Current Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Gifford Pinchot's National Forest's Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), is published quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.)

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Past SOPA Reports

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Gifford Pinchot National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Devil's Elbow Bypass Trail

The purpose of the project is to create a 0.33-mile bypass

Under Analysis

2015 Goat Mountain Hardrock Prospecting Permit Applications

Please proceed directly to the BLM project page at for comment and contact information.

7A Meadows Complex Mardon Skipper Restoration

Reverse the trend of conifer encroachment and expand the area of potential habitat for Mardon Skipper, a sensitive butterfly. Remove conifer cover in and between the stringer meadows by cutting, piling, burning and girdling.

Ape Cave Interpretive Site Improvement Projects

Actions being considered to address the impacts associated with increasing visitor use and after-hours vandalism include installation of cave gates, establishment of defined hours of operation and implementation of nightly and off-season closures.

Burley Mountain Dormitory at Cispus Learning Center

Construction of a facility consisting of 20 sleeping rooms and one meeting room for the teachers near the center of campus

Coldwater Lake Campsite Development

Proposed designation of backcountry campsites around perimeter of Coldwater Lake to be used by paddlers, hikers, outfitter-guides, and educational groups.

Cougar Creek Salvage

The salvage of dead and dying trees on 250 acres of the area burned by the Cougar Creek Fire.

Kalama Non-Stock Campground

Proposal for creation of a low-development campground at two sites near Forest Road 81 to provide non-stock campers with tent and trailer camping opportunities.

Lower Trout Creek Habitat Improvement

The project involves acquiring approximately 100 trees, stockpiling at least some of them, and ultimately placing them into Trout Creek and along its floodplain.

North Fork Campground Sanitation Harvest

Commercial harvest of approx. 50 MBF of Doug-fir and hemlock, and subsequent replanting with resistant tree species, is proposed to address 2.5 acre root rot infestation inside a campground. No road construction is proposed.

Silver Creek Thin

The intent of this project is to commercially thin trees from forested stands of 40-125 years of age in the Silver Creek subwatershed north of Randle, WA.

Smith Butte Research Natural Area Establishment

This proposal would officially establish the Smith Butte Research Natural Area (RNA). It is currently proposed in the Gifford Pinchot Land and Resource Management Plan and has been effectively treated as an RNA since 1990.

Upper White Salmon Vegetation Project

The proposal includes commercial thinning of both young plantations and older stands with high tree mortality from insect and disease, prescribed burning, fuel break maintenance along Forest Road 82, fuel reduction treatments and tree planting.

Analysis Completed

Ape Cave Overflow Parking

A new parking lot would be constructed; approximately 0.2 acres in size, between the current parking lot and the existing overflow parking area.

ARRA Bridges EA

Removal and replacement of three bridges. All will be replaced with steel modular bridges. Two bridges are deteriorating log stringers, the third is a cement bridge which is buckling.

Botanical Special Forest Products Harvest

The Forest proposes to authorize and regulate the sustainable harvest of forest botanical products, including salal, fungi (including mushrooms), huckleberries, and beargrass, as well as less frequently requested botanical species.

Cave Bear Meadow Enhancement Project

Project to benefit wildlife meadow habitat. Work includes small tree removal for meadow maintenance.

Clear Creek Road Decommissioning Project

This proposal would close or decommission 25.3 miles of roads within the Muddy River, Upper Lewis River, and White Salmon River fifth-field watersheds.

Cowlitz Thin Timber Sale

Commercial Thinning of approximately 700 acres in matrix and LSR, mixture of young and older stands.

Dry Burton Timber Sale

Commercial thinning of approximately 320 acres of mid-seral planted stands.Recontruct approximately 2 miles of closed roads (to be closed again after completion of project).

Fish Passage and Aquatic Habitat Restoration at Hemlock Dam

To restore migratory fish passage, and aquatic and riparian habitat at Hemlock Dam on Trout Creek.

Gotchen LSR Density Reduction

A 47-acre density reduction project, proposed under Title II. Proposed for stewardship contract.

Government Mineral Springs Summer Home Consistency/Continuance

Determine whether each of the existing summer homes are consistent with the LRMP and if not, make recommendations for compliance.

Ice Caves Cattle & Horse Allotment

Develop/update the management standards and mitigation measures (Allotment Management Plan) to assure cattle grazing is in compliance with the 1990 Gifford Pinchot National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan.

Instream Fish Habitat Restoration and Crab Creek Acclimation Pond

Place instream log structures in Lewis River Side Channels and Clearwater Creek. A temporary tank acclimation pont to acclimate juvenile Chinook Salmon and the thinning of excess douglas-fir trees between 5-20 dbh is also proposed

Kalama Thinning

Thin 40-year old trees within a 70-acre area to accelerate growth.

Mowich Huckleberry Enhancement

Thin conifers to a 30-40% residual canopy cover, reconstruct approximately 1.0 mile of road, yard tops attached to landings (machine pile landing slash), burn slash piles. Objective is to enhance huckleberry growth and production.

North Fork Timber Sale

Commercial thinning and regeneration harvest for forest health issues, and maintenance or enhancement of wildlife and aquatic features.

Packwood Facilities Disposal

Disposal of facilities at Packwood Ranger Station, potentially including office, housing, outbuildings.

Pepper Cat Thin

commercially thinning approximately 2300 acres in the MSHNVM. Commercial thinning, treatments designed to address forest health issues, and treatments to retain or enhance wildlife are possible activities.

Sawtooth Huckleberry Restoration Project

The proposal is to enhance huckleberry production. A variety of methods for reducing tree canopy cover could occur, including lopping, girdling, firewood harvest, commercial timber harvest, and prescribed burning.

Swift Thin

Commercial thinning of conifers using ground based equipment, skyline/cable, and potentially helicopter logging systems, construction of temporary roads, landings, and skid trails. Early seral creation on 200 acres may also be considered.

Upper Trout Creek Riparian, Stream Channel and Fish Passage Rehabilitation Project

Restore riparian areas and channel stability to recover viable populations of wild steelhead in Upper Trout Creek and its tributaries.

Wildcat Thinning

Thinning on Mount St. Helens in various land management types.

Win-Thin Timber Sale

Win-Thin Timber Sale proposes a commercial thinning of up to 770 acres. The construction of temporary roads and landings is also proposed.

Project Archive

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