Management of the Tongass National Forest follows the guidance of the Tongass Land Management Plan, first completed in 1979 and most recently modified in 2008. The plan incorporates an adaptive management strategy, and has been reviewed and amended a number of times over the years. Forest Plan updates reflect changing conditions, information and requirements, to provide for long-term resource sustainability as well as the economic and social needs of the public.

Projects are planned, with help from stakeholders, to foster the continued health of the forest and to provide commodities and experiences to people who depend on, live surrounded by, and visit our largest national forest, as well as people throughout the nation.

Proposed projects are listed quarterly by ranger district in which they will take place. Projects in the planning process all have contact people to help you participate if you so wish. Some also post draft documents for review. Please contact the appropriate district office to be added to mailing lists or otherwise involved in their plans.

Once decisions have been made, they are posted. Decisions on appeals of district-level projects are also posted, as are decisions on appeals of forest-level appeals.

To view our Appeals Responses, please visit the Forest Service Appeal Response page for the Tongass National Forest.

To view our Objection Responses, please visit the Forest Service Objection Response page for the Tongass National Forest.

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Tongass National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

ADFG Tent Platform CE

Approval of special use permit for new tent platform in Stikine-LeConte Wilderness.

Anan Trail Reconstruction

Upgrade a portion of the trail to 4-5ft wide gravel surface. Includes an approximately 900' section between the viewing deck and high water in the lagoon. The purpose is to accomodate new toilet facility at the deck, but will also improve access.

Deer Lake Coho Rearing Facility Permit Re-Issuance (NSRAA)

Re-issue special use permit for coho rearing facility- run by NSRAA

Hidden Falls Fish Hatchery Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Re-Issue of special use permit for a salmon hatchery run by Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association.

Shoreline II Outfitter and Guide Management Plan

This project will determine recreation use levels for saltwater-based outfitters and guides on the Admiralty National Monument, Hoonah, Juneau, and Sitka Ranger Districts. A Proposed Action will be developed to allocate service days to outfitter and guide use.

Sitka Smoke House Project

Issue a new special use permit to the Sitka Tribe of Alaska for the construction and use of a traditional Tlingit Smokehouse for Tribal use and educational purposes.

Thomas Bay Integrated Timber Sale

Timber harvest, young-growth treatments, wildlife enhancement, and restoration activities.

Under Analysis

Anan Management Plan Update

10-year review of current visitor management practices at the Anan Wildlife Observatory. Project will examine new management strategies to address known issues including high commercial visitor demand and available access by non-commercial visitors.

Angoon Airport Project

The FAA is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to consider alternatives to, and impacts of constructing a new land-based commercial airport near the City of Angoon. The FAA is the lead agency and the USFS is a cooperator per an MOU.

Bay of Pillars Water Transmission Line Special Use Permit

Issue a special use permit to Alaskan Experiences, LLC for a 1 inch diameter x 300 foot long above ground water transmission line associated with a floating lodge at Bay of Pillars, Kuiu Island.

Cannon Beach Day-Use Area Improvements Project

The shelter is rotting and will be replaced with a larger structure. Outdoor seating and tables will be placed between the shelter and pavilion. The barrels from the two cannons will be reattached. Site signage will be improved and updated.

Davidson Creek Falls Fish Passage

Deepen current jump pool at river right of Davidson Creek Falls and create a series of jump pools at river left os Davidson Creek Falls using blasting methods.

Dog Salmon Wildlife Viewing Area Enhancement Project

Enhance wildlife viewing opportunities at the existing Dog Salmon Wildlife Viewing Area by improving the surface and circulation of the parking area, installing a vault toilet, installing interpretive kiosk and redesigning the viewing platform.

Kake-Petersburg Intertie

Determine the final location for a power transmission line between the communities of Petersburg and Kake.

Kensington Gold Project 2014 Surface Exploration Work Plan

Coeur Alaska is proposing a helicopter supported exploration program involving drilling, geochemical sampling, geophysical surveying, and geologic mapping.

Kosciusko Vegetation Management Project

Harvest an estimated 200 acres of old-growth, and various treaments of 6,000 acres of young-growth, in support of the Tongass NF timber sale program and to meet Forest Plan objectives.

Kruzof Integrated Resource Project EA

Watershed & Fisheries enhancement, riparian, wildlife, & timber stand improvement thinning.

