Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Schedule of Proposed Actions, often referred to as the SOPA, contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. Questions, comments, and or requests to be on the mailing list for a specific project listed in the SOPA should be directed to the Project Contact listed for every project in the SOPA.

Please click on the link below for a list of the proposed actions on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. The link will take you to the national website. Please click on the first link on that page for the current SOPA report.



East Face of the Elkhorn Mountains Project

Lower Joseph Creek Restoration Project


Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Asotin Telephone Company dba TDS Telecom Special Use Permit

re-issuance of permit WAV418201, TDS Telecom, which was previously valid from 9/9/September 9,1986 to 12/31/December 31, 2006. The permit area includes .8 miles of buried telephone line in Sec 12 & 13, T4N, R44E, W.M.

Big Sheep Divide Range Analysis

Environmental analysis to authorize livestock grazing for 4 allotments on the Wallowa Valley Ranger District.

Bull Run Subwatershed Restoration Project Phase I

The project will improve fish habitat on Corral, Deep & Channel Creeks which are tributaries to Bullrun Creek and the North Fork of the John Day River. Activities will improve floodplain function, water storage, fish passage and habitat complexity.

Cold Canal Vegetation Management

Reduce fuel loading and return stands to their historic structure while recovering biomass for local industry in the vicinity of the Canal Fire and Cold Springs.

Cove Water Pipeline Replacement Project

Remove/salvage 5530 ft 18" water pipeline from diversion structure on Bridge Cr to diversion structure on Mill Cr, and install approx 5530 ft 18" HDPE pipe, and associated required access and road work, for City of Cove Special Use Permit

East Face Vegetation Management Project

Mechanical thinning, slash busting, prescribed fire, hand piling and burning to manage and improve vegetation and treat fuels near wildland urban interface and private/public land interface. May include some road construction, maintenance, closures.

Five Mile Fire Salvage Project

Recover value of fire-caused tree mortality by salvaging burned trees on approximately 20 acres adjacent to the Hat Point road.

Granite Creek Watershed Mining Plans

Analyze proposed mining plans of operations within the Granite Creek Watershed on the Umatilla and Wallow-Whitman NFs.

Granite Culvert Replacement

This project proposes to remove and replace 7 culverts with fish passage friendly structures.

Hat Point Road Thinning Project

Thin approximately 50 acres of forested stands along the Hat Point Road, Wallowa County, Oregon.

Ladd Canyon TSI and RMEF Elk Habitat Enhancement Project

Non-mechanical thin old harvest and natural fuel units.Spacing 14x-20x. 10% of PCT units left untreated for wildlife. Species prefer w.larch, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir. Will burn slash piles.

Limber Jim Large Woody Debris, Planting, and Culvert Replacement Project

Project activities will include large wood placement, planting, culvert replacement, and dispersed recreation site management, in a portion of north fork, south fork and main stem Limber Jim Creeks.

Limber Jim Muir Fuels Reduction Project

Noncommercial fuel reduction,west boundary LaGrande City Watershed and key access routes to reduce down fuel and facilitate fire suppression. May include precommercial thinning, firewood areas, slash busting, prescribed fire, small commercial harvest

Little Dean Fuels Vegetation Management

Analysis of fuels vegetation management needs in the area south of Phillips Lake; Little Dean Creek, Worley Springs, Black Mountain.

Lower Imnaha Rangeland Analysis

Authorize commercial livestock grazing on four allotments (Lone Pine, Cow Creek, Rhodes Creek, and Toomey Allotments) located in the lower portion of the Imnaha River.

Lower Joseph Creek Restoration Project

The Lower Joseph Creek Restoration Project proposes to restore, maintain and enhance forest and rangeland resilience to natural disturbance and contribute to the local economic and social vitality of the area.

Mountain Line Replacement Project

Replace existing 100 yr old water transmission line, providing potable water to the residents of Baker City.

Muir Creek Culvert Replacement

This project would replace an undersized, partial fish passage barrier with a properly sized open arch or box culvert. A slight channel relocation would occur to fit the new culvert.

North Pine Creek Channel Restoration

Restore portions of North Pine Creek channel, adjacent to Forest Road 39. Affected area is less than one acre, and is approximately 1150 ft long by 26 ft long.

OTEC Starkey Powerline Relocation Special Use Permit

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative is proposing to relocate approx.900 feet of existing underground power line on National Forest land. The proposed work will be confined to the existing 20 ft. right-of-way authorized in the current special use permit

Snow Basin Vegetation Management Project Supplemental EIS

Supplemental EIS being prepared to clarify the project impacts to elk given the withdrawl of travel mgmt decision, as ordered by Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit (Opinion and Order on Preliminary Injunction signed May 2014).

Upper McCoy Creek Restoration Project

Project activities include machine wood placement and planting along 2 miles of McCoy Creek within existing big game exclosures.

Verizon Special Use Permit Renewal

Renew the current Special Use Permit for Verizon, which authorizes their infrastructure at the Mt. Emily communication site. Verizon's current Special Use Permit expires on 12/31/2016.

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Invasive Plants Treatment Suppplemental EIS

Supplemental EIS will provide additional analysis of cumulative effects. Notice of Intent to prepare a supplemental EIS was published in the Federal Register on January 30, 2013.

Analysis Completed

Beaver Creek Fish Passage Project

Provide fish passage in Beaver Cr by placing concrete weirs in spillway, rock grade-control structures at intake, and rock and weirs by diversion pool. Place rock to grade channel in Elk, Cove, W Fk Beaver Cr intakes. Install fish screens at intakes

Bird Track TSI and Maintenance Burn

Precommercial thinning and burning of overstocked pine stands in the Spring Creek area along FS Roads 2100, 2100-400, and 2100-950. Prescribed natural fuels underburn within and adajacent to previous Spring Creek Fire.

Bull Run Culvert Replacement Project (Granite Creek Watershed Action Plan)

Replace 2 culverts on Bull Run Crk and 1 culvert on Deep Crk and re-align approx 300 feet of the 7370 road to allow the natural channel and flood plain to re-establish. 8+ miles of stream for fish passage and sediment reduction will be opened.

Corral Creek Road Relocation and Restoration

This project does NOT have an objection period because no parties have standing to object. Ignore any posted Objection Start Dates. Obliterate, replace,and reconstruct this road, and replace 3 culverts

Five Points Creek Large Woody Debris and Planting Project

Project involves: 6 miles of wood placement; 7 mi of riparian planting; seeding 75 ac; exclosure construction on .5 mi stream; and closing 3 mi of streambottom ATV use trails.

Sandbox Vegetation Management

A combination of mechanical thinning, slash busting, hand piling/burning, and prescribed burning would be used to mange vegetation and fuels within the area. Benefits include healthier stands, reduced fire behavior potential and enhance public uses.

On Hold

51 Road Reconstruction

4.5 miles of the 51 road would be reconstructed. This road is narrow with blind corners and no shoulders. Lanes will be widened, sharp corners will be straightened, and the road surface will be improved.

Riparian Livestock Exclusion by Wood II

This project would exclude livestock from streams by placing wood within the riparian area, allowing the riparian area to recover and streambank stabilization. Listed fish species are present.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.