Management of the Tongass National Forest follows the guidance of the Tongass Land Management Plan, first completed in 1979 and most recently modified in 2008. The plan incorporates an adaptive management strategy, and has been reviewed and amended a number of times over the years. Forest Plan updates reflect changing conditions, information and requirements, to provide for long-term resource sustainability as well as the economic and social needs of the public.

Projects are planned, with help from stakeholders, to foster the continued health of the forest and to provide commodities and experiences to people who depend on, live surrounded by, and visit our largest national forest, as well as people throughout the nation.

Proposed projects are listed quarterly by ranger district in which they will take place. Projects in the planning process all have contact people to help you participate if you so wish. Some also post draft documents for review. Please contact the appropriate district office to be added to mailing lists or otherwise involved in their plans.

Once decisions have been made, they are posted. Decisions on appeals of district-level projects are also posted, as are decisions on appeals of forest-level appeals.

To view our Appeals Responses, please visit the Forest Service Appeal Response page for the Tongass National Forest.

To view our Objection Responses, please visit the Forest Service Objection Response page for the Tongass National Forest.

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Tongass National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Continuation of Mineral Exploration Project on Woewodski Island

Short-term (1 year or less) geophysical investigations and their incidental support activities.

Ideal Cove Trail Reconstruction

Re-route and reconstruct Ideal Cove Trail.

Raven Trail Reconstruction Phase 2

Re-route and reconstruct a 3-mile section of the Raven Trail.

Sunnahae Mountain Trail

Reconstruction of the Sunnahae Mountain Trail to improve and provide safe access.

Under Analysis

2014 Kensington Fuel Depot

Coeur Alaska requests authorization for Petro Marine to install a bulk fuel depot at the Kensington Mine to replace current iso-container fuel system.

Angoon Airport Project

The FAA is preparing an EIS to consider alternatives and impacts of constructing a new land-based commercial airport near the City of Angoon. The FAA is the lead agency and the USFS is a cooperator per an MOU. The FAA will issue a FEIS without a ROD

Angoon-Mitchell Bay Outfitter and Guide Environmental Assessment

This project aims to strike a balance between subsistence use resources, wilderness resources, tourism, and the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA), Section 506 (a)(3)(E).

ATV/OHV Usage for Powerline Maintenance

Southeast Alaska Power Agency is proposing the use of ATV/OHV in closed areas, including roads and powerline right of ways for powerline maintenance.

Boom Chain Timber Sale

To manage the timber resources and provide an opportunity for small logging companies and sawmill to obtain timber. Harvest approximately 200 thousand board feet of timber from about 60 acres using existing roads.

Cannon Beach Day-Use Area Improvements Project

The shelter is rotting and will be replaced with a larger structure. Outdoor seating and tables will be placed between the shelter and pavilion. The barrels from the two cannons will be reattached. Site signage will be improved and updated.

Commercial Set gill-net salmon fish camp cabin request in the Italio-Akwe River area

Two commercial set gill-net salmon fish camp cabin request in the Italio-Akwe area. One at the confluence of the Italio River and the Akwe River, a 20'x25'x16'. The other along the Middle Italio River, a 12'20'16.

Dangerous River Boat Launch

The purpose of this project is to provide better and safer access to the Dangerous River and up into Harlequin Lake for recreation, subsistence and commercial fishing. Additional parking and turn around space and an outhouse will also be included.

Dog Salmon Wildlife Viewing Area Enhancement Project

Enhance wildlife viewing opportunities at the existing Dog Salmon Wildlife Viewing Area by improving the surface and circulation of the parking area, installing a vault toilet, installing interpretive kiosk and redesigning the viewing platform.

East Ohmer Creek Restoration

Propose instream and floodplain restoration on approximately 0.2 mile of East Ohmer Ck and 0.4 mile of Lumpy Ck, one of its tributaries. Construct wood structures for pool creation and cover. Perform maintenance on currently excavated rearing ponds.