Kruzof Island Outfitter Guide EA

To determine the amount of recreation use that the Mud Bay and Eagle River road systems can accommodate, and then decide how much should be allocated to commercial use.

Lake Osprey Hydropower, Little Port Walter NMFS Marine Station Special Use Permit

Issue new special use permit for re-construction and use of an existing hydropower facility at Little Port Walter NMFS Marine Station

Lena Beach Recreation Area Renovation

To address concerns and improve the site: pave and change the road to one-way, add parking, install gates, reconstruct 5 shelters, add accessible trails, replace outhouses, improve fish passage, and add other recreation amenities. Please join us for a PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE on this project on March 10, 2014, 5:30-7:30 pm at the Juneau Ranger District Office, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road. Agenda: Brief presentations at 5:30 and 6:30, time for questions and answers, and write or drop off comments.

Lower Portage Fishpass Maintenance

Cracked/broken section of Lower Portage Fishpass concrete diversion wall will be removed and replaced with new diversion wall section in same location. Footprint is 8.3 sq ft. Approximately 1.5 cubic yds of concrete will be used.

Luck Creek Restoration

This project would consist of tree harvest and placement of trees in Luck Creek tributaries to rehabilitate and improve aquatic habitat.

Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area Planning

JRD is reviewing year-round recreation use by both independent and guided visitors within the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area in order to update and revise its commercial capacity allocation.

Mitkof Island

Authorize a small sales program on Mitkof Island that includes timber harvest, firewood cutting and salvage.

Navy Timber Sale

Timber Harvest and Road Construction.

Oyster Farms Permit Renewal 2015-2019

Authorize the continuation of multi-year special use permits for upland facilities related to two mariculture operations.

Petersburg Ranger District Pre-commercial Thinning Project 2015

Precommercial tree thinning of approx 6,651 acres of young-growth stands. Stands are 19-36 yrs old and will be thinned to 14,16 or 18 ft spacing. Some south aspect stands may include pruning, canopy gaps or leave strips to improve wildlife habitat.

Saddle Lakes Timber Sale

The proposed action would harvest almost 33 million board feet (MMBF) of timber on about 2,613 acres and would construct up to 18 miles of road (9 mi NFS system and 9 mi temporary road).

Sal Creek Cabin and Trail EA

Construct a young growth cabin and access trail in the Sal Creek area.

Soule River Hydro-investigative Surveys

Soule Hydro LLC to complete physical and biological surveys on the Soule River watershed to investigate the feasibility of the Soule River Hydro Project FERC P-13528-001

South Mitkof Wildlife Service Contract

The objective of this proposal is to treat up to 870 acres of young-growth stands (219 acres of state land and 651 acres of USFS land) on Mitkof Island to benefit deer. A variety of treatment options are being considered.

Tongass National Forest Sustainable Cabin Management Project

The Tongass is proposing to remove nine cabins and convert or replace three cabins to survival shelters to help move toward a sustainable recreation cabin program.

Treadwell Ditch Trail Bridge Replacement

Replacement/construction of 38 bridges on Treadwell Ditch Trail, construction of two reroutes and one section of gravel tread. Please join us for a PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE on this project on March 10, 2014, 5:30-7:30 pm at the Juneau Ranger District Office, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road. Agenda: Brief presentations at 5:30 and 6:30, time for questions and answers, and write or drop off comments.

Two temporary sawmills at False Island and Corner Bay.

Re-issue special use permits to operate portable sawmill facilities for log sorting, storing, processing, drying, and finishing timber at two sort yards. Project purpose is to support the economy of Southeast Alaska.

West Glacier Spur Road Area Enhancements

To improve the site and safety: add parking, install a gate, build a 0.4 mile non-motorized trail to separate traffic, construct a spur trail to the lake, install a six-hole vault outhouse to serve heavy summer use, and install signs. Please join us for a PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE on March 10, 2014, 5:30-7:30 pm at the Juneau Ranger District Office, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road. Agenda: Brief presentations at 5:30 and 6:30, time for questions and answers, and write or drop off comments.

Windfall Harbor Shelter Rehabilitation EA

Move historic CCC shelter 34' closer to the beach to restore it to original setting. Replace and/or repair structural elements, slow its deterioration and provide separation from a brown bear trail which is close to the shelter's current location.

