National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is an overarching federal law that guides the implementation of all Olympic National Forest projects and management activities. This law helps define a collaborative process for decision-making that takes the health of communities and ecosystems into account. 

Two of the major purposes of this process are to: 1.) Disclose environmental effects, and 2.) Make informed decisions. 

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA):

The Schedule of Proposed Actions or SOPA (formerly called the NEPA Quarterly Report) is designed to provide information on current and upcoming projects to people interested in management of the Olympic National Forest. 

Current Olympic Forest Projects

The following project information and associated environmental documents are shown on Olympic National Forest's website for public review. If you are interested in a proposed action listed on the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA - see above) that is not listed below, please contact the appropriate District office. 

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Olympic National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.
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Developing Proposal

Lake Quinault Chevron Permit Reissuance

Rain Forest Resort, Inc. has held a special use permit for operation and maintenance of the Lake Quinault Chevron gas station and garage. The permit has expired, and reissuance of a new 20-year term permit is proposed.

North Fork Calawah Vegetation Management Project

Vegetation management and restoration treatments on 6,000 acres to accelerate development of late-successional forest habitat conditions for wildlife and watershed health, and to contribute to local economies.

Under Analysis

29-554 Rayonier Tailhold

Five tailhold trees or stumps. No tree removal.

Dedmore Private Road Special Use Permit Reissuance

Proposal to reissue 20-year term special use permit for 500 ft of private road.

Dedmore Waterline Special Use Permit Reissuance

Proposal to reissue a special use permit for a 20 year term for a waterline (1000 ft. of 1 1/2 in. pipe) and associated improvements.

Dosewallips: Forest Road 2610-012 Repair and Forest Road 2610-010 Maintenance Level Reduction

Work would reduce operational maintenance level (ML) from ML2 to ML1 on storm-damaged 2610-010 at milepost 0.2 to 0.9. Removed fills would be used to repair damaged sections of 2610-012 from milepost 0.0 to 0.3 to put it back into service as an ML2.

Dungeness Large Wood Enhancement Project

The Forest is partnering with the Jamestown Sklallam tribe to construct 15 large wood jams and stabilize 3 naturally occurring wood jams in the Grey Wolf and Dungeness Rivers.

FSR 2345-100 Timberland Access

This project has changed from an easement exchange to timberland access. Green Diamond Resource Company needs access across approximately 800 feet of Forest land to access timberland on their property.

Grays Harbor Public Utilities District Neilton Point Maintenance Special Use Permit Modification

Modification to Grays Harbor County Public Utilities District existing special use permit to remove or top up to six trees that are interfering with transmission from the Neilton Point electronic site.

H to Z Thinning

Application of variable density commercial thinning (thinning, heavy thinning, gaps up to two acres in size, and skips) up to 70 harvest acres, to be achieved through a timber sale/stewardship contract (uneven-aged harvesting).

Hendricksen Waterline Reissue

The proposed action is to reissue waterline permit that has been in use since the 1930's. No changes to the existing footprint are proposed.

Humptulips Thinning

Application of variable density commercial thinning (thinning, heavy thinning, gaps up to two acres in size, and skips) up to 70 harvest acres, to be achieved through a timber sale/stewardship contract (uneven-aged harvesting).

Interfor Tailhold Authorization

Interfor has requested a special use authorization to tie onto five trees or stumps on Kugel Ridge (off of FS Road 2929) adjacent to Kugel Den Timber Sale on DNR land. The selected trees would be left on site and standing.

Invasive Plant Program Management Amendment

To add the herbicide aminopyralid in the Forest Plan. This amendment is a relatively minor modification to the invasive plant program. It would not approve any projects on the ground. Project-level analysis is required.

Lower Skokomish Vegetation Management Project

Vegetation management and restoration treatments on about 4,500 acres to improve and restore late successional forest habitat conditions for wildlife and watershed health and to contribute to local economies.

Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Environmental Assessment

Navy is proposing training electronic warefare (EW) range consisting of the movement and operation of EW mobile emitters. This EA is tiered from previous EIS. Several sites are on Forest Service Roads. Navy documents at:

Queets Vegetation Management

Approximately 5,000 acres would be commercially thinned using variable-density thinning. The purpose of the project is to restore and improve late-successional habitat conditions, generate economic activity, and provide jobs in the local area.

Quinault Campgrounds Water Line Replacement

This project would design and replace the existing water distribution systems in Falls Creek Campground and Willaby Campground near Lake Quinault.

Quinault Indian Nation "Inclined Tailhold"

Logging located on Quinault Indian Nation land but tailholds located on Forest Service.

Quinault National Recreation Trail Repair and Reconstruction

Repair and reconstruction of approximately 6.2 miles of trail, including some tread relocation and minor reconstruction, replacement of gravel surfacing, and drainage structure repair.

Rocky Brook Hydroelectric Facilities Special Use Permit Reissuance

The Olympic National Forest is proposing to reissue the special use permit for the Rocky Brook Hydroelectric facilities located on National Forest lands.

Schoemake Waterline Reissue

The Forest proposes to reissue waterline permit, in use since the 1930's. No changes to the existing footprint.

Special Use Permit Reissuances

The Forest Service proposes to reissue 11 expiring or expired special use permits. The permits include waterlines,private road use, seismic research stations, a water storage tank,and a patrol cabin.No changes or new ground disturbance are proposed.

Two Tailhold requests from RAYONIER

Tie into National Forest tail holds (total of 11 tailholds) to safely achieve logging system suspension. No trees will be cut and there will be no ground disturbance on NF land.

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Boat Launch Special Use Permit Reissuance

Proposal to reissue a 30 year term special use permit authorizing the use and associated maintenance of a boat launch on the Hoh River.

West Fork Humptulips River Trail Construction

This project would convert about 2.5 miles of decommissioned road to trail status; and construct two ½ mile trail segments to create a 6-mile loop trail.

On Hold

Calawah OHV Project

The proposed action is the development of an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trail system and staging area in the Bonidu area within the North Fork Calawah watershed. The proposal would provide about 21.1 miles of interlinking trails.

Fahnestock Easement

Rayonier is proposing to reconstruct approximately 400 ft of road and construct another 800 ft to access private timber land. Total right-of-way length would be 1292 ft by 60 ft in width. Total acreage would be 1.7 acres.

Norwood Conveyance

Sell property that is surplus to Forest Service needs. The property contains a number of structures\improvements, including but not limited to two residences.

Trapper Creek Aquatic Organism Passage

The existing culvert on Forest Road 2850 at the Trapper Creek crossing (MP 0.8), would be replaced with a structure designed to allow passage for all aquatic organisms. Structures made of rock and wood may be incorporated in the design.


Rocky Brook Hydroelectric Permit Renewal

Rocky Brook Hydroelectric Limited Partnership is seeking a new 20-year special use permit for their existing facilities. The project diverts up to 40 cubic feet per second (cfs) from Rocky Brook, with a minimum in-stream flow of 5 cfs.

Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Bogachiel Fish Habitat Enhancement Structure Permit Reissuance

WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife has held a special use permit for construction and maintenance of fish habitat enhancement structures near the Bogachiel River. The permit has expired, and reissuance of a new 10-year permit is proposed.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.