National Forests In Texas Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

AT&T Fiber Optic Telephone Cable Special Use Permit

New authorization for a fiber optic cable placed in the existing right-of-way of State Highway 147

AT&T Fiber Optic Telephone Cable Special Use Permit Reissuance

The current permit is under the name Southwestern Bell and will be changed to AT&T at the company's request.

C-64 Project

Pine stand thinning, longleaf regeneration, and midstory removal in red-cockaded woodpecker habitat.

C63 Project

Thinning, reforestation, wildlife improvements, NNIPS treatments, in compartment 63 on the Angelina NF

Century Link Special Use Permit Transfer

Proposal to issue new Special Use Permit to Century Link for 16 miles of communications lines which were previously permitted to Sprint.

Compartment 112 Longleaf Pine Restoration Project

Create and improve wildlife habitat by restoring and sustaining a functioning longleaf pine community in Compartemtn 112.

DCP Southern Hills, LLC Pipeline Permit

Proposal to to issue a special use permit for an already existing interstate liquid gas pipeline

Fiberlight, LLC Special Use Permit

Authorization of a Special use Permit for a 5 foot ROW to install and maintain an underground fiber-optic cable along U.S. Highway 287 from Crockett, Texas to Corrigan, Texas. The cable will affect portions of Compartment 86, 89, 96, and 97.

Hazard Tree Removal Environmental Assessment

Salvage of trees in administrative sites, in recreation areas, along roads, trails, and boundary lines.

Jones Road Access

This is a road permit reissuance from Aubrey Fry to Lance and Tiffany Jones

Ladonia Wildlife Habitat Improvements

Wildlife habitat improvement through fireline construction and prescribed burning for the Caddo's Ladonia Units 40, 43, 44, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, and 53.

Lancaster Creek Project

Proposal to improve habitat for the red-cockaded woodpecker, reduce hazardous fuels and the potential for Southern pine beetle (SPB) outbreaks through thinning, longleaf pine restoration, prescribe burning, and midstory removal.

Marie Ybarra Private Road Special Use Permit

road access to private property landlocked by National Forest land

Midsouth 101 Special Use Permit Renewal

Proposal to combine and re-issue three Special Use Permits for approximately 25.75 miles of already existing powerlines to Mid-South Synergy. The lines provide service to multiple private land inholdings in several compartments and two counties.

North Moore RCW Habitat Improvement Project.

North Moore Plantation - Compartments 89-96, 115 - Thinning, longleaf restoration, midstory treatments. Emphasis on RCW habitat improvement. Culvert removal to improve fish passage.

Oak Hill Baptist Church Directional Sign Special Use Permit Reissuance

reissue a permitfor a directionsl sign. the permit will expire this year

OGP-Trinity LLC Proposed Oil Well

OGP Trinity, LLC. has submitted an Application to Drill (APD) for well Davy Crockett # 1 to the Bureau of Land Management to exercise their lease rights in Compartment 81 on the Davy Crockett National Forest (DCNF), to drill an oil well.

Parr and Rogers Road Access

Land owners have requested the use of an existing FS administrative road to access private land tract

Pennington Water Supply Company Special Use Permit

Authorization of a Special Use Permit for a 10 foot wide ROW to install and maintain a 4 inch underground waterline along FM 1280. The cable will be located in Compartment 86 of hte Davy Crockett NF in Trinity County, Texas.

Prentice Hendricks Private Road Special Use Permit Reissuance

Issue a new special use permit for an existing road right-of-way for a new term. The current permit expired 12/31/13. No new ground disturbing activities approved. Only an administrative action.

Southern Region Caves and Mine Closures

The purpose of the action is to close caves and mines to minimize the transmission potential of white nose syndrome and for the protection of associated wildlife species.

Suppression of Southern Pine Beetle Infestations in Wildernesses in the National Forests in Texas.

The National Forests in Texas proposes to suppress southern pine beetle infestations in the five wilderness areas: Big Slough, Little Lake Creek, Indian Mounds, Turkey Hill and Upland Island when necessary to protect adjacent private property.

Wes Horton Private Road Special Use Permit

access road to access private property.

Windmill Lake Erosion Control

Install a 300-foot, semi-circle, pipe fence at the turn-around of FSR 969 in Unit 2. This is to impede illegal off-road use that is causing erosion damage to Windmill Lake.

Windstream Communications Special Use Permit Amendment for FM 3373 Telephone Line

Proposal is to add a 25 pair wire to an exisitng permitted right-of-way (3870 feet by 10 feet) to provide high speed internet to the Black Forest Community.

