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Fire Hire: if you're looking for summer work as a temporary firefighter with the Forest Service, but you don't know where to begin, this is for you.

Forest Service issues final policy for over-snow vehicles on national forests, grasslands

Forest Service unveils web application identifying at-risk forests

The Modoc National Forest is pleased to announce a new program called the Veteran Ecological Restoration Team or VERT.

Watershed and fisheries Ecological Restoration on the Six Rivers National Forest

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit invites you to "Ski with a Ranger at Heavenly Mountain Resort" at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. every Monday and Friday.

Almanor Ranger District on the Lassen NF will offer free snowshoe walks during the month of February.

Lassen employee lends a hand at 2015 Rose Parade

Chill out: learn the signs of hypothermia

Every year, aerial surveys are done by the Forest Service to detect and map tree mortality and damage in California

The first national study, "Tree and Forest Effects on Air Quality and Human Health in the United States," finds that trees are saving lives and reducing respiratory problems.

The Forest Service is recognized as a leader in partnering appropriately and collaboratively with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal governments and communities.

Successfully managing wildfires is a year-round job that requires action before they start, while they are burning, and after they are out.

Video: It takes a certain type of person to fight wildfires. It's not what they look like. Or sound like. It's not their heritage or their culture. It's their heart.

The Number One Rule of Firefighting: "All firefighters go home to their families after their shift."

Forest Service exceeds yearly forest restoration goals

The Forests to Faucets project uses GIS to model and map the continental United States land areas most important to surface drinking water.

The Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests are revising their land and resource management plans (forest plans). Scoping documents are available at:

What makes the San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest and San Bernardino National Forest so special?

USDA Plans Regional "Climate Hubs"

Video: Forests help people and the economy

Regionwide listing of Ecological Restoration projects

Special publications

Ecological Restoration Implementation Plan

Cover image for Ecological Restoration Implementation Plan.

In March 2011 the Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service released a statement of its Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration, which laid out the Region's guiding vision and goals for its stewardship of wildland and forests for the next 15-20 years. This plan reflects the Regional leadership's current thinking on how the Leadership Intent will be implemented.

Ecological Restoration and Our Partners

Alliances and Partnerships supporting restoration projects will assist us and secure our Forests for future generations. In building California resiliency, we will need to increase the amount of acres restored from 200,000 to about 500,000 a year. With Partner assistance we can truly manage and protect these invaluable Forest resources.

2014 Spotlight Articles

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Climate Change in the Pacific Southwest Region

Climate Change

Responding to the challenges presented by climate change is one of the most urgent tasks facing the Forest Service. "Climate change is the biggest conservation challenge facing the Forest Service in the 21st century and contributing to global efforts that help forests mitigate and adapt to climate change is a priority for the Forest Service in California."

Ecological Restoration: Engaging Partners in an All Lands Approach

Ecological Restoration: Pacific Southwest Region

Our goal is to retain and restore ecological resilience of the National Forest lands to achieve sustainable ecosystems that provide a broad range of services to humans and other organisms. This goal is based on a commitment to land and resource management that is infused by the principles of Ecological Restoration and driven by policies and practices that are dedicated to make land and water ecosystems more sustainable, more resilient, and healthier.


Veterans “Walk Off The War” along the Pacific Crest Trail

Three men stand around a wooden sign that reads Beckwourth Ranger District Plumas National Forest

Veterans Shawn White, Tom Bielecki, and Kevin Black recently passed through Plumas NFduring their 2,650-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail as part of the Warrior Hike program.

Sierra National Forest Landscape Architect’s dedication is unmatched

Regional Forester Randy Moore handing an award to Landscape Architect Cesar Sanchez

Cesar Sanchez strives for maximum accessibility at all recreation sites, wins 2014 National Accessibility Accomplishment Award 


Presenting 2014 Regional Forester's Honor Awards

Image of Hon or Awards Speaker Juana Rosas

Our 5th Annual Regional Forester's Honor Awards was held on December 10, 2014.

LPNF and partners team up to remove abandoned dam, restore aquatic habitat

Crew works to remove the dam from Lion Creek

A group of partners recently joined forces to remove an abandoned diversion dam on Los Padres National Forest’s Ojai Ranger District. 

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