The Forest Service plans and designs site-specific projects to implement the 2006 Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) to achieve desired management goals and objectives.  These projects require project level decisions based on site-specific environmental analysis in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  The Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont and the Finger Lakes National Forest in New York are separate National Forest units administered from the same office located in Rutland, VT.  Hector Ranger District projects refer to those that are located on the Finger Lakes National Forest.


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Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests NEPA Projects


Schedule of Proposed Actions


The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) contains information about upcoming and on-going projects on the Green Mountain National Forest.  The purpose of the SOPA is "to give early informal notice of proposals so the public can become aware of Forest Service activities and indicate their interest in specific proposals" (Forest Service Handbook 1909.15, Section 06).

April 1 – June 30, 2014  

January 1 – March 31, 2014

October 1--December 31, 2013


Green Mountain And Finger Lakes National Forests Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Backcountry Ski Pilot Project

Designate four backcountry ski pilot project areas. Activities include thinning of vegetation to enhance skiable terrain while maintaining a healthy forest structure. Additional activities include installing signage and monitoring impacts of the use.

Blueberry Hill Sucker Brook Bridge #1 Replacement

Replace an existing bridge along a x-country ski trail further downstream from its current location. Includes the relocation of the trail to tie in with the new bridge location.

Bromley Beginner Glade Skiing

Create and maintain three glade skiing trails approximately 25 feet wide at Bromley Ski Area. Includes minimal clearing and has no earth disturbance. The closed canopy will be maintained.

Catamount Trail Brewers Corner Relocation

Relocate a portion of Catamount Trail Section 12 to a more sustainable location designed for trail use. The Wheelerville Road/Brewer%u2019s Corner trail was damaged during Tropical Storm Irene.

E.C. Crosby Cultivation Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissue existing Special Use Permit for cultivation of NFS lands.

Finger Lakes Runners Club Special Use Authorization

Approve the renewal of a 5 year Special Use Permit for a long distance footrace on trails and roads within the Finger Lakes National Forest.

Green Mountain Power (formerly CVPS) Distribution Line Special Use, Ripton-Lincoln Road

Green Mountain Power has applied to add an electric distribution line to an existing pole-mounted phone line south along the Ripton-Lincoln Road from the intersection with the North Branch Road in Ripton. Additional clearing for the roadside line would be needed.

Green Mountain Power (formerly CVPS) Special Use Permit Renewal

Re-issue Special Use Permit to authorize all existing Green Mountain Power power lines located across the Forest and to authorize transfer of permit from Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS).

Green Mountain Power Buried Powerline Replacement Special Use, Robert Frost

Issue a permit to Green Mountain Power to bury a new power line in an opening behind a screen of vegetation north of State Route 125 near Rober Frost interpretive site.

Green Mountain Power Distribution Powerline Upgrade Special Use, Downingville Road

Issue permit to Green Mountain Power to replace old aerial powerline on NFS land on east side of Downingville Rd, Lincoln. 3 poles and anchors plus 488 ft of line will be replaced on Tr 894. About 0.34 ac. of NFS will be affected.

Killington Bike Trails

Designate and construct an approximate 15 mile mountain bike loop system composed of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails.

Lightfoot Private Land Access Special Use

Special Use Permit for use of a road on National Forest System lands authorizing private individual access to private land for recreation and logging.

Marks Private Land Access Special Use Permit

Andrew Marks has applied for access to his private land off the Fay Road in Goshen. Consists of constructing an 80 ft long by 14 ft wide low standard road for wood lot management and recreation use.

New England Wilderness Act Road Restoration Project

Project will address the non-conforming infrastructure (roads) that may inhibit naturally occurring ecological processes to take place. Roads will be restored to a landscape level. Initial scoping completed in 2008. Anticipate to rescope the proposal in April 2014 using new restoration categorical exclusion.

North Zone Large Woody Debris Project

Placement of large woody debris within the upper portions and tributaries of Michigan Brook, tributaries of Middle Branch Middlebury River, and Sparks Brook to restore stream functions and improve aquatic habitat.

Old Job Trail Relocation

Reroute about 0.7 mile of the existing Old Job hiking trail (FT 412) to a more sustainable location along Lake Brook.

Prospect Mountain Homologated Race Course

Use the existing trail network at Prospect Mountain to create a 5 km homologated race course. Includes the construction of about 0.4 km of new trail with the remainder to be regraded and brought up to standard.

Rochester Ranger District Wellness Trails

Designate 2.6 miles of hiking trail adjacent to the Rochester Ranger Station. A trail by the administrative site would provide employees and the public with a multiple loop system of varying skill level and terrain.

Snow Valley C7 Snowmobile Trail Relocation

Relocate existing snowmobile trail from Snow Valley private property onto adjacent private property and NFS lands. The portion on National Forest System (NFS) lands would be approximately 0.7 mile of newly constructed trail.

