There are two routes to Maki Lake.  There is an apparent trail from Snowslide Lake over the summit of the ridges between Snowslide and Maki but the trail peters out and topo map, compass, and route finding skills are needed to find the lake.  The other route to Maki is along the East Fork Lake Fork Trail.  To reach this trailhead you ford the river at the north end of Lake Fork campground.  The trail is 5 miles to the Maki Lake juction.  This is an easily hiked trail despite the distance.  There is almost no elevation gain and in most places it is a scenic, easy to walk trail.  At 5 miles there is a sign pointing west to Maki Lake.  The last mile is a steep 1000' climb into the lake area.  Maki Lake is at an elevation of 7293'.  The trail is open to the following uses: Hiking

Directions:  The Maki Lake Trail can only be accessed from the East Fork Lake Lake Fork/Snowslide Trail #104

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Closest Towns: McCall, ID
Operated By: Forest Service



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1.9 miles