The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is involved in many different projects and planning efforts to ensure responsible management of the Forest. Projects are designed to move toward the desired conditions described in our 2003 Revised Forest Plan. Projects and activities designed for implementation under the revised Forest Plan will be subject to environmental analysis to assure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Examples of site-specific projects include reconstructing developed recreation campgrounds, prescribed burning in the wildland-urban interface, harvesting timber to improve habitat for wildlife, and issuance of special use permits.

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Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Allwest Communications Fiber Optic Line Upgrade

The Forest Service proposes to authorize Allwest Communications to upgrade an existing 525-foot section of copper line with 96-strand fiber optic line. The upgraded line would be installed along the existing copper line, which runs along Highway 150.

Alta Master Development Plan Improvement Projects

Implementation of projects from Alta's Master Development Plan.

Alta Ski Area High Traverse Improvements

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorized Alta Ski Area to make improvements to the High Traverse at the ski area. Currently, the High Traverse quickly gets skied down to expose rocky areas which affects access and safety.

Alta Ski Area Micro-Hydro Electricity Production

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize Alta Ski Area to use existing snowmaking infrastructure from Cecret Lake, and build a small building to generate power using water head-pressure as the lake overflows.

Alta Ski Area Modern Garbage Collection Sytem

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize Alta Ski Area to modify the existing garbage collection area and install a modern garbage collection system.

Alta Ski Area Snowmaking System Improvements

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize snowmaking improvements on Little Dipper and Rollercoaster ski runs. The improvements are anticipated to increase efficiency and decrease maintenance of the system.

Alta Ski Area Supreme Yurt Installation

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize Alta Ski Area to construct a seasonal food and beverage yurt adjacent to challenger ski run.

Alta Ski Area Water Tank Replacement Project

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize Alta Ski Area to replace an aging water storage tank and collection system with a modern collection system and underground tank.

American Fork River armoring project

The Pleasant Grove Ranger District proposes to armor the banks of the American Fork River to minimize the risks of erosion.

Cottonwood Campground Toilet Replacement

Proposal to demolish and remove an existing single unit vault toilet and replace it with a single unit CXT concrete toilet.

Logan Peak Trail

A proponent has requested adding approx. 1.6mi of system trail from Logan Dry Canyon Trail to Logan Peak. Trail was likely constructed by CCC and previously a system trail that was removed. Approximately 50% of the trail would need repairs.

Ogden/Pineview Yacht Club permit reissuance

Reissuance of a permit to the yacht club for a ten year term.

Precipitation Study USU

Utah State University is requesting to conduct research aimed at better understanding the vegetative response to climate change. The proposal involves installation of twelve (12m x12m) "precipitation manipulation shelters" at forest edge sites.

Slate Canyon Knight Springs water development

Proposal from the Utah State Hospital to develop Knight Springs located up Slate Canyon by installing new water pipeline. The project would provide sufficient, high quality drinking water to the patients and residents of the hospital.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Beginner Terrain Enhancement Project

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize Snowbird Ski Area to enhance beginner terrain in the Baby Thunder Area by adding two conveyors, and completing minor grading to the areas around those conveyors.

Soapstone Summer Home #19

Install a septic system and add an addition to the cabin.

Strawberry Bay Recreation Expansion Project

Proposal to upgrade existing facilities and construct new facilities at Strawberry Bay Marina, located at Strawberry Reservoir.

Timpanogos Mine Closure

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest proposes to authorize the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program of the State of Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining to perform mine closure activities on two sites.

UDOT SR210 Avalanche Control Project

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is proposing to authorize Utah Department of Transportation to install five Gazex remote avalanche control systems and one gas control house above SR210 from Mile Post 13.1-13.3.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache N.F. Forest Plan Monitoring Realignment

The UWCNF has begun a process to realign its forest plans with the 2012 Final Planning Rule (see: 36 Code of Federal Regulations 219). In particular, the UWCNF will address the purpose of the monitoring plan program set forth in 36 CFR 219.12(a)(1).

Willard Peak Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project

The State of Utah's Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining proposes to reclaim/close entrances to abandoned mines which pose safety hazards to the public.

Under Analysis

Albion Meadows Trail Reroute

Proposal to reroute the Albion Meadows trail from private property onto Forest Service lands. The rerouted section would be approximately 0.33 miles long and three feet wide. The old trail would be scarified and revegetated using native plants.