South of Route 9 Integrated Resource Project

Multi-resource project activities to meet desired future conditions provided by the 2006 Forest Plan. Resource areas include: recreation, heritage, watershed, soils, fish, wildlife, rare plants, natural communities, forest products, vegetation (other than forest products), and roads.

Sugarbush Communication Line and Slide Brook Access

Install a new communication line in a trench that would upgrade chairlift safety switches, and telephone and electronic lines. Includes the removal of selected trees to provide a safer approach to the Slide Brook lift line and tree skiing areas.

Tucker Johnson Shelter Reconstruction

Reconstruct the Tucker Johnson shelter along the Long Trail (LT) that burned down in 2011. Includes the construction of a short trail (about 200 feet) to connect the shelter to the LT.

Tunnel Brook Trail Relocation

Relocate a portion of existing snowmobile trail (FT777) to a more sustainable location. Activities include construction of 0.8 mile of new trail, decommissioning 1.0 mile of existing trail, watershed restoration, gating a Class 1 road, and issuing 2 special use permits to provide private landowners access across National Forest System lands.

Wilmington Water District Special Use

Wilmington Water District draws water from a series of wells and springs in the vicinity of Crystal Pond, Crystal Pond itself, and, when needed as a last resort, Haystack Pond. They are tied to a main pipeline leading to a large water tank with a back-up treatment plant located off NFS lands. This proposal would place the system located on NFS lands under proper authorization.

Under Analysis

Backbone Horse Camp Water Hydrant

Create an improved and cleaner water source for stock users at Backbone Horse Camp and Trail by dredging and piping to a frost free hydrant. A legal notice was published on February 7, 2014 triggering a 30-day comment period ending on March 10, 2014.

Boyden Brook Road Decommission, Watershed Restoration and Trail Relocation Project

Decommission and restore Boyden Brook Road (FR 49) to improve watershed conditions, and relocate Boyden Brook Trail (FT 749) which is a north/south snowmobile trail that connects important recreation opportunities across the Forest. Public scoping period to submit comments for the proposed project ended April 20, 2013.

Communication Sites Forest Plan Amendment

Clarify the management direction for existing communication sites Forest-wide including the Philidelphia Peak repeater within the Battell Wilderness with modification of Forest-wide and Wilderness Area Management Area standards and guidelines. Initial public comment scoping period ended October 30, 2013.

Gilmore Mountain Aspen Management Project

Re-establish regenerating and young age class component in aspen/birch communities by commercial timber harvest in mature and high risk stands. Harvest areas include small multiple sites totaling about 63 acres. Initial scoping period ended on March 10, 2014.

Middlebury and Rochester Ranger Districts Permanent Opening Maintenance

Maintenance existing permanent open areas on the Middlebury and Rochester Ranger Districts, and Appalachian Trail Corridor by mowing, hand-cutting, chipping, and/or prescribed fire on 160 seperate sites for a total of about 1,361 acres. Comments for the proposal should be sent by May 4, 2014.

Smith Pond Dry Hydrant

Create a dry fire hydrant along Smith Road for use by local volunteer fire departments and Agency resources to aid in fire protection. The pond would also be dredged to install the hydrant and improve water quality. A legal notice was published on February 7, 2014 triggering a 30-day comment period ending on March 10, 2014.

Wetland Creation and Restoration Project

Construct shallow water depressions in the A-House West and Potomac North grasslands, and reshape existing pond in the Terry Berry grassland to re-create natural-appearing and functional wetland habitat. Scoping has been initiated. Please submit comments for the proposal by May 1, 2014.

Analysis Completed

Breakneck Brook Large Woody Debris Restoration

Place whole trees and rootwads (large woody debris) into Breakneck Brook to restore aquatic habitat functions such as sediment storage, pool formation and streambed stability. Trees and rootwads would be placed and anchored with a small tracked excavator. Existing large woody debris quantities are less than 50 pieces/mile and natural conditions should be 175-235 pieces/mile. No comments of concern were received during the 30-day notice and comment period thus there is no appeal opportunity for this project decision.

Deerfield Wind Energy Development Special Use Permit EIS

The Deerfield Wind Project Final EIS was completed in December 2011 and the Record of Decision was signed on January 3, 2012. The decision was to implement Alternative 2 that authorizes the issuance of a special use permit to Deerfield Wind, LLC to construct and operate a 15-turbine commercial wind power facility on National Forest lands. A formal complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont by multiple parties on February 24, 2012 citing multiple issues of concern. Project implementation is pending the outcome of the ongoing litigation.

Forest-wide Timber Stand Improvement

Non-commercial timber stand improvement activities within multiple stands across the Forest to release desireable hardwood and softwood tree species from competing vegetation. A total of 27 seperate stands consisting of about 475 acres will be treated. A legal notice was published in the Rutland Herald on January 6, 2014 triggering a 30-day comment period ending on February 5, 2014.

