John Schank holding his 2014 “Driver of the Year” Award and standing next to Old #27. Jimena on the lookout for shorebirds at 3 Mile Bay. Researchers discovered a brass strap buckle during the excavation. Educating kids on watersheds. Torey Powell on the Placer River Bridge. Partners Make Peterson Lake Trail Renovations Possible. Tongass National Forest. Junior BioBlitz participants tide-pooling for flora and fauna. Tidal flats. Ruby Salmon fishing for a partner. Tribal Youth performing a tribal dance. Red Knots (the birds with the rust colored breast) intermingle with dunlins.


Partners #WorkingTogether

A representative collection of artifacts discovered in July 2015.An international team of researchers funded by the National Science Foundation, along with the Sitka Tribe of Alasaka, and the Forest Service work closely to piece together a shipwreck from the 19th century.
National Science Foundation Press Release
Photo by Dave McMahan of the Sitka Historical Society shows a collection of artifacts discovered.

The Chugach National Forest

Provider of this year's Capitol Christmas Tree

2015 Capitol Christmas Tree LogoFaces of the Chugach - As part of our yearlong celebration of the 2015 Capitol Christmas Tree, we are sharing stories of our partners, as well as stories of the outstanding employees who serve as stewards and managers of this “jewel” of the National Forest System


Anan Wildlife Observatory

Brown Bear fishing at ANAN

The Anan Wildlife Observatory is 30 miles southeast of the town of Wrangell, located on Anan Creek.  The creek has the largest run of pink salmon in Southeast Alaska providing a salmon buffet for a high density of black and brown bears.

Bucket List: A Travel Log of Day Trippin' in Alaska's National Forests

Father and daughter walking near a waterfall.

Everyone has a dream! The “Bucket List” is the ultimate experience for those who yearn for variety and memories that last a lifetime. In Alaska the Chugach and Tongass National Forests offer world class wildlife viewing, guided fishing and every adventure imaginable. This is as good as it gets!

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Wilderness & Wildlife Events

A quick glance at wilderness and wildlife events and festivals around Alaska in 2015.

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center Map and Infromation

Mendenhall Glacier

Experience Mendenhall Glacier with views of the 13-mile-long river of ice.


Kenai and Russian River Recreation Area

Cooler of Salmon from fishing on the Russian River.

Is salmon fishing calling you? Time to go to the Kenai and Russian Rivers.

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