Pacific Crest Trail (Zigzag)

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Zigzag Ranger District portion of the Mt Hood National Forest section of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000. There are many roads in the area and it is possible to do a variety of different day hikes between Clackamas Lake and US Hwy 26.

Frog Lake Sno-Park to Skyline Road (Zigzag sec. #1)

This trail starts at US Hwy 26 (3,900’) near Frog Lake Sno-Park and ends at Skyline Road (3,360’) near Clackamas Lake. From US Hwy 26, the trail climbs gradually for 4.1 miles to Forest Road 5800-240. The trail crosses the road and continues 0.5 mile to High Rock Road (Forest Road 58). Continue south another 0.6 miles to Jackpot Meadows Trail #492 (3,680’). From here the trail heads due south for 0.9 miles to Forest Road 5890. Cross the road and continue 1.4 miles to Little Crater Lake Trail #500 (3,240’). This short trail is well worth the side trip. Little Crater Lake is a crystal clear 45’ deep lake formed by dissolving limestone. From trail #500, the trail crosses several small streams and after 0.3 miles reaches Timothy Lake Trail #528. Stay left on #2000 and continue 0.1 mile to the junction with Old 1916 Trail #537. Stay left right on #2000 heading west towards Timothy Lake. For the next 3.5 miles the trail follows the east shore of Timothy Lake offering spectacular views. At the southeast end of Timothy Lake, the trail reaches the south end of Timothy Lake Trail #528. Stay left on #2000 and travel 1.3 miles to Skyline Road (Forest Road 42).

Trail Description and Map (PDF File)

Barlow Pass to Lolo Pass (Zigzag section #2)

This section of the Pacific Crest Trail runs from Barlow Pass (south) to Lolo Pass (north). Heading north from Barlow Pass, the trail heads uphill 3.6 miles to the junction with Timberline Trail #600 (5,360’). The trail leaves the junction and continues to climb north for 1.2 miles to Timberline Lodge. The trail starts to head northwest from the lodge and after 1.6 miles the trail reaches the junction with Hidden Lake Trail #779 (5,720’). Stay right on #2000 and travel 1.5 miles to Zigzag River. (Use caution when crossing!) Once across the river, the trail descends several switchbacks to the junction with Paradise Park Loop #757 after 0.4 mile. Descend a further 0.3 mile and the trail reaches the junction with Paradise Park Trail #778 from the east and west. Head north on #2000 and the trail starts to climb. After 1.5 miles the trail reaches a second junction with #757 (north end). The trail starts to descend again from the junction and after 2.5 miles the trail crosses Sandy River (Use caution when crossing!). Once across Sandy River, the trail heads northwest 0.4 mile to the junction with Timberline Trail #600. The trail follows Sandy River for 1.2 miles to the junction with Sandy River Trail #770. Turn right (north) to stay on #2000 and continue 0.4 mile to the junction with Ramona Falls Trail #797. Turn left (north) at the junction to stay on #2000. Cross Muddy Fork and continue 4.1 miles to another junction with #600. Turn left (north) to stay on #2000 and travel 2.4 miles to Lolo Pass on Forest Road 18 (Lolo Pass Road).

Trail Description and Map (PDF File)

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At a Glance

Current Conditions:
  •  Clackamas Lake to US 26
    • Clackamas Lake to Little Crater Lake
      • Maintained June 2014
    • Little Crater Lake toWapinitia Pass (US 26)
      • Maintained   6/2014.
  • Hwy 35 to Timberline Lodge -
    • Maintained 2014
  • Timberline Lodge to Top Spur
    • Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park
      • maintained 2014
    • Paradise Park to Sandy River
      • maintained June 2014
    • Sandy River to Top Spur
      • maintained 2014
Closest Towns: Zigzag, OR; Government Camp, OR;
Passes: Some trailheads require a valid recreation pass. Check our Recreation Passes and Permits page for details.
Information Center: Zig Zag Ranger District, Zig Zag Ranger Station

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