Green Mountain Power Distribution Powerline Relocation Special Use, West Hill Road

Issue permit to Green Mountain Power to replace aerial powerline running both cross country north of West Hill Rd and along that road in Readsboro. About 0.205 acre of NFS land will be affected. No comments of concern were received during the 30-day notice and comment period thus there is no appeal opportunity for this project decision.

Lodge at Pinnacle View Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissue an expired special use permit to The Lodge at Pinnacle View for the use of 13.85 acres of NFS lands for miscellaneous facilities. Legal notice published in the Rutland Herald on September 13, 2013 triggering a 30-day comment period ending on October 15, 2013. No comments of concern were received thus there is no opportunity to appeal the decision.

Mount Snow Mountain Bike Trail #4 Relocation

Reconstruct 1,800 ft of existing trail, construct 1,300 ft of new single track trail in tree islands between ski trails with mini-excavator. Minimal removal of trees, build up tread with native or imported mineral soil, install drainage structures. The 30-day notice and comment period ended on June 12, 2013.

Outfitter Guide Special Use Authorizations

Project will review issue of Special Use authorizations to Outfitters and Guides for recreational / educational trips which have not caused significant resource impacts in the past. Authorizations may exceed one year and cover a range of activities. The 30-day public comment period ended on April 18, 2013. No comments of concern were received thus there is no appeal opportunity for the decision.

Peterson Pasture Hedgerow Removal

Removal of all hedgerows within the Peterson pasture that are not adjacent to streams or cattle ponds making this pasture more open and more appealing to grassland nesting birds.

Sugarbush Valley House Lift Replacement

Replacement of existing double chair lift with a new four passenger lift. Includes excavation needed to install new lift tower and terminal foundations, and improving skier unloading and trail intersection congestion at top of new lift. The 30-day notice and comment period ended on February 10, 2014.

West Branch White River Restoration

Restore a segment of the West Branch White River that was damaged by gravel mining operations following tropical storm Irene. Work includes the placement of woody debris and boulders to reduce erosion and provide high quality fish habitat. The 30-day notice and comment period ended on January 17, 2014.

On Hold

Apple Tree Maintenance and Release

Cut and remove over-topping trees on multiple sites to provide apple trees access to sunlight across the Rochester and Middlebury Ranger Districts. Includes pruning apple trees to promote health of the trees and enhance fruit production for wildlife. Project initiation is on hold pending the collection of additional information.

Biasuzzi Logging Access Special Use

Issue a special use permit for the use of a skid trail and landing to harvest timber on adjacent private land near State Route 100. This project is on hold pending additional information received from the applicant.

Green Mountain Power (formerly CVPS) North Road - Peru Line Relocation Special Use

Relocate about 6,400 foot power line corridor managed by Green Mountain Power (GMP) along North, Savage and Mad Tom Roads. This placement and maintenance would be authorized by a special use permit on about 4.4 acres. Project on hold pending agreed to final location of powerline between GMP and the Town of Peru.


Appalachian Trail Permanent Open Area Maintenance

Maintenance of permanent open areas within the Appalachian Trail corridor between the towns of Shrewsbury and Hartford, VT. Includes mowing, handcutting and chippiing on multiple sites to provide wildlife habitat and improve scenery along the trail. Now part of the Rochester & Middlebury Ranger Districts Permanent Opening Maintenance Project.

Kelley Stand East Trail Head Access (Horse and Bike Trail Designations)

Designate existing roads / snowmobile trails for mountain bike and equestrian use. Some trail hardening will occur. Project cancelled.

Mountain Bike Trail Designations, Hapgood Pond and Utley Brook Areas

Designate existing roads and trails for mountain bike use. No construction of new trails, although some trail hardening will occur. Project cancelled.

Potkhen Log Landing Special Use

B. Potekhen will log land he owns next to US Tract 304 purchased by the U.S. Government last year. Historic logging has used a landing on this tract. Issue a permit to authorize the use of the existing landing. Project is covered by a category not requiring a Decision Memo because the permit issued is for a period of less than 1 year.

Potomac North Wetland Creation

Construct three shallow water depressions in the eastern portion of the Potomac North grassland for wildlife to recreate natural appearing and functional wetland habitat. Now part of the Wetland Creation and Restoration Project.

Terry Berry Wetland Restoration

Reshape existing, unused constructed pond into a shallow wetland to recreate natural appearing and functional wetland habitat. Now part of the Wetland and Restoration Project.

Woodford Lake Estates Snowmobile Trail Additions

Proposal to add Power Line trail to official trail system concurrent with removal of the 1.5 (approx)-mile snowmobile trail to the Dome in Lamb Brook area; foresee need for construction of a 15-foot span bridge over one identified water crossing. Project will also designate FR280 for snowmobile use and access. Project cancelled.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.