Greens Creek 2016 Surface Exploration

Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company plans to conduct a single-season surface exploration program in 2016. Activities include reconnaissance and geological mapping, geochemical sampling, and drilling. A maximum of six (6) drill pads will be utilized.

Improvements for Neck Lake & El Capitan Cave Roads EA

Project analyzes potential improvements to the existing 20.5 miles of road north of the Neck Lake junction. Project runs east to Whale Pass seaplane base and north to El Cap parking lot.

Kake to Petersburg Transmission Line Intertie Project

Determine location for a power transmission line between the communities of Petersburg and Kake. No new roads would be constructed.

Kensington 2016 exploration.

Coeur Alaska, Kensington Mine proposes to drill 19 exploration sites. This is a one year or less project.

Kosciusko Vegetation Management and Watershed Improvement Project

Manage roughly 1,500 acres of young-growth for multiple resource objectives and harvest an estimated 75 acres of old-growth, to meet Forest Plan objectives and assist in the transition to a young-growth industry.

Man Made Hole Stream Channel Maintenance

This project proposes to re-excavate a channel that connects a tributary of Blind River to the pond at Man Made Hole. Currently, the flow into the pond has been reduced due to natural deposition of sand and gravel in the channel.

Saddle Lakes Timber Sale

The proposed action would harvest almost 30 million board feet (MMBF) of timber on about 2,207 acres using cable, shovel, and helicopter logging systems; and would construct up to 16 miles of NFS system and temporary road.

Seal Creek Rock Pit

Expand existing rock pit up to ten acres and 250,000 tons of aggregate material.

Shoreline II Oufitter/Guide (formerly Shoreline II Outfitter and Guide Management Plan)

This project will determine recreation use levels for saltwater-based outfitters and guides on the Admiralty N. M., Hoonah, Juneau, and Sitka Ranger Districts. A Proposed Action will be developed to allocate service days to outfitter/guide use.

Sitka Young Growth

Approximately 340 acres of young growth harvest in the False Island and Corner Bay areas, to provide wood products and manage timber for future yields.

Sonar Cabin Replacement Project

Replace deteriorated cabin used by ADF&G for fisheries research on the Stikine River.

Swan Lake Hydroelectric License Amendment Special Use Authorization

FERC prepared an EA to consider the consequences of adding spillway gates on the Swan Lake Dam to raise the lake level and additional 15 feet. This will result in an inundation of 93 acres 26 of which are on National Forest System lands.

Tongass Land and Resource Management Plan Amendment

The Tongass Land Management Plan Amendment supports a transition from old growth harvest to a young growth-based timber program, while preserving natural resources and a viable timber industry. The Amendment also supports renewable energy development

Treadwell Ditch Trail Bridge Replacement

Replacement/construction of 38 bridges on Treadwell Ditch Trail, construction of two reroutes and one section of gravel tread.

Wrangell Island Project EIS

Develop/implement multi-year project involving a variety of timber harvest, road construction, forest restoration and enhancement.

Analysis Completed

Anan Floating Dock

The Wrangell Ranger District proposes to construct a small floating dock in Anan Bay to provide for increased safety for visitors to the Anan Wildlife Observatory. The project includes associated trail improvements and outhouse construction.

Baranof Island Brewing Company Special Forest Products Permit for the Harvest of Spruce Tips

The Sitka Ranger District is proposing to authorize the commercial harvest of 2,000 pounds of spruce tips, with with potential increases after annual review, on US Forest Service lands by the Baranof Island Brewing Co

Eight Fathom Rock Pit

Expand existing rock pit for aggregate material.

Kruzof Island Outfitter Guide EA

To determine the amount of recreation use that the Mud Bay and Eagle River road systems can accommodate, and then decide how much should be allocated to commercial use.

Lena Beach Recreation Area Renovation

To address concerns and improve the site: pave and change the road to one-way, add parking, install gates, reconstruct 5 shelters, add accessible trails, replace outhouses, improve fish passage, and add other recreation amenities.

