The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is involved in many different projects and planning efforts to ensure responsible management of the Forest. Projects are designed to move toward the desired conditions described in our 2003 Revised Forest Plan. Projects and activities designed for implementation under the revised Forest Plan will be subject to environmental analysis to assure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Examples of site-specific projects include reconstructing developed recreation campgrounds, prescribed burning in the wildland-urban interface, harvesting timber to improve habitat for wildlife, and issuance of special use permits.

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Uinta Oil and Gas Leasing EIS

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is conducting an environmental analysis of National Forest System lands with Federal mineral rights on the Uinta National Forest with the intent of identifying lands that could be made available for oil and gas leasing, and what conditions (stipulations) would be applied if these lands were offered for lease.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Santaquin WUI

The USFS and the UDWR are proposing to improve undesirable fuel conditions within the Santaquin canyon area.

Tie Fork Stream Crossing

Project will improve seven (7) stream crossings by either installing culverts or rock armoring the approaches and stream crossing in an effort to reduce sediment and erosion.

Upper Wolverine Trail Reroute

The Forest Service proposes to reroute a portion of the Upper Wolverine Trail to reduce the erosive impacts that have occurred via the existing trail in the years following the East Fork fire.

Under Analysis

Albion Basin Trail Reroutes

The SLRD, with Alta Ski Area and the CCF, is proposing to reroute 2 trails in Albion Basin. The 2 reroutes seek to improve legal access, sustainability, & safety for FS Trails: the Albion Meadows & Devils Castle Loop Trail

Albion Campground / Cecret Lake Trailhead Turnaround

The Salt Lake Ranger District is proposing to construct a short road spur in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon between Albion Basin Road campground entrance and Cecret Lake Trailhead parking lot to serve as a traffic turnaround.

Alta MDP Corkscrew modifications

Alta is proposing to widen the Corkscrew and address erosion issues in Nina%u2019s Curve ski runs, consistent with their goal of maintaining two summer groomed runs top to bottom off each detachable lift to provide reasonable low snow skiing.

Alta Ski Area Fiber Optic/DAS Communication Use Lease

Alta is proposing to install and operate (under a communications use lease) a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) comprised of seven cellular nodes and accompanying fiber optic cable within its permitted boundary.

Ault Forest Boundary Fence

The proposed action is to build a 0.75 mile of new fence along the Forest Service and BLM boundary. The fence will be a 4-strand barbed wire fence.

Bountiful Lions Gun Range permit renewal

The Bountiful Lions Gun Range is operated by the Bountiful Lions Club of Bountiful, and operates under a special use permit, originally issued in 1959, that will expire at the end of 2013. The Gun Club has submitted an application to renew the permit

Box Elder Canyon Fiber Optics Project

Syringa Networks has applied for a permit for a fiber optic cable on approx. one mile of FS land along Highway 89/91 through Box Elder Canyon. Cable would be installed underground along the shoulder of the road on the north side of the highway.

Climbing Areas Stabilization projects

the SLRD is proposing to construct belay platforms that are anchored by barrier rock and/or gabion baskets and to improve the access trails that lead to two climbing areas in Big Cottonwood Canyon - Dogwood and the Pile.

Cox Apiary Permit Reissuance

The Forest Service proposes to reissue a special use permit to allow apiaries at various locations on the Logan and Ogden ranger districts.

Desolation Trail reroute

The SLRD is proposing to reroute a short section of the Desolation trail (#019) in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The proposed reroute is just east of the junction of the Mill D to Dog Lake and Mill D to Desolation trails on the Mill D - Deso Lake Trail.

Desolation/Dog Lake trails reroute

The SLRD is proposing to reroute a steep and eroded section (approx. 2,500 %u2018) of trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon from the Mill D trail (#1158), below Dog Lake, to the Desolation trail (#1159).

Energy Gateway South 500 kV Powerline (EGS)

This proposed 500 kV transmission line is designed to deliver power to Rocky Mountain Power utility costumers in Utah and the intermountain west. Generation sources are located in central Wyoming.

