Project planning follows Forest Service regulations (36 CFR 220), which are based on and are consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations, and USDA regulations. For those not familiar with NEPA or the CEQ regulations, CEQ published a 45-page Citizens Guide that provides information on how citizens can get involved.

National Forests In Texas Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Fort Trinidad 3-D Seismic Survey

Propose to issue a temporary permit to CGG who has contracted Geokinetics to conduct a 3-D seismic survey in compartments 62, 95, 63, 64, 65, 39, 68, 69, 72, 73, 74, and 85 of the Davy Crockett National Forest in Houston and Trinity county.

Jasper-Newton Electric Cooperative Special Use Permit Amendment

This project is to add additional powerline to provide electrical service to a private property that is landlocked by National forest System land.

Sam Houston Multi-use and Equestrian Trails

New construction of a 25 mile looped trail system with 2 trailheads, including 3 miles of motorized trail and 22 miles of non-motorized equestrian trail.

Under Analysis

Boy Scouts of America - Camp Strake

To provide new road and utility access to a private tract recently acquired by the Boy Scouts of America to serve as the new Camp Strake facility. Project will include: decommissioning Hines Lake Rd., adding 3 phase electric and upgrading NFSR 2099.

Century Link Special Use Permit Transfer

Proposal to issue new Special Use Permit to Century Link for 16 miles of communications lines which were previously permitted to Sprint.

DCP Southern Hills, LLC Pipeline Permit

Proposal to to issue a special use permit for an already existing interstate liquid gas pipeline

East Group Pine First Thinnings

Pine first thinning in stands less than approximately 35 years old within Compartments 27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,47,48,49,50,54,55,56 and 59.

Lynch Creek

Habitat/vegetation management for the restoration of Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

North Zavalla First Thinning

Pine first thinning in stands 20-40 years old in compartments 44,45,46,47, and 50 on the Angelina National Forest.

San Jacinto First Thinning Project

The thinning of 4,200 acres of young pine plantations.

Sandy Creek Project

Watershed EA consists of commerical pine thinning, longleaf pine restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, road work, NNIPS, midstory removal

SRA Recreation Area Capital Improvements and Maintenance Project

The Sabine River Authority as part of their obligations under their recently re-issued Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license, is proposing to implement a plan involving improvements to 4 recreation areas on the Sabine NF.

TxDot Bridge Replacement FM 227

TxDot is requesting the expansion of the existing Right-of-Way to construct a new bridge to allow passage of through traffic while the existing bridge is replaced.

Wes Horton Private Road Special Use Permit

access road to access private property.

Analysis Completed

Compartment 112 Longleaf Pine Restoration Project

Create and improve wildlife habitat by restoring and sustaining a functioning longleaf pine community in Compartment 112.

Suppression of Southern Pine Beetle Infestations in Wildernesses in the National Forests in Texas.

The National Forests in Texas proposes to suppress southern pine beetle infestations in the five wilderness areas: Big Slough, Little Lake Creek, Indian Mounds, Turkey Hill and Upland Island when necessary to protect adjacent private property.

XTO Energy Inc. Indus-Volga Gas Pipeline Special Use Permit

XTO is drilling a federal mineral well on Private surface however, the pipeline for the well will need to cross 269 feet of National Forest System land.

On Hold

Cooper Road Access Permit

Issuance of a Special Use Permit for the use of a closed Forest Service administrative road measuring 4,094 feet long with a width of 30 feet, totaling 2.8 acres.

Houston County Electric Cooperative Permit Proposals

Houston County Electric Coop has proposed moving 3 existing power lines to new routes that would decrease their overall environmental impact, decrease safety hazards associated with fire, and allow better management of these lines.

Midsouth 101 Special Use Permit Renewal

Proposal to combine and re-issue three Special Use Permits for approximately 25.75 miles of already existing powerlines to Mid-South Synergy. The lines provide service to multiple private land inholdings in several compartments and two counties.

Timberwood Management Corp., c/o Voyager Group Ltd. Road Access Permit

Issuance of a Special Use Permit for the use of NFSR 526 located in Compartment 7 of the Davy Crockett NF. The road is located approximately 8 miles northwest of Kennard, TX.


Hazard Tree Removal Environmental Assessment

Salvage of trees in administrative sites, in recreation areas, along roads, trails, and boundary lines.

Townsend Recreation Area Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissue a permit to the San Augustine County Judge for the operation of Townsend Recreation Area. Existing permit has expired.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.