Hidden Pond

Area Status: Open
This area is Open

One of the most popular stops for backpackers along the Florida Trail, Hidden Pond is a designated camping area in the middle of the Juniper Prairie Wilderness with access to a spring-fed pond. It sits between two bodies of water, providing cool evening breezes.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Recovering from the effects of a severe forest fire two years ago that stripped the oak canopy.
Area Amenities: Tent camping,Toilets,Drinking water
Fees Free
Permit Info: No permits are required
Usage: Heavy
Best Season: Winter
Busiest Season: Winter
Restrictions: This is a designated primitive camping area available to backpackers during general gun season.
Closest Towns: Astor
Water: Non-potable, spring fed
Information Center: Two years ago, one of the worst forest fires in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness started at this spot due to an improperly extinguished campfire. Please be extremely careful with campfires in this flammable habitat. Extinguish with water - there is an ample supply here - not sand.

For drinking purposes, water should be obtained from spring-fed Hidden Pond and filtered or boiled before use.


Camping & Cabins

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Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping at Hidden Pond, designated backpacking campsite in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness. The area tends to be very busy on winter weekends.

Status: Open


Toilets None
Tent camping Primitive, no facilities
Drinking water Non-potable, filter from pond