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Fort Valley Experimental Forest
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Fort Valley Research Data Archive


The Fort Valley Experimental Forest is comprised of approximately 5270 acres in four disjunct units in the area of Flagstaff, Arizona on the Coconino National Forest. It was established in 1908 to investigate reproduction in ponderosa pine forests.

Data Description

We have been collecting long-term monitoring data on the Forest's Ecosystems since 1909. Besides obtaining data, you can also review the metadata (background information on data collection). Please pay close attention to the comments in the data set's metadata. Information made available may not be suitable for citation nor use in research purposes. All data is in MST (Mountain Standard Time). Daylight savings time is not observed in Arizona with the exception of the Navajo Nation.

Database Access:

If you have questions about this website or have conducted a research study on the Fort Valley and would like to make your dataset available for use by others, please contact

Some supplemental data documentation available on this site may be provided in PDF or PDF/A format. Get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to interpret these files.

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