Margaret Wildlife Observation Enhancements

Improve bear viewing opportunities at the observation site

Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area Planning

JRD is reviewing year-round recreation use by both independent and guided visitors within the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area in order to update and revise its commercial capacity allocation.

Mitkof Island

Project provides units for small timber sales, a one-time predominantly helicopter-based offering with a limited number of ground-based harvest units requiring road construction, and supports a programmatic microsale program on Mitkof Island.

Naha Ramp Replacement

Replace ramp which reaches from the dock to land. Windstorm irreparably damaged old one in 2013, unsafe for use.

Navy Timber Sale

Timber Harvest and Road Construction.

Shelikof Stream Restoration Project. Restore Shelikof Creek through addition of Large Wood.

The intent of this project is restore Shelikof Creek through the installation of Large Wood structures using heavy equipment and helicopter placement. Structures will provide need pool habitat and other channel form features which are missing.

West Glacier Spur Road Area Enhancements

To improve the site and safety: add parking, install a gate, build a 0.4 mile non-motorized trail to separate traffic, construct a spur trail to the lake, install a six-hole vault outhouse to serve heavy summer use, and install signs.

On Hold

Anan Management Plan Update

10-year review of current visitor management practices at the Anan Wildlife Observatory. Project will examine new management strategies to address known issues including high commercial visitor demand and available access by non-commercial visitors.

Berg Bay Cabin Replacement

Replace existing A-frame cabin and toilet with new, regionally approved cabin and toilet.

Deer Lake Coho Rearing Facility Permit Re-Issuance (NSRAA)

Re-issue special use permit for coho rearing facility- run by NSRAA

EC Phillips Shoreties

Special Use Permit renewal for shoreties.

Hidden Falls Fish Hatchery Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Re-Issue of special use permit for a salmon hatchery run by Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association.

Kahli Cove SUP

Special use permit for upland uses in support of an existing mariculture lease. Upland uses include shoreties, water line, satellite dishes, and an existing foot trail.

Lake Osprey Hydropower, Little Port Walter NMFS Marine Station Special Use Permit

Issue new special use permit for re-construction and use of an existing hydropower facility at Little Port Walter NMFS Marine Station

Naukati Timber Sale

This project is still being developed and will change because of new policy and direction. This project will include both young-growth and old-growth management and other non-timber resource activities. Project name will change.

Port Snettisham Iron Ore Project 2013 Plan of Operations

The 2013 Plan of Operations for surface exploration activities at the Port Snettisham Iron Ore Project proposes helicopter-supported core drilling at nine sites and a temporary camp.

Sal Creek Cabin and Trail EA

Construct a cabin with young growth and access trail in the Sal Creek area.

Sea Otter Cabin Site Assessment

Determine location to erect Sea Otter public use recreational log cabin.

Sitka Smoke House Project

Issue a new special use permit to the Sitka Tribe of Alaska for the construction and use of a traditional Tlingit Smokehouse for Tribal use and educational purposes.

Yakutat Access Travel Management Plan Revision

Revise Yakutat Ranger District Access Travel Management Plan (originally signed in May 2008). Consider additional roads and/or trails to be designated as open for public use

Yakutat Ranger District Carrying Capacity Analysis

The Yakutat Ranger District (YRD) is in the process of determineing the recreation visitor capacity for the district. The main purpose is to provide a rationale to guide decision-making for allocating outfitter and guide use across the district.


Gravelly Creek Trail Extension EA

Extension of trail from Gravelly Creek at Thorne River to Falls Creek.

Kosciusko Vegetation Management Project

It was decided to cancel this project and develop the Kosciusko Vegetation Management Watershed Improvement Project as it allowed a strategic management approach to the transition of young-growth while focusing integrated activities on resource needs

West Glacier Trailhead Improvements

Proposed improvements at West Glacier Trailhead include vault toilets (4 holes total),a shelter at the commercial launch area, new trailhead sign, a new gate to and an access trail from the commercial launch area

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.