Granite Flat Connector Trail #237 extension

This proposed extension would provide a safer route to connect trail users to the new lower alignment and bridge of the Mill Canyon Trail #040.

Great Western Trail (GWT) reroute

The SLRD is proposing to reroute a short section of the GWT (approx. 700 ft.) just west of the junction of the Old Red Pine Trail (# 1315) and Old Red Pine Road in upper Mill Creek Canyon.

Grit Mill and Climbing Access Management Plan.

The Salt Lake Ranger district is proposing, as part of the Wasatch Water Legacy Partneship, to develop a climbing access manangement plan, including a trailhead, at the site of the Grit Mill in lower Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Lambs Canyon Trail reroute

The SLRD is proposing to reroute three short sections (approx. 0.5 miles combined) of the Great Western Trail (# 1900G5) in Lambs Canyon to move the old trail out of the riparian area and to improve the grades and drainage.

Lavanger Hollow Livestock Corral

This is a joint proposal between the Spanish Fork Grazing Association and the Forest Service to re-locate their corral facilities along the Highway 6 Corridor to a new location in lower Diamond Fork Canyon.

Mill Creek Dam Removal and Restoration Project.

The purpose of this project is to restore watershed function and aquatic ecosystem to more closely match historic conditions in Mill Creek Canyon.

Patch Springs Fire Rehabilitation

In August 2013 the Patch Springs wildfire burned 31,010 acres on the Southwest Side of the Stansbury Mountain Range in Tooele County Utah.The State DWR proposes to treat approx. 2,100 acres of NFS land by aerially seeding and chaining.

Questar Gas Company (Questar) Feeder Line 24 Replacement Project (FL 24)

Questar is proposing to replace a section of its Feeder Line (FL) 24 natural gas pipeline near Highland, Utah.

Rehabilitation of Silver Lake Flat Dam.

Silver Lake Flat Dam and Reservoir are located in the UWCNF (Pleasant Grove Ranger District) in northern Utah County, within the American Fork-Dry Creek Watershed.

Roughneck Vegetation Restoration Project

The UWCNF proposes: 3,369 acres of stand clearcut with leave trees; 2,770 acres of two-aged stand clearcut with reserves; 0.75 miles of new specified road construction; 46.7 miles of temporary road construction; and 15.2 miles of temporary road use.

Silver Lake Boardwalk replacement

Proposal to replace the boardwalk, located in BCC. All existing boardwalk, bridges, and fishing piers will be replaced in current location and the boardwalk will be widened from 6 to 8%u2019 to better accommodate visitors with disabilities

Smiths Fork Vegetation Restoration Project

The Forest Service proposes treatments to reduce both the amount and continuity of woody fuels, to remove hazard trees associated with travel ways, to harvest beetle-killed or infested trees, and to create a mix of tree ages and species.

Snowbird MDP 2014 projects

Snowbird is proposing to construct downhill mountain bike trail segments accessible in Gad Valley and relocate the building that formerly housed the Gad 2 lift drive assembly to the snowcat staging area, just south of the Gad Valley pump house

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Fiber Optic/DAS System

Snowbird is proposing to install and operate (under a communications use lease) a DAS comprised of eight cellular nodes and accompanying fiber optic cable within its permitted boundary

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Mineral Basin Snowmaking proposal

Snowbird is proposing to install a new snowmaking line within their existing permit boundary in Mineral Basin. The line would be installed to the East of Baldy Express lift along the Birds Nest and Lupine Loop trails on private and NFS land

SPLORE Outfitter & Guide Permit Reissuance

SPLORE is requesting the re-issuance of their O & G permit for a 10- year term. Their current permit is set to expire in May 2014. SPLORE serves children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs.

Three Creeks Allotment Consolidation

The proposal is to consolidate 10 grazing allotments (5 BLM and 5 FS) into 1 management unit with 20 pastures on BLM and 8 pastures on FS lands.Management would focus on time, timing, frequency, and intensity of livestock grazing on about 143,000 ac.

