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Presence and absence of butterflies in the Shoshone Mountains and Toiyabe and Toquima ranges, Nevada (2nd Edition)
Fleishman, Erica
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Fleishman, Erica. 2013. Presence and absence of butterflies in the Shoshone Mountains and Toiyabe and Toquima ranges, Nevada. 2nd Edition. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.
These data document observed presence of butterflies in canyons throughout three mountain ranges in the central Great Basin (Lander and Nye counties, Nevada): the Shoshone Mountains, Toiyabe Range, and Toquima Range. Data were collected from 1995 through 2005, inclusive. Records for each year reflect multiple visits (generally 5 or 6) at about 10-14 day intervals from late May or early June through late August or early September. Data include species detected, date, location, abundance, and whether the species is a nonresident, resident, or montane resident.
lepidoptera; skippers; resident butterflies; montane butterflies; transects; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Nymphalidae; Lycaenidae; Hesperiidae; monitoring; time series; riparian; pinyon; juniper; sagebrush; JFSP; Joint Fire Science Program; biota; Wildlife (or Fauna); Invertebrates; multiple species; invertebrates; trees; Nevada; Great Basin; Shoshone Mountains; Toiyabe Range; Toquima Range; Lander County; Nye County
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