This Projects page provides information about projects to manage the resources and uses on the Superior National Forest. Each project listed below displays material used for public involvement and decision making through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. For more information about NEPA, click here.

Please note that planning documents produced under NEPA often have a technical component and analyze environmental effects.  For general information about the Forest, see our home page and for recreation opportunities, please see the Recreation page.

Objections Regulations

New! The Forest Service has finalized pre-decisional objection regulations that will replace the existing appeal regulations for some decisions made through the NEPA process.

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Superior National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Barker Project

The Barker Project proposes to manage vegetation and roads to promote diverse, productive and healthy ecosystems and wildlife habitat, reduce hazardous fuels and provide sustainable forest products.

Mesabi Project

The Laurentian Ranger District proposes activities to move vegetation toward desired conditions as described in the Forest Plan by reducing hazardous fuel, conducting forest vegetation, and managing wildlife and other resources.

Prospectors Loop Trail

The Kawishiwi Ranger District is proposing a motorized trail connecting Ely, Babbitt, Tower, and Embarrass as well as connections to State Parks (Bear Head Lake, Tower Soudan Mine, and Vermilion) and other attractions to provide recreational benefits

School Trust Land Exchange

This project would exchange federal Superior National Forest lands located outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) for State of Minnesota land located inside the BWCAW.

Under Analysis

Cook County Land Exchange

With this exchange, the United States would acquire 1910.76 acres of non-federal land within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in exchange for up to apapproximately 1620 acres of federal land.

Kabetogama Project

The LaCroix Ranger District proposes to create young forest, manage forest roads, and conduct vegetation management through harvest, nonharvest, and planting. Please note to email scoping comments send to

McCarthy Special Use permit

This proposal is to issue a special use (SU) permit to utilize an existing SU road that already has an existing SU permit with another landowner.

Mixed Use Motorized Use Project

The Kawishiwi Ranger District of the Superior National Forest is proposing to allow mixed use of passenger vehicles and ATVs on 5.25 miles of Forest Roads 459 and 457 to enhance long distance recreational vehicle riding opportunities on existing road

Northmet Mining Project and Land Exchange

A land exchange of federal lands in: T59N, R12W, T59N, R13W, and T60N, R13W. Non-federal lands being proposed are located throughout the Superior National Forest in St. Louis, Lake, and Cook counties.

Pearl Project

The Kawishiwi Ranger District proposes activities to move vegetation toward desired conditions as described in the Forest Plan by managing forest vegetation, reducing hazardous fuel, and managing for wildlife and other resources.

Rokeh Access Request

Access to private land

Twin Metals Minnesota Hydrogeologic Study Special Use Permit

Twin Metals Minnesota has requested special use permit for access to collect baseline hydrogeologic environmental data to data to assist the company's prefeasablity study for a mining project to ensure that the environment is appropriately protected.

Windy Project

The project purpose is to promote diverse and healthy vegetation communities by creating young forest through even-aged harvest, improving stand conditions through intermediate harvests and restoring stand conditions through non-harvest activities.

Analysis Completed

2014 Gypsy Moth Slow-the-Spread Project

Treatment with pheremone, disparlure, to slow the spread of the non-native insect Gypsy Moth.

BWCAW Non-native Invasive Plant Management Project

Proposal for an integrated pest management approach to treat non-native invasive plants beginning with approximately 14 acres of infestations scattered across the 1.1 million acre BWCAW and possibly expanding up to 60 acres over the next 10 years.

Lake County Fiber Optic Network (RUS)

Lake County (through Compass Consultants Inc.) has submitted a proposal requesting a special-use permit to construct, install, operate, and maintain fiber optic cable (RUS financed) on/over National Forest System (NFS) lands.

North Shore Restoration Project

This project is to restore native vegetation communities along the North Shore of Lake Superior. This project is in conjunction with the North Shore Forest Collaborative.

On Hold

Chik-Wauk Proposal

The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is proposing to construct five buildings within their 50-acre permitted area. Buildings are proposed to be constructed where buildings existed in the past.


Ann Krane Proposal

Proposed Walking Trail to Private Land

Temporary seasonal access request from the MN DNR.

The request is for new construction of a short-term seasonal access road for management of state land.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.