Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Black Hills Plateau Production, Natural Gas Pipeline Construction

BHPP is proposing to construct and install approximately 3,700 feet of pipeline adjacent to an existing access road from the Murphy B-11 oil well to an existing KN gas gathering pipeline to capture and use natural gas vented at the well site.

Buffalo Pass Trails

Develop approximately 40 miles of trails near Steamboat Springs in the Buffalo Pass area.

Coal Creek Reclamation

Use the piscicide rotenone to remove all non-native trout from the upper four miles of Coal Creek. Native Colorado River cutthroat trout will then be reintroduced.

HPBE MVUM Changes Black Mountain Road and Other Minor Changes

Change in travel management on NFSR 110 (Black Mountain Road) to allow OHV use where currently prohibited. Other minor changes to the HPBE MVUM map may be included in this analysis.

Inyan Kara Assembled Land Exchange

This land exchange is being handled by the Inyan Kara Grazing Association on behalf of 13 land owners in Weston County WY. The LEX consists of some 16,600 acres.

LaBonte Canyon Connector Trails

The need for the connector trail(s) is to create a means for the public to comply with Wyoming State laws when accessing the Big Bear Trail System and LaBonte Trail.

Slack Weiss Analysis Area Project

This project proposes to manage for multiple resource concerns on NFS lands. All resources are identifying potential proposed actions for their resource area.

Temporary Outfitter Guide Permit Issuance

New temporary outfitter guide fishing permit.

Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District Yamcolo Reservoir Permit Reissue

Renew Special Use permit for operation and maintenance of Yamcolo Reservoir for up to 30 Year Term.

Winter Non-Motorized Trail Development

Designate existing non-system trail routes as system trails. Snowshoe routes will be designated as trails on Rabbit Ears Pass. A snowshoe/skiier loop near Dry Lake will be designated at Buffalo Pass.

Under Analysis

Ballard Petroleum Holdings, LLC – Applications for Permit to Drill (APDs)

Ballard proposes to conduct surface use operations associated with accessing, drilling, testing, and completing two horizontal oil wells located on National Forest System (NFS) lands

Ballard Petroleum RUP for NFSR910C

3-Part Proposal: 1.Use of ca.1995ft of NFSR910C west from HWY59 2.Use and reconstruct ca.4717ft of NFSR910C to a 24ft wide road (C&D; gravel surface) within a ca.40ft construction ROW 3.Use of ca.298ft of exist O&G access road south of NFSR910

Battle Mountain Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burn to regenerate aspen in conifer-encroached aspen stands, re-introduce fire into a fire adapted ecosystem.

Berenergy Corp. Road Reconstruction

SUP DGL56 includes allowing Berenergy Corp. to use approx. 0.6 miles of National Forest System (NFS) Road 935, within an eighteen foot right-of-way, for year round access to their existing oil and gas lease operations in the Manning Oil Field.

Charger Resources, LLC - Special Use Permit.

The United States Forest Service (USFS) has a need to authorize Charger Resources, LLC (Charger) to use National Forest System (NFS) lands for operations associated with accessing, drilling and producing oil/gas from a proposed horizontal well.

Converse County Oil and Gas EIS Project

The Forest Service proposes to authorize development of oil and gas resources as identified by the proponent companies. The proponent companies have identified approximately 5,000 oil and natural gas wells on 1,500 well pads.

Coulton/Floyd PCT Project

Pre-commercial thinning of approximately 240 acres of lodgepole pine.

Devon Energy Sor Kraken 3D Seismic Survey

NOI to conduct 3D O&G geophysical operations on TBNG across ca. 6188 acres including limited use of shotholes in inaccessible terrain.

Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Measures - Thunder Basin NG Plan Amendment

The Thunder Basin NG is a cooperating agency in the development of a programmatic EIS to incorporate greater sage-grouse conservation measures into land management plans through plan amendment, including the TBNG plan. The WY BLM is the lead agency.

Greater Sage-grouse Management Direction- Routt NF

The purpose of this project is to prepare environmental impact statements (EISs) and supplemental environmental impact statements to incorporate greater sage-grouse conservation measures into Bureau of Land Management land use plans and Forest Plans.

