This page includes, in links listed below, information on projects which implement the Forest Plan. On some, public input is being sought, on others decision notices or environmental assessments on forest projects are posted.

Hoosier National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Buffalo Pike

Propose to reduce the density of trees and improve stand structure through 38 acres of single tree selection harvest and regenerate a 15 acre stand using group selection harvest.

Hunters Creek Road Right-of-Way Conveyance

The Hoosier is proposing to convey right-of-way easements to Lawrence and Monroe Counties for the realignment of Hunters Creek Road.

SIP Permit Consolidation

Proposal to consolidate 17 individual Southern Indiana Power special use permits into one master permit.

Tell City Openings

Maintain openings as early successional habitat using a variety of tools.

Uniontown North Restoration

Proposal to implement the 2006 Land and Resource Management Plan by increasing the amount of early successional habitat available.

Utilities District of Western Indiana Buried Power Line Permit Renewal

The Hoosier is proposing to reissue a special use permit for another twenty (20) years for a buried power line across NFS lands.

Analysis Completed

Hickory Ridge Trail 18 Reroute

The Hoosier National Forest is proposing to reroute approximately 3/8 mile of trail 18 on the Hickory Ridge trail system to improve soil and water conditions and improve the experience for the trail user.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Permit

Proposal to issue a special use permit to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for the maintenance and use of two access lanes/roads across approximately 1,200 and 150 feet, respectively, of National Forest System land.

On Hold

East Bass Pond Trail Reconstruction

The Hoosier National Forest is proposing to reconstruct approximately 4,300 feet of the East Bass Pond segment of the Cope Hollow trail to improve and protect soil and water resource.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.