Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the environmental effects of a proposed activity on National Forest or other federal lands must first be analyzed, with opportunity for public comment, before a decision is made on whether or not to undertake that activity.

Proposed activities on the Inyo National Forest are listed in the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA).  The Forest publishes the SOPA four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPA, visit the Forest Service SOPA page:

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

Additional information about some of the projects on the Inyo National Forest is available by following the links under the Forest Projects heading below.  Please note that not all projects listed on the SOPA are available on the website.


Inyo National Forest Project Spotlights

Land and Resource Management Plan Revision

Revision of the 1988 Inyo National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan under the provisions of the 2012 National Forest System Planning Rule.

Inyo NF-Devils Postpile NM Interagency Prescribed Burn Project

Understory burning is proposed on 133 acres of national forest and 25 acres of national monument lands. Small trees would be cut with chainsaws on 31 acres of national forest to create fire containment lines along Reds Meadow and DEPO access roads.

All Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Driveway permit to private residence located in the Peterson Tract, June Lake Area

Issuance of a special use authorization for driveway for private residence

Eradication and Control of Invasive Plants on the Inyo National Forest

Implement integrated plant management to control and eradicate non-native invasive plant infestations on the Inyo National Forest.

Inyo National Forest Over Snow Vehicle Use Designation

Designate motorized over-snow vehicle (OSV or snowmobile) use on National Forest System roads and trails and areas on National Forest System lands as allowed, restricted, or prohibited. Identify trails for grooming for snowmobile use.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Rush Creek Return Ditch Road Improvements

LADWP is proposing to raise the embankment of the return ditch by approximately two feet for the full length of the ditch. The height would be raised by adding compacted fill on the road that parallels the ditch

Mammoth Base Area Land Exchange

Exchange of approximately 21 acres of National Forest System land, currently under special use authorization to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, located near the Main Lodge north of Highway 203 for approximately 1,500 acres of land in California.

Southern California Edison Mammoth Distribution Area Permit Renewal

Reissuance of expired permit for Southern California Edision's electrical distribution lines in the Mammoth Distribution Area.

Vista Towers, multi-carrier facility at Little Antelope Communication Site

Placement of multi-carrier building and tower at the Little Antelope Communications Site

Under Analysis

2016 Swall Meadows Community Fuelbreak Project

Hazardous fuels reduction treatments are proposed on 108 acres adjacent to the community of Swall Meadows. Treatments are designed to lower flame length & severity while providing defensible space & safe ingress/egress for public & firefighters.

Grant Lake Marina Permit Renewal

Renewal and continuation of Grant Lake Marina's 20 year marina/resort permit.

HWY 395 Mammoth to Wilson Butte Median Safety Thinning Project

Timber Stand Improvement activities, i.e., thinning & slash treatment, proposed on 118 acres of forested medians on highway 395 from Mammoth north to Wilson Butte to enhance highway safety, forest health, & resiliency to catastrophic wildfire event.

Inyo SZ Desert Allotments Grazing Analysis

Analysis of grazing allotments on the South Zone of the Inyo National Forest, including the Alabama Hills, Ash Creek, George Creek, Olancha, and Tunawee Allotments

Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests Land Management Plans Revision

The Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests propose to revise their land management plans as guided by the 2012 Planning Rule

Lamarck Trail/Watershed improvement/restoration

This project will repair and stabilize degraded sections of trail and re-route sections of trail out of sensitive meadows on the Lamarck trail system on the White Mountain Ranger District.

Land and Resource Management Plan Revision

Revision of the 1988 Inyo National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan under the provisions of the 2012 National Forest System Planning Rule.

Mammoth RV Park Permit Renewal

Renewal and continuation of Mammoth RV Park's 20 year term special use permit to operate and maintain a RV campground and associated facilities on the national forest.

Marshall Props, LLC Road, Waterline & Spring Box Special Use Permit

Issuance of a special use permit for continued use of existing spring box, 2000 feet of 2 inch waterline, and access road to provide domestic water to the Sierra Glen Ranch.

Motorized Transportation System Modifications

This project will analyze system and unauthorized routes for use by motorized vehicles in 12 project areas in the Mammoth and Mono Lake area with known recreation, access, safety or resource issues.

Three Creeks Jeffrey Pine Forest Health & Restoration Project

The Three Creeks Jeffrey Pine Forest Health & Restoration project objective is to provide for healthy forest conditions, promote establishment of old growth and reintroduce fire to the ecosystem.

Town of Mammoth Lakes, airport fence

Construction of wildlife safety fence adjacent to the Mammoth Yosemite Airport.

Analysis Completed

Inyo National Forest Motorized Travel Management (Route Designation Strategy)

This decision designated a system of roads, trails and areas for people using motorized wheeled vehicles on the Inyo National Forest

On Hold

Amerigas Project

Install 100 feet of propane pipeline to connect existing pipeline on both ends of existing pipeline. This is the same project as the Rock Creek Energy Project. Rock Creek Energy was purchased by Amerigas.

Bishop and Pine Creek Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction to protect communities, facilities, and recreation sites in the Bishop Creek and Pine Creek drainages.

Closure of Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Habitat to Pack Goat Use

This project will address potential disease transmission from pack goat use on the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. This project is a continuation of a previous closure which has expired.

Cottonwood Creek Road Restoration

Improve the condition of the Cottonwood Creek Road to address resource concerns and safety issues. Work will include improving stream crossings to prevent the road from washing out in the future.

June Lake Village Gateway Sign

June Lake Chamber of Commerce Gateway Sign to be located on Highway 395 outside the Caltrans Easement

Kern Plateau Grazing Allotments Analysis

Review and analysis of the Monache, Mulkey, Templeton and Whitney grazing allotments in the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Mt Whitney Ranger District

Kern Plateau Meadow Restoration Project

Implement stream stabilization projects in Casa Vieja, Monache, Dutch, Strawberry, Brown and Mulkey Meadows, on the Kern Plateau. Work will include constructing new headcut stabilization structures, and repairing and maintaining existing structures.


Chispa/Australia/Australia Too Mineral Exploration

Process a Plan of Operations for mineral exploration

Scenic Loop OSV/OHV Staging Areas

The purpose of this project is to improve two off highway vehicle (OHV) and over snow vehicle (OSV) staging areas in areas that have existing, user-created staging areas (just east of Highway 395, lookout loop; and at 3S22, just off the Scenic Loop).

Sidehill Spring Exclosure Project

The existing Sidehill Spring riparian exclosure(about 0.04 acres), will be removed, and a larger exclosure (about 0.35 acres) of barbed wire fence will be built that better protects the riparian vegetation from cattle impacts.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.