Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions provides a list of proposals that will begin or are undergoing environmental analysis and documentation so that people can become aware of and indicate their interest in specific proposals.  The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October.

To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Sawtooth National Forest.


Big Wood Travel Plan

The area is comprised of lands administered by the Sawtooth National Forest within the Big Wood River drainage that surrounds Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho.  The area lies in Blaine County, and is administered by the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA).

Sawtooth National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Boulder Mountain Tour Special Use Permit Issuance

Proposal to issue a 5-year Recreation Event special use permit re-authorizing the annual Boulder Mountain Tour Ski Race for a new term with no changes to the existing permit.

Champion Fish Screens (2) Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue a 20 year special use permit for continued use of two fish screens with access across National Forest System lands on a total of 0.50 acres.

Silva Livestock Load/Unload Area Special Use Permit

Proponent would be issued a 20 year special use permit for continued use of an existing livestock loading and unloading area off Forest System Road #70682 and access across National Forest System land for 200 feet.

Silver King Mine Road Access Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue a special use permit authorizing 0.1 miles of existing non-system road and 50 feet of new road construction to access privately owned Silver King Mine. In addition, 0.1 miles of existing road will be restored. Permit term - 20-yrs.

Stanley Cemetery Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue the City of Stanley a 20 year special use permit authorizing continued care of an existing cemetery with no authorized expansion, and access across National Forest System land for 0.25 miles.

Under Analysis

2013 Radio System Improvements

Installation of Pepro Radio shelters on Mount Harrison and Heglar Peak. Installation of a 40' antenna on Mount Harrison.

Commercial Film Permit Issuance

Proposal to issue a 5-year special use permit re-authorizing commercial video and still photography on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and Ketchum Ranger District for a new term with no changes to the existing permit.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Road and Trail Access Special Use Permit

Analyze a special use permit for both road and trail access to the ranch.

Over-Snow Vehicle Access in the Upper South Fork Boise River Area project

Evaluate the revision of access restrictions to the winter backcountry areas of the Upper South Fork Boise River.

Recreation Residence Improvement Project Thompson Flat Tract #5

The Forest Service, Sawtooth National Forest, Minidoka Ranger District is proposing to authorize improvements which will include repair/installing a septic system, and adding a bathroom to the cabin.

Redfish - Road #210 Post-Insect Outbreak Fuels Project

Proposal to conduct fuel reduction activities post mountain pine beetle outbreak, on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area along Forest Road #210 and in the Redfish Complex.

Redfish to Stanley Trail

Develop a multi-purpose, non-motorized public trail between Stanley, Idaho and Redfish Recreation Complex.

Rock Creek Fuels & Vegetation Project

Treat vegetation using prescribed fire and mechanical treatments in order to reduce fuel loads and to create a more desirable fire regime.

Analysis Completed

Bald Mountain - Douglas Fir Beetle Control Project

Helicopter and ground application of a pheromone methylcyclohexenone (MCH) treated plastic flakes around Douglas Fir stands on Bald Mountain to help stop/slow the beetle epidemic occurring post Castle Rock Fire

Minidoka Supplement to the 2008 Travel Plan Map Revision Environmental Assessment

Supplement the 2008 "Travel Plan Map Revision - Elimination of Motorized Cross-Country Travel and Motorized Route Designation Environmental Assessment" for the Minidoka Ranger District.

Pole Creek Diversion Special Use Authorization

The proposal would issue special use permit(s) to re-authorize the continued use of an irrigation diversion from Pole Creek, as well as related roads, ditches, and small irrigated parcels on National Forest System lands.

Pole Creek Road Reroute

Project proposes to reroute and decommission a portion of Pole Creek Road (FSR# 70197), rehabilitate and close approximately 0.25 miles of Twin Creek Loop Road (FSR# 70412), and replace two culverts with fish friendly culverts on Twin Creeks.

On Hold

BSM Barite Exploration Project

Exploration for mineralization by constructing 16 drill pads and drilling 22 core and reverse circulation holes on their claims on National Forest during the exploration period. Reconstruction of a collapsed adit.

Warm Springs Recreational Placer Mining Plan of Operations

Plan of Operations for recreational placer mining on an unpatented mining claim within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Custer County, Idaho


Beaver Dam Trough Relocation

Relocate existing trough away from spring. Install new pipe and new trough

Bodie Lode Access

Clear out existing road in order to access patented mining claims via off road vehicle.

Bull Flat Trail #001 Re-Route

This project will re-route approximately 1/8 of a mile of the trail where it connects to the trailhead within Clear Creek Campground due to damages by flooding.

Fourth of July Road Use Permit

The proposed action is to issue a road use permit to Idaho Transportation Department for 1.0 mile or 2.2 acres of National Forest System Road #70209 aka 4th of July Road for access to the 4th of July Material Source Site, CU-83.

Frenchman Creek Plan of Operations

Proposed approval of a Plan of Operations for underground mine development on unpatented mining claims in lands open to mineral entry outside of the congressionally designated area of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Grape Creek Restoration Project

Implementation phase to restore 1-2 segments of Grape Creek. This effort will correct several resource issues from past livestock and motorized trail use. Fencing and/or willow planting may be used.

Howell Canyon Drift Fence Extension

Install approximately 2 miles of let-down fence on the West side of Howell Canyon from the existing drift fence at the lower overlook to the existing fence North of Thompson Flat Campground along Forest road 561.

Lynn Springs Quarry Expansion Plan of Operation

Proposed expansion of Oakley Stone quarry operations.

Soldier Mountain Ski Area Base Improvements

The Soldier Mountain Ski Area proposes to construct a shop (snow cat storage), a new rental shop, up to 12 small cabins for overnight accommodation, and a small lift at the base facilities.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.