Beaver Flow Devices and Beaver Dam Analogues

Proposal by Evanston-Mountain View, Heber-Kamas, and Logan ranger districts to: (1) install beaver deceivers and pond levelers; (2) install Beaver Dam Analogues; (3) trap and translocate nuisance beavers from human conflict areas.

Benmore Allotment Range Improvements

Proposal to pipe stock water to the Ault BLM pasture. The proposed pipeline will be approximately 1.75 miles long and will be attached to an existing stock water pipeline from the Vernon Reservoir.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Pinetree Spring Water System

Proposal to issue a special use permit to the Pinetree community for additional development of a spring to provide an adequate water source to the community.

Big Water Connector Trail

Proposal to construct a connector trail from the Lower Big Water lot in Millcreek Canyon to the overflow parking lot. The proposal is intended to improve public safety by removing the need for users to walk the road.

Blacksmith Fork River Trail

Cache County and the City of Hyrum have proposed the creation of a trail which follows the corridor of a buried waterline. Approximately 1.2 miles of this proposed trail runs across National Forest System lands.

Brighton area sewer project

Big Cottonwood Improvement District proposes an addition to the existing Brighton area sewer system. The addition is needed for compliance with Salt Lake Valley Health Department watershed requirements.

Cascade Springs Picnic Table

Proposal to add an additional picnic tables at Cascade Springs picnic area. Tables will be placed along the first section of trail at the lower parking area, and at the upper parking lot to provide closer access to amenities.

Devils Kitchen toilet replacement

Proposal to replace and relocate the double vault wood toilet located at the trail head to the Devils Kitchen Overlook. Replacement toilet will be located to the west of current toilet.

Dewitt Springs Maintenance/Repairs

Logan City has proposed maintenance projects at their culinary water source, Dewitt Springs: 1)Replace an existing water drain line which has collapsed; 2) Repair bank erosion around Dewitt Springs security fence to allow for fence maintenance.

Dewitt/Bridger Streambank Repairs

Logan City proposes to repair the stream bank just above Bridger Campground in order to protect the pipeline. The bank has eroded and has nearly exposed the city culinary water line and created a hazard on the Forest Service River Trail.

Diamond Fork/Hollows Pasture Boundary Relocation

USFS proposal to relocate the current fence across the river into Hollows Pasture to eliminate damage by cattle to fences at group sites. Fence on the south side of the creek will be removed. Cattle in Diamond Fork Pasture will have access to water.

Dock Flat Pipeline

Proposal to construct a 2.25 mile pipeline connecting the Strawberry Extension Pipeline to a trough at Telephone Hollow. The pipe will be laid in a trench approximately 5 inches by 5 inches.

Echo Picnic Site Hardening

Proposal to pave the two parking areas at the Echo picnic site and build a trail to the restroom. Proposal is intended to provide safer access between the two sites.

Energy Gateway South 500 kV Powerline (EGS)

This proposed 500 kV transmission line is designed to deliver power to Rocky Mountain Power utility costumers in Utah and the intermountain west. Generation sources are located in central Wyoming.

Finch cabin roof redesign

Cabin owner proposal to re-design and re-construct a portion of the cabin's south roof to better support snow load and distribute snow load fall. Owner also proposes to re-shingle the entire roof with fire proof shingles.

Green Canyon Winter Range Restoration

Proposal to restore the slopes within Green Canyon back to a properly functioning condition. Juniper would be removed by hand cutting and the area seeded with browse species to improve the quality and quantity of forage on winter range for mule deer.

High Uintas Wilderness Domestic Sheep Analysis Project (Ashley and UWC National Forests)

This project will evaluate the effects of continued domestic sheep grazing in the High Uintas Wilderness (HUW). There are 10 sheep allotments located on the north and south slopes of HUW and are located in both the Ashley and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NFs.

Kimball Land Exchange

Exchange of National Forest System lands (19.62) for Private Lands (25.11)to consolidate the ownership.

Lambs Canyon Gate Installation

Proposal to install a gate at the junction of I-80 and the Lambs Canyon Road. Closures would be implemented for emergency safety.

Little Valley pipeline reroute

Proposal to route pipelines through a portion of the Little Valley and Sharpes Allotments to deliver water to three troughs on the Bennion Allotment and Vernon Campground. A solar pump will be required.

Loop Springs Trough Relocation

The existing trough would be moved from the dispersed camping site which has grown bigger over the years. The new trough location is approximately 260 feet from the current location.

