Deception Butte Trail #3466


The trail starts just north of the Middle Fork Ranger Station where it is shared with a fitness trail. The trail heads north then goes west along the south side of Deception Creek.

The trail follows Deception Creek for some distance, then climbs a steep ridge to Deception Butte. The view on top is limited except toward the south.

The trail passes large rocky outcrops, which provide an occasional good view along the way to the top. A steep side trail leads down frm the top of the Butte to Forest Road 5847-549.

At a Glance

Current Conditions: The Deception Fire (summer 2014) destroyed a critical section of this trail. Most of the trail is closed due to the damage, including the upper trailhead. It is unknown when/if the trail will be rebuilt. The open portion of the trail only goes to the edge of the burn area. Hikers can return they way they came or walk up the 5850-810 spur road to Forest Road 5850 and back to the trailhead to create a loop. See trailmap below for open and closed sections.
Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Westfir, OR
Information Center: Middle Fork Ranger Station

General Information

General Notes:
  • Map of the Deception Butte Trail (geo-referenced PDF ~ 2.3 mb)
    This map shows the open and closed sections of the trail resulting from damage from the Deception Fire in 2014

Map of Deception Butte trail


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