Welcome to the Lincoln's Projects page.  This page will link you to currently proposed and active projects as well as provide you with links to past projects. For current projects see the links below. For past projects, please refer to the 'related links' to the right.

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Lincoln National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.
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Developing Proposal

Agua Chiquita New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement

Habitat Improvement for the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse

Baca Fuelwood Area

Fuel treatments in pinyon-juniper dominated woodlands, approximately 450 acres (4 units total). Prescribed fire will be used after fuelwood harvests are complete.

Bluff Springs New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement Project

New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement in the Bluff Springs Recreation Area

Bounds New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement

New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement

City of Alamogordo Municipal Water Pipeline

Re-issue special use permit for operation and maintenance of existing pipeline in Alamo Caballero and Golden Canyons.

Otero County Electric Cooperative Power Line- Cloudcroft to Sunspot

Replace ~12 miles of overhead line with buried line (24 inches wide by 52 inches deep). Minimal trees to cut (none over 18" diameter at breast height). Upgrade will better serve customers and provide more reliable, economical, and safe power.

Rio Penasco New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement

New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse habitat improvement

Under Analysis

Cloudriders Snowmobile Club Shelter

The current authorization for the shelter will be reissued for a new term. Also, the shelter will be relocated to a new location. The old shelter will be completely removed and new shelter will be constructed at the new location.

North Fork Wells of Eagle Creek

Analysis for special use permit re-issuance associated with Municipal Water Supply for the Village of Ruidoso, NM.

Sargent Grazing Allotment

Environmental analysis for the continuation of grazing authorization.

Scott Able, Escondido, and San Andres Allotment Management

Analysis of continuation of Grazing Authorization for Scott Able, Escondido and San Andres allotments

Skinner Grazing Allotment Management

Reauthorize livestock grazing on the Skinner Allotment.

Analysis Completed

Seven Cabins Road Realignment

Aquisition of right of way road easement and construction of approx. 0.8-mile of new road to access Forest System Road 256 and ensure legal access to the north side of the Capitan Mountains.

On Hold

Copeland Canyon Pipeline

Construct and reconstruct approximately 3 miles of deteriorated pipeline from a perennial spring at the mouth of Copeland Canyon to a storage tank in the middle of the Arroyo Seco Allotment.

Divide Grazing Allotment Management

Environmental analysis for the continuation of authorization for livestock grazing.

Integrated Non-native Invasive and Native Invasive Plant Project

The forest will be developing a proposal to manage the existence of non-native invasive and native invasive plants within the Lincoln National Forest's boundaries. Adaptive management would be incorporated into the analysis.

James Canyon Grazing Allotment

Environmental analysis for the continuation of grazing authorization.

Last Chance Trail 226 Reroute

Reroute approximately 1/4 mile of trail out of floodplain.

New Campground Construction

Construction of campground on south side of State route 137 directly across from the Queen Forest Service administration site.

Sitting Bull Falls New Host Site

Construction of new host site at Sitting Bull Falls Campground day use area along road leading into parking lot behind closed gate.

Sitting Bull Falls New Trail Construction

New non-motorized trail would be constructed to connect Trail 215 to Trail 68 to create another loop in the existing Stack loop trail system.

Ski Apache Recreation Enhancement Phase 2

Construct 2 bike trails and a ski access trail at Ski Apache ski area. These activities were scoped with Phase 1 activities. They have been separated to allow for a more thorough analysis of the trail construction.


2012 Communication Lease Extensions - Longridge Communication Site

Four communication leases expire in 2012. All four can be extended 20 years, fulfulling their maximum length of term. The leases are assigned to the following parties: Select Path; KVIA-NPG of Texas, L.P.; City of Alamogordo; and LIN TV Broadcast.

Akers Prescribed Fire

The project would implement a prescribed fire designed to reduce stand densities, increase stand health, reduce activity and natural fuel loadings, improve wildlife habitat, and move the project area toward a more sustainable condition.

Akers Wildlife Enhancement Project

This project is for mastication of up to 200 acres of activity generated slash in wildlife patchcuts a half mile north of Weed, New Mexico on Lincoln National Forest managed lands.

Aqua Chiquita Wetland Stream Habitat Restoration Project

Create and restore wetland and stream habitat on the Agua Chiquita Creek. The project would improve fishery and wildlife habitat.

Bell Ranch Spring Box and Pipeline

Re-issue a SUP for a water spring box and pipeline.

Brown Water Transmission Pipeline Special Use Authorization

Reissuance of expired water transmission pipeline.

Capitan Mountains Wilderness and White Mountain Wilderness Noxious Weed Species Project

Treatment of non-native invasive species with herbicides that occur within the wilderness boundaries.

Collaborative Forest Restoration Projects

The South Central Mountain RC&D Council is seeking Forest Service funds to complete mechanical thinning and prescribed burning projects on non-federal lands funded by a federal grant; thus, the project will not implement the Forest Plan.

Dell City Telephone

Re-issue special use authorization for phoneline

East Hale Lake Grazing Allotment

Continuation of grazing authorization

El Capitan Mineral Exploration

Test core drilling and related activities. Compliance with relevant processes and permitting requirements.

Forest Road 338 Private Land Access

Construct approximately 40 feet of new road to allow access to private land off Forest Road 338.

Hale Lake and East Hale Lake Grazing Allotments Management

Environmental analysis for continuation of authorization of livestock grazing.--This listing is being cancelled. The projects will be listed separately in PALS and on the SOPA since these actions will be analyzed in separate NEPA documentation.

James Canyon Campground Wildfire Rehabilitation Project

Activities proposed include removal of burned wooden bridge and replacement with steel bridge; installation of six tent pads with metal tables and campfire rings, rip rap on slopes, four bear proof trash receptacles, fence, and kiosk.

Madden Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

Wildlife habitat improvement project. The project would reduce tree densities while providing increased understory forage. In the pinyon-juniper there would be a 60% openings to a 40% cover ratio to optimize wildlife habitat.

NM Department of Information Technology - Buck Mountain Communication Site Improvements

No improvements were proposed by the NM Department of Information Technology at Buck Mountain Communication Site.

Otero County Electric Cooperative- Camp Dale Resler powerline

Realign 1960 feet of powerline within the permit area of Camp Dale Resler in Apache Canyon (Section 4). Green Hazard trees will be removed along the new powerline area.

Otero County- Long Ridge Communication Site

Develop communication installation on the Long Ridge Communication Site

Pipeline Construction on Skinner and Alienated Allotments

Construct a pipeline and storage tanks to provide reliable permanent water to the Skinner, Alienated and Kudner allotments. This project will be cancelled--these project activities will be included in the Skinner Grazing Allotment Mgmt(Project 43170)

Sugar Stake Land Exchange

The exchange of 20 acres of private land located on a patented mining claim within the White Mountain Wilderness for Forest Service Land elsewhere.

Village of Ruidoso Stream Augmentation Pilot Study North Fork Eagle Creek

The Smokey Bear Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest is proposing to issue a special use permit to the Village of Ruidoso to conduct a stream augmentation pilot study on the North Fork of Eagle Creek. It is located in T.10S R.11E Sec. 36.

White Sands Missile Range Alamo Peak Communication Site Septic and Water Tank Replacement

Installation of new septic tank and water tank within their permitted communication lot at Alamo Peak Communication Site to replace existing tanks.

Windy Tuesday

Storm recovery restoration effort due to wind event.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.