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Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions details all projects on the Tonto that are scheduled for environmental analysis and decisions. The purpose of this schedule is to provide information regarding the nature and location of proposed projects and their status in the analysis process.

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Appeals Decisions

Administrative Appeal Decision
Forest Service line officers make many resource management decisions each year. Most of these decisions are based upon either an environmental impact statement (EIS) or environmental assessment, and are subject to administrative appeal. Usually, all administrative processes established by the Secretary of Agriculture or required by law must be exhausted before a person may bring a court action associated with planning decisions. There are several different regulations under which appeals may be made. A list of each of these regulations and an explanation of their use can be found at:

How do Appeals Work?

Forest Service Environmental Appeal Responses

Southwestern Region Appeals
Contains Southwestern Region documents identified for inclusion by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2)).

Washington Office Projects & Policies
Visit the Washington Office Projects and Policies page to learn what is new at the National Level of the Forest Service. Features the Process Predicament report.


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Phillips Mines, Mill and Mining Camp Site EE/CA
Tonto National Forest officials are requesting public comment on the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for the Phillips Mines, Mill and Mining Camp Site, located on the Globe Ranger District, Globe, Ariz.  All public comments are due by close of business, Monday, July 15, 2013. The purpose of the EE/CA report is to present a detailed analysis of remediation (cleanup) alternatives that can be used for decision-making.  In addition, the analysis presented in this EE/CA includes discussion of background information, waste characteristics, applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements (ARAR), a risk assessment, and the development and screening of cleanup alternatives.

Tonto National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

AZ Public Service-Salt River Project ROW Vegetation Management with Herbicides

FS must decide if to allow APS and SRP to include using herbicides as a method to manage vegetation on existing APS and SRP transmission ROW within five National Forests in Arizona.

Under Analysis

Activities Connected to the Pinto Valley Mine

The proposed action is a consolidated authorization to extend previously authorized and/or ongoing activities and uses on National Forest System lands, and limited expansion of existing surface uses for ancillary operations.

Bartlett Lake Marina Permit Reissuance

The purpose of this project is to reissue the Special Use Term Permit for Bartlett Lake Marina.

Bighorn Sheep Population Management Project

Authorize the use of helicopters by the Arizona Game and Fish Department to capture, release, translocate, monitor populations, and conduct research of bighorn sheep on the Tonto National FOrest, including wilderness areas.

Board Tree Saddle Mineral Material Source

The Arizona Department of Transportation has proposed to expand the existing 2.3 acre pit to a depth of 30 feet. Material excavated would be used for maintenance of a portion of State Route 288.

Bulldog Canyon Area Unauthorized Uninventoried Route Obliteration Project

The proposal is to obliterate apx 75 miles of unauthorized, uninventoried motorized routes in the Bulldog Canyon Permit Area.


Exchange of private parcels in the A-S, Coronado, Prescott, & Tonto NFs for Federal lands in Pinetop-Lakeside (T9N, R22E). Would provide land for children's camps currently under spec. use permit & result in consolid. of isolated parcels on Forests.

Connor Canyon Mineral Material Source

The Arizona Department of Transportation has proposed to resume use of the existing 4.5 acre mineral material pit, of which 2.5 acres has previously been excavated. Material would be used for maintenance of SR 288 between Reynolds Creek and Young.

Copper King Project

Minerals exploration proposal which includes the use of existing roads for drill site access and some sites accessed by helicopter.

Diamond Rim Grazing Analysis

To develop and implement a single grazing strategy on the Little Green Valley Grazing Complex which is consistent with the Tonto National Forest Land Management Plan, as amended.

Fish Creek Mineral Material Borrow Source

The Arizona Department of Transportation has proposed to reopen and expand the existing Fish Creek Mineral Material borrow pit to obtain mineral materials necessary for the maintenance of State Route 88.

Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive River Management Plan

Creation of a Comprehensive River Management Plan for Fossil Creek as described in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The project is on both the Coconino National Forest and the Tonto National Forest.

Payson RD OHV Management Planning

This projects seek to do the following: Develop OHV staging areas across Payson, prohibit camping within 200' of streams unless designated, and designate an OHV specific campground.

Plan of Operations for Imerys Perlite Mine

Consolidates previous Plan of Operation and Special Use Permit authorizations, including continued operation of existing sedimentation basin; Use of segments of Forest Roads 229, 989, and 2403 for hauling; and mining at two unpatented claims.

Pleasant Valley Northwest Grazing Allotments Analysis

This analysis covers five grazing allotments and will address actions needed to formalize an adaptive management livestock grazing strategy to maintain or move resources toward desired conditions in the project area as in the Tonto NF Plan.

Red Top Project

Minerals exploration proposal including use of existing roads to provide access for drilling.

Resolution Baseline Hydrological & Geotechnical Data Gathering Activities

Resolution Copper Mining, LLC proposes to collect hydrologic, geochemical and geotechnical data in order to provide baseline information on these aspects of the environment over an area being considered for a potential tailings storage site.

Saguaro Lake Marina Permit Reissuance

The purpose of this project is to reissue the Special Use Term Permit for Saguaro Lake Marina.

Sunflower Allotment Environmental Assessment

The Mesa Ranger District is preparing an environmental assessment to develop an adaptive management strategy to reauthorize livestock grazing in a manner which maintains or improves resource conditions on the allotment.

Tonto Basin, 7/K, and Walnut Allotment Management Plans

Update managment plans for three active grazing allotments

Tonto National Forest Motorized Travel Management

The Tonto National Forest is in the process of implementing the Travel Management Rule which calls for establishing a system of roads, trails, and areas designated for motorized vehicle use and determining suitable locations for dispersed camping.

On Hold

Flying V and Flying H Allotment Management Plans

Update and reauthorize two allotment management plans.

Haigler Fuels Analysis

Manage timber and other woody vegetation to help maintain forest health, reduce forest fuels, and improve wildlife habitat and range conditions on approximately 43,435 acres of the Tonto National Forest.

Pinaladera WUI Fuels Management

Fuels reduction on approximately 83,558 acres south of Globe. Area includes the Pinal Mountain Recreation Area.

Red Creek, Six Bar, and Skeleton Ridge Grazing

To improve ecological conditions within three grazing allotments using tools such as adaptive grazing and wildlife habitat improvement and by maintaining or replacing aging structural range improvements such as fences, water developmements.


Little Green Valley Complex Allotment Management Plan

Update Allotment Management Plan for an active grazing allotment.

Material Source 8541, Red Bluff Stockpile Site

Reissuance of Special Use Permit (updated to Mineral Contract for Sale), to ADOT for use of roadway maintenance material source and stockpile site.

Salt River Allotments Vegetative Management EIS

The Tonto National Forest will prepare and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on a proposal to improve ecological conditions within the project area usig tools such as fire and grazing management and to authorize continued livestock grazing.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.