Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the environmental effects of a proposed activity on National Forest or other federal lands must first be analyzed, with opportunity for public comment, before a decision is made on whether or not to undertake that activity.

Proposed activities on the Inyo National Forest are listed in the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA).  The Forest publishes the SOPA four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPA, visit the Forest Service SOPA page:

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

Additional information about some of the projects on the Inyo National Forest is available by following the links under the Forest Projects heading below.  Please note that not all projects listed on the SOPA are available on the website.

Information about the 218 Objection Process

As of March 27, 2013, many projects and activities within the Forest Service are subject to a pre-decisional administrative review process, commonly referred to as an objection process. Under this process, individuals and entities may file objections after an environmental analysis document is completed and before a decision document is signed. This process builds on early participation and collaboration efforts, with the intention of resolving concerns before a decision is made. For Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements, this process replaces post-decisional appeal process of 36 CFR 215. For more information, see the following documents.
Final 218 Objection Regulations (291KB) PDF
218 Objection Process E-brochure (813 KB) PDF
218 Objection Regulations Talking Points (39KB)

Inyo National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Bishop and Pine Creek Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction to protect communities, facilities, and recreation sites in the Bishop Creek and Pine Creek drainages.

Kern Plateau Grazing Allotments Analysis

Review and analysis of the Monache, Mulkey, Templeton and Whitney grazing allotments in the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Mt Whitney Ranger District

Lakes Basin Paved Path - Lake George Connector

The US Forest Services proposes to issue the Town of Mammoth Lakes a special use permit to contruct and maintain approximately one mile of a paved multiple use path that will connect Lake George to the existing paved multiple use path.

Mammoth Base Area Land Exchange

Exchange of approximately 21 acres of National Forest System land, currently under special use authorization to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, located near the Main Lodge north of Highway 203 for approximately 1,500 acres of land in California.

Mammoth RV Park Permit Renewal

Renewal and continuation of Mammoth RV Park's 20 year term special use permit to operate and maintain a RV campground and associated facilities on the national forest.

Motorized Transportation System Modifications

This project will analyze approximately 10-15 existing system and/or unauthorized routes in the Mammoth and Mono Lake area with known recreation, access, or resource issues, for use by motorized vehicles.

Oak Creek Mudflow Oak Tree Restoration Study

This project proposes to plant oak seedlings in plots in the Oak Creek watershed on the mudflow to determine feasibility of oak restoration on the mud flow.

Shepherd Pass Trail Repair and Reconstruction

Reconstruct and/or repair Shepherd Pass Trail's (#3402) stream and gully crossings damaged by flash flood event. Reconstruct and/or repair trail tread,tread retaining strucutes(check dams, retaining walls) and water diversion structures (water bars).

Under Analysis

Chispa/Australia/Australia Too Mineral Exploration

Process a Plan of Operations for mineral exploration

Closure of Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Habitat to Pack Goat Use

This project will address potential disease transmission from pack goat use on the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. This project is a continuation of a previous closure which has expired.

Inyo SZ Desert Allotments Grazing Analysis

Analysis of grazing allotments on the South Zone of the Inyo National Forest, including the Alabama Hills, Ash Creek, George Creek, Olancha, and Tunawee Allotments

Inyo, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests Land Management Plans Revision

The Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests are the three "early adopter" national forests in the Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service revising their Forest Plans using the 2012 Planning Rule. The revision process involves three stages: assessment of forest resource condition and trend, development of a revised plan, and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of plan direction. To officially start the formal NEPA process, a Notice of Intent to prepare an environmental impact statement has been published that briefly describes the purpose of and need for action and the proposed action to revise these forest plans. Your comments on the proposed action will help us refine the proposed action, identify preliminary issues, and develop alternatives to the proposed action. We are also asking for your input on the wilderness inventory and evaluation process, outlined here.

Land and Resource Management Plan Revision

The Inyo National Forest is revising its 1988 Inyo National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan under the provisions of the 2012 National Forest System Planning Rule. Check out for more information about plan revision and upcoming public involvement opportunities.

Mammoth Abondoned Mine Lands Project

Installation of safety features and wildlife protection features at four abandoned mines near the Mammoth Lakes area. Methods will include bat gates, foam plugs, and removal of trash from sites.

Mammoth Creek Road Reroute and Stream Stabilization

Reroute of the road and stabilizatation of the streambank at crossing of Mammoth Creek and Road 03S09, off of Highway 203 near Town of Mammoth Lakes. The road is currently diverting the stream, leading to streambank erosion and water quality concerns

Sierra Front OHV Restoration

Restore unauthorized routes along the Sierra Escarpment(Bishop to Olancha)that are continuing to cause watershed and vegetation issues.

Snowmobile Trail Grooming on the Inyo National Forest

Grooming of existing Over-snow vehicle trails from winter 2014/2015 through 2016/2017

Three Creeks Jeffrey Pine Forest Health & Restoration Project

The Three Creeks Jeffrey Pine Forest Health & Restoration project objective is to provide for healthy forest conditions, promote establishment of old growth and reintroduce fire to the ecosystem.

Analysis Completed

Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project

Construction of a 33-megawatt geothermal power plant and associated well field, internal access roads, pipelines, and a transmission line on National Forest System land. The Forest Service would authorize the transmission line and make changes to the forest transportation system. The Bishop Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management is the lead agency for NEPA compliance and has jurisdiction to approve development of the power plant, well field, and pipelines.

Inyo National Forest Motorized Travel Management (Route Designation Strategy)

This decision designated a system of roads, trails and areas for people using motorized wheeled vehicles on the Inyo National Forest

Upper Owens Unauthorized Route Restoration Project

Evaluation and restoration of routes defined as unauthorized in the 2009 Travel Management EIS, on the North Zone. It would determine type of restoration action needed on each route,if any.It could also revisit unauthorized designation in some cases.

On Hold

Scenic Loop OSV/OHV Staging Areas

The purpose of this project is to improve two off highway vehicle (OHV) and over snow vehicle (OSV) staging areas in areas that have existing, user-created staging areas (just east of Highway 395, lookout loop; and at 3S22, just off the Scenic Loop).


Furnace Creek Road Analysis Environmental Assessment

In 2003, the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management initiated a joint assessment of motorized vehicle access options for the Furnace Creek Road. The portion of the road on National Forest System land was designated as wilderness in 2009; Forest Service planning for this project was cancelled as a result.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Study

The study involves the capture and collaring of Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep using helicopter net-guns in designated wilderness in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI). In the summer of 2011, the proposed action was modified and no longer includes any proposed captures on the Inyo National Forest. For more information about the status of the proposed study in SEKI, visit the National Park Service's Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) website at:

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.