Status of Forest Projects

This page lists forest projects in different stages of analyses.  You may also find past projects, their objectives, and their results. If you are seeking information about a specific project or other project not listed, contact the appropriate NEPA Specialist or the appropriate Coronado NF Office.

Coronado National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Arizona National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan will develop administrative and management goals, objectives and practices for the Arizona National Scenic Trail and management corridor.

Cochise Stronghold Hazardous Fuel Reduction

Thin, pile, and burn 438 acres around private lands in Cochise Stronghold and along the Middlemarch Road. Broadcast burn 3069 acres in the fuel breaks and Dragoon Mountains

Improvements at Treasure Park Campground, Water System Taps and Lines

The Forest proposes to add two water taps to the existing water line at Treasure Park. One would be located at the Treasure Park North campsite and the other at Treasure Park East with the water lines running under the existing roads.

Special-Use Permit, University of Arizona, Operation and Maintenance of Support Camp, Squirrel Study

The Forest proposes to issue a 20-year-term special-use permit to the University of Arizona authorizing it to operate and maintain support facilities for Mt. Graham red squirrel studies.

Willow Canyon Recreation Residences Modifications

Modification of two existing special use authorizations for cabin additions to recreation residences in the North Willow Canyon Tract (9847 and 9862 N. Willow Canyon Loop).

Under Analysis


Exchange of private parcels in the A-S, Coronado, Prescott, & Tonto NFs for Federal lands in Pinetop-Lakeside (T9N, R22E). Would provide land for children's camps currently under spec. use permit & result in consolid. of isolated parcels on Forests.

Changes to Douglas Ranger District Motorized Travel System

The Forest proposes changes to the motorized travel system to meet newly identified Forest administrative and user needs and to protect ecological and cultural resource from future damage and/or degradation.

Changes to Nogales Ranger District Motorized Travel System

Forest proposes to add, decommission, close and change designation of roads in National Forest System database and prohibit off-road motorized travel for dispersed camping in certain areas.

Changes to Safford Ranger District Motorized Travel System

The Forest proposes changes to the motorized travel system to meet newly identified Forest administrative and user needs and to protect areas of documented ecological and cultural resource impacts from future damage and/or degradation.

Changes to Santa Catalina Ranger District Motorized Travel System

Changes to road designations on existing motorized travel system, which may include additions to the National Forest System road database, decommissioning, change of maintenance level, and other actions to meet administrative and user needs.

Changes to Sierra Vista Ranger District Motorized Travel System

The Forest proposes changes to the motorized travel system to meet newly identified Forest administrative and user needs and to protect areas of documented ecological and cultural resource impacts from future damage and/or degradation.

City of Tombstone Water Special Use Permit

The City of Tombstone is requesting a reissue of their existing special use permit for the operations and maintenance of four spring developments, a water transmission pipeline less than 12 inches in diameter, about 16,700 ft long and 50 ft wide.

Columbus Electric Cooperative Special Uses Permit Renewal

Authorization for a 20-year Special Use Permit to Columbus Electric Cooperative to allow for maintenance of existing powerlines. Columbus Electric has been and continues to be in compliance with their permit which expired in 2011.

Communication Site Special Use Permit Reissues

Reissuance of new special use permits for existing communication sites including: governmental agencies, commercial and amateur entities.

Fuelwood Collection on the Safford Ranger District

The Forest proposes to evaluate areas of the Pinaleno, Galiuro, Winchester and Santa Teresa Mountains to identify where fuelwood harvests of dead/standing and dead/down wood are environmentally acceptable for authorization.

Galiuro Exploration Drilling Project

Kennecott Exploration Company has proposed to gather necessary information by drilling twelve exploration boreholes to further characterize mineral resources on interests on unpatented federal mining claims, in accordance with the 1872 Mining Law.

Improvements at Marshall Gulch Picnic Area and Trailhead

Replace restrooms, renovate picnic sites and trailheads, install vehicular bridges over stream, naturalize stream channel, and improve roads and parking areas.

Landscape Scale Vegetation Management in Catalina-Rincon Mountains (FireScape)

Forest proposes mechanical and prescribed fire treatments on about 220,000 acres of Forest and adjacent Federal, state and private lands.

Long Term Permit for Sabino Canyon Shuttle Services

Analyze environmental impacts of operating and maintaining a public transportation system in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.

Paloma Well and Water System, Range and Wildlife Project

Utilize the existing infrastructure of the Paloma Trick Tank, drill and equip a new well, install/bury 2.0 miles of pipeline, and install 2 troughs and one new water storage tank for the purpose of permanent wildlife water and cattle distribution.

Pinaleno Firescape Southeast

The Safford Ranger District proposes to implement prescribed fire within the southeastern area of the Pinaleño Mountains, (approximately 29,150 acres). Of this, about 13,400 acres (about 46%) is within the Pinaleno Wilderness Study Area.