Haley Reservoir Aerator Re-Issue

Re-Issue the Special Use Permit for the aerator on Haley Reservoir

HPBE Trail Reroutes & Relocations

Minor reroute and relocation involving segments of NFST 1188 and 1188.1a. Total distance of reroutes are less than 2000 feet.

Invasive Plant Management EIS for the Medicine Bow - Routt NFs and Thunder Basin NG

This proposal would continue an integrated approach to treatment of noxious weeds and invasive species such as annual bromes to manage critical wildlife habitats and fuels treatments on the Medicine Bow - Routt NFs and Thunder Basin NG.

Long Park AMP

Grazing Management, revision update for allotment management plan

Muddy Creek and Lake Creek Watershed Restoration Project

This project will explore travel management and watershed restoration alternatives to improve wetland, stream, and watershed conditions and improve fish and wildlife habitat in the Muddy Creek and Lake Creek watersheds (along 553 and 588 roads).

Northeast Laramie Range Fuel Reduction Project

This project proposes to burn or mechanically treat approximately 2,708 acres in the eastern half of the Laramie Peak unit. Much of the vegetation within the the project units has not experienced fire in past 50 years.

Parks Platte River Ditch Bill Easements: Batch #1

Issue FPLMA easements for irrigation ditches meeting Colorado Ditch Bill criteria located in the Platte River drainage on Parks District. Batch #1 includes 5 water facilities.

Pierce Whitney Creek Diversion special use permit

Use of the existing Last Chance Ditch to divert additional water from Whitney Creek to private property.

Rangeland Management in the Whiskey Creek Analysis Area (formerly the Dudley Analysis Area).

Environmental Analysis of livestock grazing on three sheep/cattle allotments, one cattle allotment and two horse pastures in Routt County.

Samson and Finley Road Reconstruction off Jenney Trail

The USFS proposes to authorize Samson and Finley to upgrade 470 feet of an unnamed road off of Jenney Trail.

Samson Powerline

Install 34.5kV, 3-Phase, single, overhead power line across FS for approximately 2621.33 feet. The ruling span is approximately 230 feet so 12 poles will be installed on FS. Construction and permanent right of way width will be 30 feet.

Steamboat Front

WUI fuels and habitat improvement project. May include mastication, prescribed burning of shrub and aspen vegetation,and removal and treatment of beetle-killed pine. The project will occur in close proximity to the Steamboat Springs city limits.

Temporary Outfitter & Guide Permit Renewal

Renewal of 1 temporary outfitter guide permit. No changes to previous activities.

Thunder Basin National Grassland Prairie Dog Amendment

The Forest Service proposes to amend the 2001 Grassland Plan to modify Categories 1 and 2 of the 2009 Prairie Dog Management Strategy based on continuing management concerns raised by the State of Wyoming.

Vaughn Lake Aerator Re-Issue

Re-Issue the Special Use Permit for the aerator on Vaughn Lake.

West Side Snowy Range Travel Management Environmental Analysis

Analysis of road and trail needs and development of loop ORV/motorcycle routes on the west side of the snowy range.

Willow Creek Analysis Project

Several timber sale units from the Green Ridge EIS are scheduled for mutual cancelation and this project is intended to analyze a portion of these areas for potential reauthorization to offer.

Wyoming Pipeline Company Amendment-Mush Creek Pumping Station

Proposes to authorize Wyoming Pipeline Company to occupy NFS land for the construction and maintenance of an additional 361 feet of natural gas line to the Mush Creek Pumping Station tapping into an existing line along Hwy 450.

Wyoming Pipeline Company-Butte Junction Crude Oil Pipeline Replacement

The USFS is proposing to authorize Wyoming Pipeline Co to replace 3.2 miles of is existing crude oil pipeline. The work would require an additional 10 ft outside of the existing 20 ft ROW to complete construction activities.

Analysis Completed

Carbon Power and Light Powerline Clearing along Highway 130

Hazard tree clearing and/or removal along Carbon Power & Light's overhead powerline from approximately Snowy Range Ski Area to just west of Brooklyn Lake.