Mill D #3 cabin addition

Owner proposal to build an addition to accommodate new indoor bathroom. Cabin sewer line will be connected to the new Mill D sewer line to comply with Salt Lake Valley Health Department requirements.

Millcreek Riparian Improvements

Proposal to modify multiple developed recreation sites in Millcreek Canyon that are currently contributing to erosion and sediment in the stream.

Mud Flat Pipeline Reroute

Project would extend a pipeline across mud flat to an existing trough in Willow Creek and add a hydrant to the cow camp.

Nebo Creek Corral

Construct cattle corrals that are approximately 30 by 30 feet of steel panels. The purpose of the corral is to hold cattle at the site until they can be trailered off the Forest.

Packard Trailhead Relocation

Proposal to relocate the Packhard trailhead 0.3 miles up the road to where the current dispersed site is located, re-route the trail to the trailhead, rehabilitate the current trail section and close the trailhead to overnight camping.

Patsey Marley Shrontz Utility Right-of-Way

Proposal to construct a utility right-of-way and widen the existing Albion Basin Road (National Forest System Route (NFSR) 028)to improve access to the proposed Patsey Marley Hill Property and Subdivision.

Red Hollow Water Development

USFS proposal to provide water for existing livestock grazing areas in the Red Hollow and upper Wignal areas. A water powered generator and solar powered generator will be installed to pump water.

Snowbasin Master Development Plan Improvement Projects

Implementation of projects from the Master Development Plan of Snowbasin Ski Area.

Spring Hollow Trail Reroute

The proposal involves constructing a new 0.3 mile section (re-route) of non-motorized trail from the Bridger Look-Off area to the upper group site area of the Spring Hollow Campground. Sections of two other trails will be decommissioned.

Squaw and Streeper Creek Road Relocation Project

Proposal to relocate two roads to improve watershed and riparian health while maintaining motorized vehicle access to Squaw Creek area. Proposal is to move Squaw Creek road out of the RHCA and move Streeper Creek road to a new location.

Staker Relocation Environmental Assessment

The Forest Service proposes to authorize Pacificorp to relocate a 0.5-mile segment of an existing transmission line onto National Forest System lands to avoid excavation activites on private land.

Telephone Hollow and Willow Park Lop and Scatter

Proposal to improve greater sage-grouse habitat by removing trees, which are currently encroaching the sage brush flats and discourage greater sage-grouse from using the area. Project would also improve habitat for deer, elk, moose, and bighorn sheep

Three Creeks Allotment Consolidation

The proposal is to consolidate 10 grazing allotments (5 BLM and 5 FS) into 1 management unit with 20 pastures on BLM and 8 pastures on FS lands.Management would focus on time, timing, frequency, and intensity of livestock grazing on about 143,000 ac.

Tibble Fork Reroute

Proposal to reroute the existing Tibble Fork 041 single track trail from the top of the Tibble Fork dam to the upper slope above the reservoir and connect it to the Mill Canyon Trail #040. Reroute would eliminate switchbacks and increase safety.

Transwest Express 600 kV Direct Current Powerline (TWE)

This proposed 600 kV direct current transmission line is designed to carry renewable energy (primarily wind power) from generation sources in central Wyoming to markets in in the pacific southwest.

UDWR mountain goat capture and collar via helicopter in wilderness

Proposal by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to land helicopters in the Twin Peaks, Lone Peak, and Mount Timpanogos wilderness areas to capture and collar mountain goats.

Upper Falls picnic site pedestrian bridge

Proposal to install a pedestrian bridge that would connect the Upper Falls Picnic Site to the Provo River Parkway.

Vernon ecosystem restoration

Proposal to improve greater sage-grouse habitat, improve spring/fall mule deer habitat and watershed conditions, close non-system roads and trails, remove redundant system roads, and reduce hazardous fuels.

Wasatch Front Winter Range Bitterbrush Augmentation:

Proposal to allow dedicated hunters and sportsman group volunteers to plant Bitterbrush seed (Pursha tridentate) with hand planters along the Wasatch Front.

Welch Land Exchange

Exchange of land between private land owner and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Parcels of equal size will be exchanged to consolidate land ownership which will benefit both the Forest Service and the private land owner.

West Government Fire - Sage-grouse habitat rehabilitation

Project consists of 1,640 acres of one way chain treatment and seeding. Seeding will occur first and the one way chaining will help bury the seed and provide a better seed to soil contact.

