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Hiawatha National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Au Train Lake Lot 8 Well Replacement

The proposed action is to replace the existing water well at Au Train Lake Lot 8 recreation residence.

Under Analysis

Bass Boot

Project involves vegetation management, wildlife habitat improvement, and fuels management.

Cloverland Electric Cooperative Special Use Permit Amendment

Special Use Permit Amendment for: Construction of two new underground lines; one in sec 6 T45N R6W, other in secs 2,11,14 T44N R6W, both in Chippewa Co. Adoption of new Operation and Maintenance Plan.

Dukes Snowmobile Trail

This project will construct and designate a new state groomed snowmobile trail that connects Trail 8 and Trail 417.

East Lake Road Reconstruction

The primary purpose of this project is to provide safe, more reliable access along East Lake Road while maintaining the remarkable natural features this area has to offer. The project will include culvert improvements and road reconstruction.

East Red Pine III

Commercial thin 4,000 ac. of red pine. Under plant white pine on 1,000 ac. Underburn 437 ac. of the 4,000 thinned ac. of red pine stands. Under burn an additional 2,300 ac. Constuct about 1.7 mi. of new roads. Reinforce 15 existing road closures.

Establishment of New Lakeside Daisy Population

Propose to introduce lakeside daisy (federally threatened) plants by direct seeding, propagation and outplanting, or a combination of these methods, at several new locations on the St. Ignace Ranger District.

Graham Land Exchange

EA -- Proposal to exchange approx 1 acre of federal lands underlying a privately-owned historic lighthouse for approx 2.4 acres of privaley-owned lands within the Grand Island National Recreation Area. Also reconstruct existing access to federal tract.

Overstory Removal

Remove overstory trees from 9 shelterwood units.

Waiska River Road (FS 3352) Spile Dams Removal

Remove two spile dams with new crossings and to restore aquatic organism passage and the hydrology of the affected area back to a more natural state.

Analysis Completed

2013 Inland Lake Tree Drops

Fell 25 trees along the shoreline of Herman Lake and Beaton Lake in 2013. Trees would be dropped along the shores of Grassy Lake, Petes Lake, and McComb Lake in 2014 and 2015. Project would provide wood cover and forage areas for all.

Crooked Lake Lot 7 Cabin Addition (Special Use Permit)

The owners of the recreation residence at Crooked Lake Lot 7 (7141 N Crooked Lake Drive) propose to build additions onto three sides of the cabin, sheathing the exterior in log siding and covering with a neutral asphalt roof.


EA -- Vegetation management, watershed and fisheries habitat improvements, mountain bike trail construction, non-native invasive plant treatments, non-significant Forest Plan amendment, and road construction, closures, and decommissioning.

Mirrorwood Project Forest Plan Amendment

A procedural error relative to the Forest Plan Amendment was discovered during the project review of the environmental assessment (EA) for the Mirrorwood Project.


EA -- Vegetation management, wildlife habitat improvement, transportation management, and non-native invasive plant management

On Hold

Au Train River Parking Area

Construction of a 20 vehicle parking lot near the AuTrain River take out point on AuTrain/Forest Lake Road. This take out point can get very crowded during peak of summer use.The purpose of the project is to eliminate congestion and improve safety.

Valley Spur Trailhead Improvements

The project consists of expansion of the parking lot and construction of a garage to house ski trail grooming equipment.


Clear Lake Boat Launch Construction

Relocating existing back-in boat launch approximately150 feet to the west of the current launch site. PWCs will be prohibited from the lake. Permits will be required for camping at the campsite. Existing hiking trail will be relocated to the south.

Clear Lake Education Center Triathlon (Special Use Permit)

Clear Lake Education Center is proposing a triathlon (kayak, bike, run). This project has been marked as cancelled. The project will be in a Categorical Exclusion that does not require a Decision Memo. The activity will only be authorized for 1 year.

East Zone Dispersed Recreation Sites Maintenance

This project has been marked as "Cancelled" because it falls into a Categorical Exclusion that does not require a decision memo. Analysis of the project will proceed.

Island Lake Campground Rehabilitation

This project is marked as "Cancelled" because it falls into a Categorical Exclusion that does not require a Decision Memo. Analysis of the project will proceed. Project closes sites, reopens other sites and carry-in boat access, replaces toilet...

Murphy Creek Bridge Replacement

This project is marked as "Cancelled" because it falls into a Categorical Exclusion that does not require a Decision Memo. Analysis of the project will proceed. This project involves replacement of an existing trail bridge over Murphy Creek on Snowmobile Trail 413 three miles southeast of Thunder Lake. The existing bridge has deteriorated and is not capable of accommodating the weight of grooming equipment.

Sturgeon River Spawning Habitat and Log Groups

Enhance salmonid habitat by installing eight spawning structures and twenty log groups.

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