Revision of Coronado National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

The current Coronado National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan became effective in 1986, and it has been amended. To update its content and direction, the Forest has prepared a Draft Revised Forest Plan that is undergoing NEPA review

Road Construction (5 miles) - Customs and Border Protection

Provide improved access to the U.S./Mexico border on the Coronado National Forest by constructing approximately 5 miles of roads that will enable CBP to safely and effectively execute its mission while protecting the forest natural resource.

Rosemont Copper Project

The Forest proposes to approve an mine plan of operation that involves processing and other facilities on both private land and the Forest. Actual decision and implementation dates depend on completion of consultation and resolution of comments.

Seventy Six, Two Troughs, and Cedar Springs Allotments Analysis

Complete environmental analysis to authorize the continued grazing on the Seventy Six, Two Troughs, and Cedar Springs Allotments. The analysis will include the addition of three pipelines with drinkers and storage tanks.

US Army Electronic Proving Ground Sunnyside Testing Expansion

Authorization via Special Use Permit Amendment to the US Army Electronic Proving Ground's existing permit to utilize NFS lands for the placement of 10 temporary storage buildings within the Sunnyside Test Site in the Campini Mesa area.

Veach Allotment Analysis

Forest proposed to reauthorize grazing to the Veach Allotment.

Analysis Completed

Gardner Brush Control

Reduce woody species (juniper) canopy cover up to 25% through physical removal by mechanical means, piling slash, and conducting a prescribed burn to remove slash and sprouts. This will improve forest health by maintaining grasslands.

Grazing Permit Reauthorization, Lake Allotment

The Forest proposes to reauthorize the grazing permit for the Lake Allotment.

Shingle Mill Pipeline Extension

Installation of approximately 5 and 1/2 miles of pipeline, troughs and storage tanks in the Upper Tripp, Lower Tripp and Taylor Pastures on the Shingle Mill Allotment.

Special-Use Permits for Occupancy of Recreation Residences at Old Columbine and Turkey Flat, Safford

New permits for occupancy of recreation residences at Old Columbine and Turkey Flat tracts are proposed to be issued for a 20-year term,

On Hold

Grazing Permit Reauthorization, Gardner Allotment

Forest proposes to reauthorize the grazing permit for the Gardner Allotment.

Helicopter Use by AZ Game and Fish Dept within Pusch Ridge Wilderness

The Forest proposes to authorize the Arizona Game and Fish Department to use helicopters in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness to investigate mortalities of desert bighorn sheep on the Santa Catalina Ranger District.

Improvements at Fry Mesa Day Use Area

The Forest proposes to install a restroom facility and ADA-accessible covered picnic tables, grills and benches at an area near Fry Mesa reservoir.

Mowry Allotment Analysis

The proposed action is to authorize continued livestock grazing on the Mowry Allotment using an adaptive management strategy.

Plan of Operations, Humboldt Exploratory Drilling Project

The Forest proposes to approve a Plan of Operations that would authorize the proponent to drill six exploratory holes to obtain evidence of mineralization. This project was formerly known as Sunnyside.

Plan of Operations, Korn Kob Minerals Exploration Project

Proposed locatable minerals exploration including 42 drill sites. Drilling is proposed on existing roads within an inventoried roadless area

Plan of Operations, Moore & Moore #4 Placer Exploration Project

Placer exploration accomplished by material excavation, physical processing with classifier and trommel.

Plan of Operations, Oracle Ridge Mining LLC Access, Parking, and Utility Project

Proposed activities on NFS land to support of operations at the Oracle Ridge Mine, which is located on private land. Proposed activities include use of Forest roads, a parking area and a utility corridor.


Grazing Permit Reauthorization, Redrock Pasture-Kunde Allotment

Proposal to reauthorize grazing permit for the Redrock Pasture on the Kunde Allotment.

Interconnect Trails, Cunningham Loop, Safford District

The Forest proposes to construct approx. 1 ¼ miles of new trail to connect the Cunningham Loop trail with trails above Upper Hospital Flat and to the 507 Rd within the Grant Creek and Big Creek drainages on Mt. Graham.

Landscape Scale Vegetation and Water Resource Management (FireScape)

The Forest proposes to manage vegetation and make watershed improvements across the District.

Loma Linda Hazardous Fuels Reduction

*Cancelled due to incorporation into Catalina Rincon Firescape.* Hazardous fuel reduction treatments (thinning, mechanical, prescribed fire) on approximately 150 acres in the Loma Linda area south of Summerhaven on the Santa Catalina Ranger District

Plan of Operations, CH Exploratory Drilling Project

Locatable minerals exploration including drilling at five drill sites

Plan of Operations, Dice #8 Placer Exploration Project

Placer exploration including excavation of trenches, physical processing with classifier and trommel.

Plan of Operations, Minerals Exploration, Hermosa Drilling Project

Exploration and geotechnical drilling, monitoring well installation, and test trenching at 46 locations. Includes temporary access roads, overland travel, foot travel, road maintenance on existing roads, and well monitoring.

Special-Use Approval, Water Stations for Emergency Use, Humane Borders, Inc.

The Forest proposes to authorize Humane Borders Inc. to place three 55-gallon water stations on the Nogales Ranger District for emergency use.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.