemot Populations, Naked Island Group-Prince William Sound

The FS is tiering to the USFWS EA on Potential Pigeon Guillemot Recovery. Forest Supervisor would decide whether or not, and under what conditions, to authorize occupancy and use on CNF for personnel camping, trapping, and monitoring

Russian River Campground Reconstruction Project

The purpose of this project is to reconstruct Russian River Campground to improve pedestrian/vehicles access, improve functionality of Russian Lakes Trailhead, provide a fish waste disposal facility, and improve facilities for visitor contacts.

Winter Supplemental Plan of Operations

The Plan proposes cutting 15 to 20 small diameter trees in preparation of processing placer gravels and use and maintenance of approximately 500 feet of new access road to access upper benches of Quartz Creek for exploration.

On Hold

Cooper Creek Stream Restoration

Stream restoration work on the lower 0.75 miles of Cooper Creek, from the mouth of the canyon to the confluence with the Kenai River.

HMC Palmer Creek Mining Plan of Operations

seasonal suction dredging and high-banking, sampling, road repair, and use of a seasonal camp consisting of tents or campers. Access will be by ATV or snowmobile, road vehicles, or small excavation equipment on roads currently closed to the public


Alaska Department of Fish and Game O/G Permit Renewal

Re-issue special use permit for guided cross-country skiing and overnight camping on Bean Creek and Resurrection Pass Trail; fishing and hiking on Russian River Angler and Russian River Falls Trails; fishing, hiking and camping on Lost Lake Trail.

Quartz Creek Transmission Line Reconstruction

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Chugach National Forest is proposing to rebuild a 12-15 mile segment of the Quartz Creek 115kV transmission line

Recreation Event 6-Mile Creek 2014

Recreation Event to take place Sat/Sun during August 2014

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