Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

July, August, September 2014

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest SOPA
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Proposed Actions for Naches and Cle Elum District Flood Repair Projects 2013

  • In May 2011, the Naches and Cle Elum Ranger Districts experienced a 100-year flood impacting 40 roads, multiple campgrounds, and several other recreational areas. Analysis is complete for four flood repair projects scheduled to be constructed July-September of 2012. This newsletter [PDF: 2mb, 24 pages] outlines the proposed actions for the five 2013 flood repair projects.

Motorized Travel Management

  • Read about the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest proposed changes to motor vehicle use on specific roads, trails and areas within the non-wilderness portion of the Forest. 


CERCLA Projects

(Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act)

Holden Mine Site Cleanup

Azurite Mine Site Cleanup

Antimony Queen Mine Site Cleanup

Beth Lake Prospect Cleanup

Minnie Mine and Mill Site Cleanup

Copper City Mill and Granite Lake Prospect Cleanup

Copper Glance Mine

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Accessible Fishing Docks Project

Construct 3 accessible fishing docks at Lost, Beaver, and Beth Lakes and refurbish the existing Bonaparte Lake dock over a period of up to 5 years.

Annie Restoration Project

Vegetation management will address landscape departures from historical conditions. Includes timber harvest (1675 acres), ladder fuel reduction (330 acres), precommercial thinning(150 acres), and fuels treatment (3,400 acres).

Bannon,Aeneas,Revis and Tunk - revise grazing allotment plan for 4 allotments.

Review and evaluate livestock grazing activites on the Bannon, Aeneas, Revis, & Tunk grazing allotments. Revise the management plans to reflect current direction. 2 action alternatives and the No Action alternative were developed and considered.

Bonaparte Lake and Lost Lake Recreation Projects

At Bonaparte Lake Campground, install a swimming dock and a new group site with a covered picnic shelter. Install a covered picnic shelter at Lost Lake Campground. These projects will be implemented over several years.

Chewuch Transportation Plan

The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest proposes to develop and implement a transportation plan for the Chewuch drainage (encompassing both the Upper and Lower Chewuch watershed) within the Methow Valley Ranger District. The Plan would identify maintenance levels, roads for decomissioning, and possible re-routes to establish an appropriate road network that would meet administrative and recreational needs while reducing environmental impacts. NOTICE: Updated maps were uploaded to the website on October 14, 2011. Maps obtained from the project website before that date did not include proposed new construction. A color newsletter was released on October 14, 2011. This newsletter extended the scoping period to November 15, 2011.

Disposal of Felled Hazard Trees in Developed Recreation Sites (2012 through 2016)

Commercially remove previously felled hazard trees at 17 campgrounds, 1 rental cabin, and 21 trailheads. Only logs in excess of down wood retention standards and restoration needs, and accessible from existing open roads would be removed and sold.

Dry Restoration

Dry Restoration proposes a commercial harvest which will occur on 548 acres in dry forest stands. An additional 200 acres will be available for either commercial or personal use firewood. Stream stabilization will occur within two miles of Dry Creek.

Eightmile Ranch Coho Acclimation Site

Consideration of special use permit application from the Yakama Nation for construction of a coho acclimation site at the Eightmile Ranch Administrative Site. Analysis is being completed in cooperation with the Bonneville Power Administion.

Ferris Hard Rock Mining

Authorize miner's proposal to mine underground with hand tools in an existing adit. Access is via user-built ATV trail, which miner will close and restore when finished. Ore removed in 5-gallon buckets, for processing off-Forest.

Flagg Mountain Mineral Exploration

Evaluation of a Plan of Operations to conduct copper exploration at up to 15 sites in the Flagg Mountain area.

Lake Chelan Campground Prince Creek Dock Replacement

Remove and replace the old (slowly sinking) cedar log floating dock (old 65 feet x 9 feet) with new HDPE enclosed floats that support a 17 foot x 67 foot dock designed to accommodate ferry docking on one side and public docking on the other side.

Lost Driveway Hazard Fuels Reduction

Fuels thining and prescribed fire treatments on approximately 3000 acres near Mazama, WA.

Meadow Creek Reroute: Lakeshore Trail #1247

Reconstruct and construct approximately 2500 feet of trail, install a footlog (bridge) across Meadow Creek on the Lakeshore Trail #1247 to repair flash flood damage.

Nason Creek: Upper White Pine Reach Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project

Restore and enhance aquatic habitat in the Upper White Pine Reach of Nason Creek for ESA-listed Upper Columbia River steelhead, Upper Columbia River Spring-Run Chinook salmon, and Columbia River bull trout.

Ski Hill Improvements EA

Repair and upgrade utilities, upgrade kitchen,construct patio and restroom, install two towers and regrade the small alpine hill

Swauk Pine Restoration

Landscape scale silvicultural treatments (thinning and burning)to improve resilience to disturbance, and stream and floodplain restoration at 66 sites. Project includes road improvements, closure, relocation, and decommissioning.

Twenty-Five Mile Project

Maintain and enhance forested stands within the desired range of variability by small tree thinning and prescribed burning.

Upper Yakima Restoration

Watershed restoration project. Forest commercial and pre-commercial thinning designed to accelerate old growth forest structure, watershed restoration, road obliteration, and road to trail conversion.

White Pass 2014 Projects

The Naches R.D. is considering a proposal by the White Pass Company, the operator of the White Pass Ski Area, to expand its Nordic ski trail system and facilities.