Coulton Floyd II Timber & Fuels Management Analysis

Commercially & non-commercially manage timber stands to establish regeneration, growth, & vigor to beetle killed stands expediting the establishment of the next forest.

Emergency Power Line Clearing Project

The Arapaho and Roosevelt, Medicine Bow-Routt, and White River National Forests are proposing to remove all dead and dying trees (i.e., hazard trees) along power lines crossing National Forest system lands in Northern Colorado.

Foxpark, Boswell, and Sheep Mountain Allotment Management Plan

Reauthorization of livestock grazing and issuance of new allotment management plans for the Foxpark and Boswell livestock grazing allotments and the Sheep Mountain wildlife area.

Gateway West 230/500 kv Transmission Line Project

Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power propose to construct electric transmission lines from the proposed Windstar Substation near the Dave Johnston Power Plant at Glenrock, WY to the proposed Hemingway substation near Melba, Idaho

Gore Creek Restoration

The Yampa Ranger District is proposing a variety of actions in the Gore Pass area to improve watershed health and reduce potential erosion issues.

Hazard Tree Reduction - Medicine Bow-Routt NFs

Determine vegetation treatments that reduce the existing, potentially hazardous, dead and dying trees along National Forest System Roads, developed recreation sites, and administrative sites.

Mackey Road Relocation

Powder River Coal, LLC has requested an authorization to vacate and re-locate portions of CR 69 Mackey (large segment) and temporary CR 83 Reno (small segment) on to Forest Service land.

Pole Mountain Vegetation Project

This is a multi-phase project that would prescribe burn or mechanically treat approximately 8,600 acres on the Pole Mountain unit over 7-10 years. Proposed activities would improve habitat and reduce fuels.

Rabbit Ears Winter Parking

Improvement of winter parking along US HWY 40 on Rabbit Ears Pass providing for adequate parking opportunities and improving safety.

Thunder Basin Coal Company, LLC Clinker Mining Addition

The Forest Service is proposing to authorize Thunder Basin Coal Company to acquire an adequate supply of aggregate construction material to support required maintenance and changes in infrastructure necessary for mining activities.

Wyoming Army National Guard Thunder Basin National Grassland Training Operations

The USDA Forest Service (USFS) proposes to authorize Wyoming Army National Guard to occupy NFS land for training operations on the Thunder Basin National Grassland on August 3-5, 2014 on the Lynch and Dull Center Roads and south on the Cow Creek Rd.

On Hold

Blackhall TSI

The Parks Ranger District is reviewing potential thinning needs within the Blackhall TSI project area. Density control through thinning will be completed by hand tools. No mechanical equipment or road building/reconstruction will be necessary.

Freeman Reservoir Special Use Permit

Issue a Special Use Permit for the operation and maintenance of the Freeman Dam and Reservoir to the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Irwin Land Exchange

2,720 acres of Non-Federal to Federal and 2,400 of Federal to Non-Federal. Optional acres of Federal to Non-Federal taking into account issues with DM&E easements 1,360 acres. Map is attached. .

Juancorena Water Transmission Line & Springbox Special Use Permit

Authorize springbox and water transmission line for domestic use

Miners Claim Fuel Reduction

Boundary fuel treatments along and adjacent to private in-holdings containing structures.

Parsons Creek Land Exchange

Proposal to exchange lands in the Warbonnet Peak area of the Laramie Mtns.

Pittington Mining Claim Exploration

Expose mineral vein on the Ram Claim, work would include using a D6 dozer to trench a 120 X 130 feet it to expose the mineral vein on the Ram Claim (CMC276636)


Re-issue special use permits to continue recreation residence use, with some modifications to the operating plan for the Elk River Tract includes 4 lots on the Hahns Peak-Bears Ears Ranger District of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.

Rhoades Land Exchange

120 acres of Non-Federal to Federal and 200 acres of Federal to Non-Federal.

Sierra Madre Sheep

Allotment Management Planning for 7 sheep allotments in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range on the Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest Thunder Basin National Grassland

Project Archive

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