XTO Energy Inc. - Loa #1HB Gas Well, Pipeline and Access Road

XTO Energy Inc. has submitted a proposal to drill a gas well on Federal lease TXNM80155. The project would include a well pad, access road and pipeline.

XTO Energy, Inc. - Tiber #1H Gas Well, Pipeline, and Access Road

XTO Energy, Inc. has submitted a proposal to drill a gas well on Federal Lease TXNM71594. The project would include a well pad, access road, and pipeline.

Analysis Completed

Adaptive Management EA for Wind Events on the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas

The National Forests and Grasslands in Texas would prepare an Adaptive Management Environmental Assessment for Wind Events that may occur in the future.

Betty Ellington Hill Private Road Special Use Permit

Authorize the use of NFSR 169 & 169E in Compartment 48 on the Sabine N.F. Combined, both roads have a length of 6813.84 ft (1.29 mi and 40 ft width.

Compartment 57 Mountain Bike Trail

The Sam Houston NF proposed to construct a 12 mile mountain bike trail in Compartment 57. The trail would connect the existing mountain bike trails within Huntsvile State Park which borders C 57 to the south.

Davy Crockett NF Prescribed Burning Project

Fuels Reduction Burning in Compartments 1,2,3,18,19,20,26,46,47,48,60,62,70,71,72,73,76,78,79,94,95,100,101,104,105,106,110,119,120, and 121

Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissaunce of a Special Use Permit issued to Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative for approximately 117.56 miles of existing powerline right-of-way on the Sabine National Forest. This is an administrative action only.

Fox's Lodge Inc. Sign Special Use Permit Reissuance Project

Project involves 3 signs; one sign 33 sq.ft and two signs 2 sq.ft. each in Compartments 109 and 110 in Sabine N.F.

Houston County Electric Cooperative 4 Permit Renewals

Proposal to re-issue four special use permits to the Houston County Electric Cooperative authorizing the use of existing power line rights-of-way across the Davy Crockett National Forest located in various locations of Houston and Trinity Counties.

Kidhaw Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

Proposal to improve habitat for various wildlife species, including the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, through thinning, prescribe burning, midstory removal, control of non-native invasive plants, and planting of native grasses.

SM Energy Company Gas Pipeline Special Use Permit

SMEC has submitted an application for a gas pipeline right-of-way across national forest system land (1700 feet x 20 feet) to carry gas from a federal well located on private property to an existing pipeline.

Strong Community Cemetery Association Special Use Permit Reissuance

Strong Community Cemetery Association wishes to renew their Special Use Permit for a cemetery, chapel yard and parking lot.

TPF II East texas gathering, LLC - Newfield-Huxley Gas Pipeline Special use Permit

12 inch gas pipeline right-of-way adjacent to FM 2694 on the Sabine NF

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Prescribed Burning in Compartments 2, 3, 22, 23, and 24

4,495 acres of prescribed burning for RCW habitat improvement.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Prescribed Burning in Compartments 31, 34, 35, 45, and 68

4,722 acres of prescribed burning for RCW habitat improvement.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Prescribed Burning in Compartments 96, 100, 102, 105, and 107

4,905 acres of prescribed burning for RCW habitat improvement.

On Hold

MIS Plan Amendment

The NFGT would revise the current list of Management Indicator Species in order to gather better data on the effects of Forest managment on plant and animal species.

Ratcliff Lake Dam repair

Repair of the Ratcliff Lake dam and spillway in the Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area, Houston County, Texas

RP Small Crockett Pipeline Special Use

Proposal for a special use permit to construct a pipeline to transport hydrocarbons collected from a well located east of Compartment 71 of the Sam Houston National Forest, to an already existing pipeline in Compartment 72.

San Jacinto First Thinning Project

The thinning of 4,200 acres of young pine plantations.

Sandy Creek Project

Watershed EA consists of commerical pine thinning, longleaf pine restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, road work, NNIPS, midstory removal


Enbridge G&P (East Texas) L.P. - South Haynesville Expansion Extension Project Gas Pipeline ROW

24 inch natural gas pipeline right-of-way is being proposed on the Sabine NF adjacent to an exisitng piepeline right-of-way.

SK San Jacinto 2-D Seismic Survey

Proposal to conduct about 1.3 miles of two-dimensional seismic survey to determine potential underlying hydrocarbon deposits in Compartment 84.

Tekxon USA # 1 & 2 Wells

Proposal to drill 2 wells on a 5-acre pad in Compartment 116.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.