Analysis Completed

Bossart Exploration

Authorize miner's proposal to drill one 4"-diameter bore hole within the prism of an open FS road. Drill rig will remain on road surface at all times but will not block public use. Water will be transported from off-site, & effluent fully contained.

Boulder and Wolf Allotment Management Plan Revision

Revise the allotment management plans for the Boulder and Wolf grazing allotments to reflect current management direction and address resource concerns.

Buck Forest and Fuels

Forest health, timber stand improvement and hazardous fuels reduction project that includes commercial and pre-commercial thinning, stand regeneration, mechanical fuels treatments, prescribed fire and road system management.

Carlson Blue Mining

1-2 person seasonal operation includes trenching with a backhoe and digging with hand tools. Camping on site.

Cle Elum Outfitter and Guide EA

Issue Outfitter Guide Permits to 7 applicants. Activities include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, avalanche courses, snowmobiling, watercraft delivery, fly fishing, backcountry skiing/shuttle service. Two decisions.

Forest Service Road 1501 Flood Repair

The Naches Ranger District is evaluating actions to repair the damaged road at mile post 0.5 and 2.0.

Forest Service Road 3300 Flood Repair

The Cle Elum Ranger District plans to analyze and repair damaged sites on the Forest Service Road 3300. Flood damaged sites are located at mile post 3.9 and 4.4.

Kittitas Conservation Trust Cle Elum River Project 2014

At worksite no.6 (NFS land) permit temporary use of 1/4 mi of existing FS road for access to Cle Elum River, placement of 1-5 ballasted snags in river, excavation at Domerie inlet to widen inlet to side channel, and restoration of disturbed shoreline

Nelli Restoration Project

Activities include harvesting mid- and understory trees, thining and pruning of under- and mid-story vegetation , treating created fuels, and underburning of natural fuels. Also includes road, and trail managment projects

Pack and Saddle Stock Outfitter-Guide Special Use Permit Issuance

Issue special use permits for pack and saddle stock outfitter-guides in the Pasayten and Lake Chelan-Sawooth Wilderness and other areas on the Methow Valley, Tonasket and Chelan Ranger Districts.

On Hold

Bear Cove Club Special Use Permit

Issue a new permit to the Bear Cove Boat Club.

Club Chelminar Special Use Permit

Issue an existing club a special use permit for a new term.

Explosives Magazine for Avalanche Control on Interstate 90

Modify an existing long-term special use permit issued to the Washington State Department of Transportation, to allow installation and use of a second explosives magazine adjacent to one already in place.

Forest Service Road 1901 Flood Repair

Repair the damaged portions of Forest Service Road 1901. The damaged sites are at mile post 6.9 and 7.2.

Indian Creek Corral Livestock Area Special Use Permit

Issue a new permit for an existing livestock area permit

Indian Creek Corral Resort Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit to an existing resort

Naches Outfitter and Guide Permits

Outfitting and guiding opportunies on the Naches R D will be reviewed for environmental effects. The analysis will include all types of O/G including pack stock use, fishing, rafting, snowmobiling, environmental education and mushroom gathering.

Yakima Valley Boat Club Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit for the Yakima Valley Boat Club with seasonal moorage for up to 14 boats at the club docks on Rimrock Lake

Yakima Valley Ski Club Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit to an existing club for a new term.


Blue Creek Fish Passage FSR 9738-130

Replace the existing upper culvert (a barrier to fish passage) on FSR 9738-130 with a 14' bottomless arch with grade contol structures.

Buckhorn Exploration Project 2010

The Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Washington Department of Natural Resources have been gathering data and working with a contractor to analyze the environmental impacts of minerals exploration in a 9200 acre area northeast of Chesaw, Washington. May 28, 2014, Echo Bay Exploration sent a letter to the agencies withdrawing the combined plan of operations for minerals exploration. In light of this, the agencies are terminating the Environmental Impact Statement process.

Burlington Northern Railway Permit Reissue

Project has been cancelled. Erroneously entered as subject to 215 notice and comment regulations.

County Fire District No. 8 Winter Access

To provide access to a fire station on private land, authorize Kittitas County Fire District No. 8 to construct, plow, and use (in winter) approximately 900 feet of new road across National Forest System land.

Deep Creek Trailheads Reconstruction and Relocation

Replace the existing parking capacity lost at Deep Creek Horse Camp during the 2006 flood event. Reconstruct facilities at the Deep Creek Campground and the Deep Creek Horse Campt

Federal Aviation Administration Permit

Project cancelled. Erroneous entry, not subject to notice and comment.

Jack Creek Culvert Removal

Remove culvert on Forest Service Road 9738-114 (a closed road). The culvert is a barrier to fish movement.

Quartz Mountain Whitebark Pine Planting

Planting whitebark pine seedlings in an approximately four acre area within the Pasayten Wilderness.

South Summit Forest and Fuels

Forest health, timber stand improvement, hazardous fuels reduction and road system management. This project was cancelled in July 2014 due to the Carlton Complex fires, which substantially altered the stand conditions that were analyzed in the environmental assessment.

Stampede Powerline Tree Disposal

This project will be completed under a CE category not requiring a Decison Memo. To reduce a fuel hazard, make felled trees in the BPA powerline easement available for personal use public firewood collection.

Union Creek Trailhead Project- NOW CE WITH NO DECISION MEMO

Reconstruction of the Union Creek Trailhead to meet F.S. standards and ADA guidelines. No increase in capacity. Replacement of one 60 foot long bridge on Pleasant Valley Trail 999, and replacement of one bridge on Union Creek Trail 956 with foot log.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.