Wrangell Island Project EIS

Develop/implement multi-year project involving a variety of timber harvest, road construction, forest restoration and enhancement.

Zarembo Minerals Investigation 2014-2015 Plan of Operation

Zarembo Minerals Company, LLC, has filed a Plan of Operations for July 2014 through 2015 for surface drilling and exploration and winter storage of equipment. Due to economic recession, they did not complete anticipated work prior to this time

Analysis Completed

2012 Surface Exploration Plan of Operations, Bokan Mountain REE Project, Prince of Wales Island, AK

This project is the NEPA review of the 2012 Surface Exploration Plan of Operations, for the Bokan Mountain Rare earth Element (REE) Project on Prince of Wales Island, AK.

2013 Marx Creek Habitat Enhancement

Improve existing spawning and rearing conditions for chum/coho salmon in upper Marx Creek. Activities include raising water temperature, creating shallow water habitat, and ultimately increasing the number of chum/coho salmon produced by Marx Creek.

2014 Wrangell Ranger District Timber Stand Improvement

Precommercial thinning treatments to occur in formerly harvested timber units. Project will reduce the stocking of trees to adjust stand density, species composition, and structural diversity.

Alaska Power and Telephone Communication Use Lease Amendment

Alaska Power Telephone applied for an amendment to upgrade their communication facility at High Mt on Gravina Island, near Ketchikan, AK.

Bell Island Geothermal Leases SPEIS

The proposed action is for a consent determination for the BLM to issue three leases in the Tongass National Forest (TNF) and for the BLM to issue the leases to the geothermal lease applicant.

Big Thorne EIS

The Big Thorne EIS is a multi-year timber sale component of a larger stewardship effort which will include restoration and enhancement stewardship activities that will be identified through other environmental analyses.

Bohemia Basin Trail and Recreation Improvements

Improve an existing recreation site by converting a 2.3 mile closed road to a hiking/pedestrian trail; constructing or developing two tent sites, and clearing brush and trees from the existing 3-sided shelter site.

Cascade Creek Trail Reconstruction

The reroute and reconstruction of approximately 0.5 miles of the Cascade Creek Trail, originating at saltwater.

FAA Communications Facility on Kuiu Island

Issue a special use permit to the FAA to install communications facilities at Kuiu Island. Facilities proposed include: 26' x 10' x 15' tall solar frame with solar panels; 6' x 8' x 17' tall equipment shelter; 20' x 20' helicopter landing pad.

Fields, William Isolated Cabin at Lake Anna

Re-issue a 5-year permit to use and maintain an isolated cabin

Hecla Greens Creek Mine Proposed Tailings Expansion

Analyze Greens Creek's proposal to expand the existing tailings facility.

Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company 2014 Surface Exploration Plan

Hecla Greens Creek Mining company proposes to conduct helicopter-supported surface exploration activities including core drilling and a temporary radio repeater station. A maximum of 15 sites out of 26 proposed drill sites will be utilized in 2014.

Ketchikan Public Utilities (KPU) Communication Use Lease Amendment

KPU has applied for an amendment to upgrade their communication facility on High Mountain on Gravina Island.

Ketchikan-Misty Fiords Ranger District Outfitter/Guide Management Plan

This project will determine recreation use levels for outfitters and guides on the Ketchikan-Misty Fiords Ranger District. The Proposed Action would allocate approximately 54,000 service days to outfitter and guide use

Luck Lake and Sarkar Lake Day Use Improvement Project

Day use areas at Luck Lake and Sarkar Lake are in need of repairs, updates and improvements. The Alaska Forest Highway Program has provided funds to accomplish improvement projects at these sites.

Martin Parking Lot in Sitka CE

Re-issue special use permit to maintain a driveway and parking lot in sitka.

Meteorological Testing Wrangell Light and Power

Collection of wind data that may include installation of a short meteorological tower with instruments for approximately two years.

Misty Fjords Drinking Water CE

Re-issue special use permit to draw artesian well water for commercial use from well at Starrigavan recreation area.

North Fork Lake Dam SUP

The City of Craig proposes to increase the storage capacity at the existing water storage site by raising the existing dam up to 6 feet.

Reissue an existing Private Road Easement that expires on December 31, 2013

Reissue Private Road Easement to Bear Slough Crossing Group, Inc. to authorize use and maintenance of an existing road for access to private property.