Tibble Fork Dam

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is proposing to fund rehabilitation of the Tibble Fork Dam in the American Fork Canyon of northern Utah County, Utah. It is located 10 miles north east of the city of Alpine, UT.

Transwest Express 600 kV Direct Current Powerline (TWE)

This proposed 600 kV direct current transmission line is designed to carry renewable energy (primarily wind power) from generation sources in central Wyoming to markets in in the pacific southwest.

Uinta Express Pipeline Project.

The proposed pipeline would be a 12-inch buried carbon steel pipeline approximately 135 miles long and ancillary facilities. About 14 miles of it would be on UWCNF.

Upper Provo Watershed Restoration Project.

The project proposes primarily non-commercial thinning, prescribed burning, mechanical vegetation treatments (mowing, mastication), and planting over a period of up to 10 years.

White Rock, Millville, and Providence Allotments

Proposal is to authorize the continuance of grazing on the White Rock, Millville, and Providence Allotments.

Wildlife and livestock pond development

The Forest Service proposes to develop four ponds that would benefit both wildlife and livestock. Two new ponds would be created, and a ditch and water bars along a closed logging road would be modified o catch water.

Wright access road special use permit reissuance

The Forest Service proposes to reissue a permit for access on and maintenance of a road approx. 14 feet wide and 250 feet long. Ownership of the property to which the road provides access has changed. The new owner will conduct commercial operations

Analysis Completed

Clyde Creek Salvage

Salvage dead and bark beetle infested trees in the Clyde Creek drainage, Strawberry Reservoir Management Area.

Cold Springs Salvage Timber Sale EA

This project would use a commercial timber sale to harvest and regenerate forest stands using a group selection prescription.

Non-motorized trail additions

The Forest Service proposes to add three non-motorized trails to the designated trail system to allow for trail maintenance. The proposed Ruth Lake Climbing Wall, Stone Garden, and Lilly Lake trails are along the Highway 150 corridor.

Questar Main Line 3, Weber Canyon Replacement

The Salt Lake Ranger District proposes to authorize Questar to replace 3.26 miles of existing 16-inch natural gas pipeline, known as the Questar Main Line 3.

South Utah Valley Electric Service District (SESD) SUP

To issue a 50 year term permit to South Utah Valley Electric Service District (SESD) for a buried power line along the shoulder of the Nebo Loop road beginning at the mouth of Payson Canyon and ending at the White Pine Communications site.

On Hold

Farmington City Water Storage Tank Special Use Permit

Farmington City is proposing to construct a water storage tank to include within their current special use permit


Davis Front Project

Treat vegetation using hand tools along ~ 12 miles of system trail and ~ 6.6 miles of system roads.

Salt Lake Forest Service Office Land Exchange and Construction

A land exchange involving 4.17 acres of National Forest system land in Holladay for about 2 acres of non-federal land in Cottonwood Heights. Both properties are urban land. An office building, work center & warehouse would be located on the site,

Six Special Use Permits on Pleasant Grove Ranger District.

These six special use permits (maintain 4 water transmition lines, maintain 1 irrigation ditch and 1 monument and access trail) are located in the Pleasant Grove Ranger District in Utah County. 5 of these SUP have been re-scope in 2012.

Smiths Fork Vegetation Restoration Project

This is a duplicate project entry and has been cancelled to remove it from the schedule of proposed actions. The correct Smiths Fork Vegetation Restoration project remains active.

Ten Special Use Permits on Pleasant Grove Ranger District.

These ten permits (maintain a stream gage, grant an easement, 5 water transmition lines, maintain a water tank and 2 irrigation line) are located in the Pleasant Grove Ranger District in Utah County.

Water Transmission Line Replacement for Silver Lake Estates #1

Brighton Properties/Silver Lake Estates #1 subdivision is proposing toreplace an existing 2 inch dia. galvanized steel water transmission line that supplies water from an existing spring box, to their 150,000 gal buried concrete storage tank.

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