Western Smiths Fork Restoration

Project will treat approximately 1,872 acres impacted by the mountain pine beetle epidemic. The project will move this area towards the desired future condition of a more healthy and resilient forest.

Whitney Reservoir Restoration

Recent mortality of spruce trees due to the spruce bark beetle has appeared along the eastern slope adjacent to Whitney Reservoir. Proposed action is to harvest spruce trees (less than 250 acres) in order to control the spread of insects

Whitney Tall Forb Exclosures

Two exclosures will be constructed to compare current livestock grazing and no livestock grazing on tall forb communities to better understand these communities and their true potentials. Vegetation monitoring will occur every 5-10 yrs or as needed.

Wildlife and livestock pond development

The Forest Service proposes to develop four ponds that would benefit both wildlife and livestock. Two new ponds would be created, and a ditch and water bars along a closed logging road would be modified o catch water.

Wildlife Buffer Regeneration

The Forest Service proposes to treat 238 acres of dead lodgepole pine around goshawk nests to hasten regrowth of trees. Dead pine would be lopped and scattered by hand with chainsaws. No live trees would be cut. No soil disturbance would occur.

Analysis Completed

Battle Creek Canyon Culinary Water Pipeline Project

Replacing and realigning portions of the Battle Creek Canyon culinary water pipeline to decrease the risk of contamination. Approximately 12.0 acres of the Mt. Timpanogos inventoried roadless area would be affected.

Donut Falls new trail extension

Proposal to construct an extension of the Donut Falls Trail from the Donut Falls Trailhead to just before the bridge at the Cardiff Fork Trailhead.

NEON Domain 15 Project in Utah

The NEON research sites include the construction, maintenance, and operation of ecological observation and experiment stations within w/in Red Butte RNA to study land use, invasive species, and urban effects for 10-15 years.

Ogden Ranger District Travel Plan Revision Supplemental EIS

The Ogden Ranger District is preparing a supplemental EIS in response to a March 7, 2012 court order instructing the Forest Service to address deficiencies in the previous EIS and record of decision for the Ogden Travel Plan.

Platte Petroleum Environmental Assessment

Burnett Oil Company has submitted an application for permit to drill a test well. The Forest Service will analyze impacts on surface resources. The Bureau of Land Management will be a cooperating agency and will analyze subsurface impacts

Roughneck Vegetation Restoration Project

The UWCNF proposes: 3,369 acres of stand clearcut with leave trees; 2,770 acres of two-aged stand clearcut with reserves; 0.75 miles of new specified road construction; 46.7 miles of temporary road construction; and 15.2 miles of temporary road use.

Tibble Fork Dam

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is proposing to fund rehabilitation of the Tibble Fork Dam in the American Fork Canyon of northern Utah County, Utah. It is located 10 miles north east of the city of Alpine, UT.

On Hold

Bountiful Lions Gun Range permit renewal

The Bountiful Lions Gun Range is operated by the Bountiful Lions Club of Bountiful, and operates under a special use permit, originally issued in 1959, that will expire at the end of 2013. The Gun Club has submitted an application to renew the permit

White Rock, Millville, and Providence Allotments

Proposal is to authorize the continuance of grazing on the White Rock, Millville, and Providence Allotments.


Farmington City Water Storage Tank Special Use Permit

Farmington City is proposing to construct a water storage tank to include within their current special use permit

Nephi/Payson Allotment Fence

Reconstruct approximately ΒΌ mile of fence between the Nephi and Payson Allotments. A portion of the fence will be relocated out of trees and snow areas to better maintain after reconstruction.

Patch Springs Fire Rehabilitation

In August 2013 the Patch Springs wildfire burned 31,010 acres on the Southwest Side of the Stansbury Mountain Range in Tooele County Utah.The State DWR proposes to treat approx. 2,100 acres of NFS land by aerially seeding and chaining.

Snowbasin GAZEX proposal

Snowbasin Ski Resort proposes to install two GAZEX exploders and an accompanying shelter in the Strawberry area that would improve avalanche control. The proposed site is within the current permit boundary. Work would be done by hand and helicopter.

Uinta Express Pipeline Project

The proposed action includes a 12-inch buried carbon steel pipeline approximately 135 miles long and ancillary facilities. Approximately 14 miles of the pipeline would be on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

Uinta Highlands Reservoir

The Uinta Highlands Improvement District proposes to rebuild its culinary water reservoir #3. The reservoir is located on private land owned by the improvement district. Portions of the pipeline and access road are on NFS land.

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