Bear Creek Trailhead

Area Status: Open
This area is Open
Accesses the Fremont National Recreation Trail #160 - Middle Segment. It is actually only a small parking area adjacent to the trail crossing of Forest Road 3315. Parking is very limited and there are no facilities at Bear Creek Trailhead. The only signage is the distance and destination trail signs to the north and south on either side of Forest Road 3315.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: (Paisley Ranger District)
Open Season: Mid-May
Restrictions: Motorized use prohibited.
Closest Towns: Paisley, OR
Operated By: Forest Service

General Information

Directions: From Paisley Ranger District office, go 0.5 miles north on Highway 31 and turn left on Mill Street. Mill Street becomes Forest Road 3315 at the "Y" intersection. Stay to the right and continue on Forest Road 3315 for approximately 9 miles to junction with FS Road 348. Take Road 348 southwest for approximately 3 miles to the junction with Rd. 014 at the point where Bear Creek passes under the road. Take Rd. 014 northwest for approximately 1 mile to the point where Bear Creek passes under it. Trail directional signs are on both sides of the road.ORFollow above directions, but do NOT turn off on Road 348. Continue on Road 3315 for approximately 5 more miles to the point where it crosses Bear Creek. Trail directional signs are on both sides of the Rd. on opposite sides of the stream. This access point to the Bear Creek Trail is 1.5 miles up the trail from the previously described trailhead.



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