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Noxious Weed EIS

Gallatin National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

2015 Hazardous Mine Closures

Physical closure of identified mine hazards across multiple districts oof the Custer-Gallatin National Forest.

Battle Ridge Campground Hazard Tree Removal

Remove hazard trees in campground area. Trees impacted from insect and disease may be removed for firewood or commercial product.

North Hebgen Multiple Resource Project

Fuels reduction in the wildland-urban interface, wildlife hab improvement in aspen, whitebark pine,etc. Treatment methods include harvest or removal of commercial size and non-commercial trees with machinery, by hand and through prescribed burning.

Shields River Fish Barrier

A concrete fish barrier will be constructed at an existing crossing of the Shields River at the Shields River Campground to secure approximately 25 miles of habitat for Yellowstone cutthroat trout.

Under Analysis

Aspen restoration

Proposal to restore aspen throught a variety of tools across the entire forest as funding and opportunity permits

East Paradise Range Recession

This is to study six open grazing allotments and determine if reauthorization of grazing is warranted

Fat Bike Winter Trails

Revise Standard A-10 of the Gallatin Travel Plan to allow for bicycles on winter motorized trails.

Gallatin Forest Plan Amendment to Remove or Replace Outdated Management Direction (Clean Up Amendmen

The proposal would remove outdated, ineffective and/or unclear standards and other direction from the Gallatin National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (i.e. Forest Plan)

Miminagish Organization Camp

Master Plan development and conversion of obsolete Special Use Permit to current format for the Miminagish Organization Church Camp in the Main Boulder canyon, Yellowstone Ranger District

Sweet Grass Integrated Resource Resiliency and Restoration

Use of mgmt tools:planned fire,wildland fire use,hand/mechanical thinning,pile burning,conifer/shrub planting $ seeding of native grasses and forbs to enhance/maintain resiliency of vegetative /ecological conditions in areas burned by 2006 Derby Fire

Whitebark Pine Enhancement Project

This project will involve mechanical, non-commercial removal of non-whitebark conifers from stands that contain or are directly adjacent to live whitebark pine trees and prescribed burns within conifer stands that contain beetle-killed whitebark pine

Analysis Completed

NorthWestern Energy Jackrabbit - Big Sky 161 kV Transmission Line Upgrade

Proposal to upgrade the existing 69kV line to a 161 kV line

South Bridger Interface Project EA

Thin approximately 250 acres of mature/over mature forest vegetation on NFS lands adjacent to Bridger Bowl to a basal area ranging between 80 and 100 square feet per acre.

West Deer Creek Road Realignment

Realignment of 1.6 miles of road in the Deer Creek Travel Plan analysis unit.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.