Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions provides a list of proposals that will begin or are undergoing environmental analysis and documentation so that people can become aware of and indicate their interest in specific proposals.  The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October.

To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Sawtooth National Forest.


Big Wood Travel Plan

The area is comprised of lands administered by the Sawtooth National Forest within the Big Wood River drainage that surrounds Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho.  The area lies in Blaine County, and is administered by the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA).

Sawtooth National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Cotton Ridge RAWS

The proposed action of the Sawtooth National Forest is to install a Remote Access Weather Station (RAWS) on Cotton Ridge. The RAWS will have an approximate foot print of 15 feet by 15 feet.

Eves Gulch - Fox Peak Connector Trail

This project would connect the top of Eve Gulch Tr. 146 to the Osberg Ridgeline Tr. 147 just east of Fox Peak. The proposed singletrack trail would be open to mountain bikes, equestrians and foot traffic only. Closed to all motorized use.

Hadley Small Tracts Act

Disposal of a one acre isolated parcel acquired in December of 1947 for the use of a sheep corral and gathering area under the Administrative Site Act of March 2, 1925. This isolated one acre parcel is no longer needed.

Salt Bowns Vegetation Management Project

Proposal to conduct vegetation management activities to address insect infestations and resulting fuel build-up in the Salt Creek/Bowns Creek and Fleck Summit area

Under Analysis

Boise & Sawtooth Forest-wide Invasive Plant Species Treatments

Analyze and disclose the effects of treating invasive and noxious weeds forest-wide on the Boise & Sawtooth National Forests.

Deer Creek Post Fire Restoration

The proposed projects are intended to restore riparian vegetation and channel integrity of the main Deer Creek channel; re-establish and repair recreation improvements destroyed by the Beaver Fire; and restore access onto the drainage trail system.

Deer Creek Road Realignment Project

Relocate 3200 feet of the Deer Creek road out of the floodplain; Remove 3 bridges crossing Deer Creek; Install one bridge crossing North Fork Creek; Restore 1/2 mile of Deer Creek Road in the floodplain.

Howdyville Wetland Restoration

Restore approximately 2 acres of wetlands in the immediate vicinity of the 2.2 acre acquired Howdyville Log Mill parcel near Valley Creek.

Lynn Bench Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration Project

The USFS proposes 1,156 acres of hand treatment of juniper and 806 acres of juniper mastication to improve habitat conditions for Greater sage-grouse and mule deer in the Raft River division.

Over-Snow Vehicle Travel Management in the Northern Portion of the Fairfield Ranger District

Evaluate the revision of access restrictions to the winter backcountry areas of the northern portions of the Fairfield Ranger District.

Pioneer Yurt Summer Use

The Ketchum District proposes to amend a special use permit, which would authorize summer use of the Pioneer Yurt in the Hyndman Basin. Sun Valley Trekking seeks to allow access to the yurt & facilities year round for rental parties.

Pole Creek Meadow Historic Channel Reconnect

Proposal to return about 1,500 ft of Pole Creek to its historic natural channel rather than have it remain confined within the walls of an eroding gully as it is currently & has been for decades. The change would address a chronic resource impact.

Recreation Residence Improvement Project Thompson Flat Tract #5

The Forest Service, Sawtooth National Forest, Minidoka Ranger District is proposing to authorize improvements which will include repair/installing a septic system, and adding a bathroom to the cabin.

Redfish Recreation Complex Trail

Develop a 2-mile fully accessible, multi-purpose, non-motorized, public trail from the Redfish entry station to Redfish Lake within the popular Redfish Lake Recreation Complex.

Rock Creek Fuels & Vegetation Project

Treat vegetation using prescribed fire and mechanical treatments in order to reduce fuel loads and to create a more desirable fire regime.

Stanley to Redfish Lake Trail

Develop a multi-purpose, non-motorized public trail between Stanley, Idaho and Redfish Recreation Complex.

Analysis Completed

Warm Springs Placer Mining Plan of Operations

Plan of Operations for placer mining on an unpatented mining claim within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Custer County, Idaho

On Hold

Champion Fish Screens (2) Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue a 20 year special use permit for continued use of two fish screens with access across National Forest System lands on a total of 0.50 acres.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Road and Trail Access Special Use Permit

Analyze a special use permit for both road and trail access to the ranch.

Silver King Mine Road Access Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue a special use permit authorizing 0.1 miles of existing non-system road and 15 feet of new road construction to access privately owned Silver King Mine. In addition, 0.1 miles of existing road will be restored. Permit term - 20-yrs.


Boulder Mountain Tour Special Use Permit Issuance

Proposal to issue a 5-year Recreation Event special use permit re-authorizing the annual Boulder Mountain Tour Ski Race for a new term with no changes to the existing permit.

BSM Barite Exploration Project

Exploration for mineralization by constructing 16 drill pads and drilling 22 core and reverse circulation holes on their claims on National Forest during the exploration period. Reconstruction of a collapsed adit.

Commercial Film Permit Issuance

Proposal to issue a 5-year special use permit re-authorizing commercial video and still photography on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and Ketchum Ranger District for a new term with no changes to the existing permit.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.