Reissue special use permit for fisheries research at Salmon Lake

issue special use permit for the operation and maintenance of facilities associated with fisheries research ( Tent platform, outhouse, skiff, weir).

Temsco helicopter refueling station at False Island

Re-issuance of a 5 year permit to maintain a helicopter landing and refueling station at False Island

Wrangell - Petersburg Weed Management Project

Project proposes to treat weed infestations on Wrangell and Petersburg Districts through various means including manual, mechanical and chemical treatments.

On Hold

Berg Bay Cabin Replacement

Replace existing A-frame cabin and toilet with new, regionally approved cabin and toilet.

EC Phillips Shoreties

Special Use Permit renewal for shoreties.

Kahli Cove SUP

Special use permit for upland uses in support of an existing mariculture lease. Upland uses include shoreties, water line, satellite dishes, and an existing foot trail.

Naukati Timber Sale

This project is proposing 40 MMBF of old growth timber harvest from the existing road system in accordance with TTRA and other applicable laws.

Port Snettisham Iron Ore Project 2013 Plan of Operations

The 2013 Plan of Operations for surface exploration activities at the Port Snettisham Iron Ore Project proposes helicopter-supported core drilling at nine sites and a temporary camp.

Salmon Lake Trail Reconstruction

Reconstruct 5.9 miles of Salmon Lake Trail to eliminate deferred Maintenance.

Sea Otter Cabin Site Assessment

Determine location to erect Sea Otter public use recreational log cabin.

West Glacier Trailhead Improvements

Proposed improvements at West Glacier Trailhead include vault toilets (4 holes total),a shelter at the commercial launch area, new trailhead sign, a new gate to and an access trail from the commercial launch area

Yakutat Access Travel Management Plan Revision

Revise Yakutat Ranger District Access Travel Management Plan (originally signed in May 2008). Consider additional roads and/or trails to be designated as open for public use

Yakutat Ranger District Carrying Capacity Analysis

The Yakutat Ranger District (YRD) is in the process of determineing the recreation visitor capacity for the district. The main purpose is to provide a rationale to guide decision-making for allocating outfitter and guide use across the district.


FAA Harris River Pass Aviation Camera

Install a 100' tower to support a weather observation camera to improve avaition safety in the Harris River Pass.

Falls Creek Salvage

Proposes the salvage of approximately 7 acres of blown-down timber in the Falls Creek Windthrow Botanical Area, within the Special Interest Area LUD. Limited harvest of green trees would occur to facilitate harvest operations.

Gravelly Creek Trail Extension EA

Extension of trail from Gravelly Creek at Thorne River to Falls Creek.

Harbor Mountain/Gavin Hill Trail Obliteration

Obliterate and rehabilitate 2700 LF of the Gavin Hill end of the trail.

Lunch Creek Trail Reconstruction

Add surfacing and drainage structures, with possible short sections of realignment, to the natural tread sections of Lunch Creek Trail from mile 0.67 to the end at mile 4.1 to reduce vegetation impacts.

Peril Straits Timber Salvage Sale

Small timber sale to salvage blowdown trees in the False Island, Hanus Bay and Appleton areas.

Peterson Lake Trail Maintenance

Trail maintenance will harden muddy sections of trail over the entire 4.2 mile length of the trail from the road to the cabin. Work will include drainage repair to move water off the tread. FAA (3)

Re-issuance of permit authorizing support of a floating lodge at False Island

Re-issue a Special Use Permit to authorize storage, water transmission lines, and other improvements to support the operations of a floating lodge and guide service at False Island.

Redoubt Lake Cabin Replacement

Replace A-Frame cabin with a Region 10 approved pan abode style cabin, due to deferred maintenance backlog and rot in the floor and roof supports

Special Use Permit application for temporary facilities for the taking of fish and wildlife

Response to an application filed for a temporary tent frame structure for customary and traditional uses for non-commercial hunting, fishing and trapping.

Special Use Permit reissuance for a pre-ANILCA cabin

Reissuing a permit to an individual to replace and then continue to use and occupy under the conditions described in ANILCA 1303(b) a pre-ANILCA cabin for the purpose of non-recreational use on National Forest System lands

Tenakee Springs Indian River Road, Coffee Cove Trail, LTF Access

Ensure access for the City of Tenakee Springs and the general public to support hydroelectric power production, recreation, subsistence, free use, firewood, and trapping

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.