Stretching from the lush forests of the coastal mountains to the unique Oregon Dunes and on into the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, visitors have a stunning choice of opportunities. One can find activities to suit every taste: from spectacular mountain views to beach combing, from whale watching to exploring the forest or dunes, the Siuslaw National Forest offers something for everyone.

Highlights include great views, guided hikes and a visitor center at Cape Perpetua; and miles of sand dunes for hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, dune buggy and horseback riding opportunities. Several trails lead to large, old growth Douglas fir, Cedar and Sitka spruce trees.

To help you plan your trip, we have divided the Highway 101 corridor into three large recreation areas that can be reached from the major highways from the Willamette Valley. We hope you find this an easy and useful way to plan your trip.

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forest map showing the three main recreation areasTillamook to Newport Tillamook to NewportSand Lake Recreation AreaNewport to FlorenceNewport to FlorenceMarys PeakCape Perpetua Scenic AreaFlorence to Coos BayFlorence to Coos BayOregon Dunes National Recreation Area

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Recreation Conditions Report

 Area Name Status Area Conditions
430 OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Alder Dune Campground   
Alder Dune Day Use (Dune Lake)   
Alder Dune Trails #1322    07/11/2014: Open. Trails clear.
Amanda's Trail #1386    07/11/2014: There are some steep & wet sections on trail. Expect winter storm debris on trail.
Baker Beach Campground   
Baker Beach Trail #1368    03/24/2014: Not recently scouted. Expect winter storm debris brush and flooded areas on trail.
Bark OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open.
Battle Lake Trail #1302   
Big Elk Campground   
Blackberry Boat Ramp & Day Use   
Blackberry Campground   
Bluebill Campground   
Bluebill Trail #1331    06/24/2014: Open. Trail has been cleared of downed trees. Some brushy areas.
Breach OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Seasonally high water. May be impassable to some ATVs.
Bull Run OHV Staging Area   
Bull Run OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Canal Creek Group Campground   
Cape Cove Trail #1364.1    07/11/2014: Open. Recently brushed.
Cape Mountain Trails #1329    07/11/2014: All trails are open. Thanks for all the Cape Mt. volunteer trail work!
Cape Perpetua Campground    Open.
Cape Perpetua Day Use    Open.
Cape Perpetua Group Campground   
Captain Cook Trail #1364.2    07/11/2014: Trail recently brushed. Open.
Carter Dunes Trail #1384    06/24/2014: Open. Trail has been cleared.
Carter Lake Boat Ramp   
Carter Lake Campground   
Carter Lake Day Use   
Cascade Head Trail #1310    North end of trail (north of Forest Service Road 1861) is closed for public safety due to tree hazards.
Castle Rock Campground   
Chapman's OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Chief Tsiltcoos Trail #1359    06/24/2014: Trail was cleared of debris.
Clam Bed OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Coast Guard South OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Coast Guard North OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Areas of high water exist due to rainfall. May be impassable to ATV traffic.
Conner's Camp Day Use   
Cooks Ridge Trail #1372    06/14/2014: Recently cleared of downed logs on trail.
Cummins Creek Loop Trail #1382-A    06/14/2014: Bikes allowed on Cummins Creek Loop. Recently cleared of downed logs on the trail.
Cummins Creek Trail #1382    06/14/2014: Bikes allowed on Cummins loop trail. Recently cleared of downed logs on trail.
Cummins Ridge Trail #1366    06/14/2014: Open. No Bikes or Stock Allowed on Wilderness trails. Cleared of downed logs.
Darlingtonia Trail #1320    06/24/2014: Open.
Derrick Road Dispersed Camping Area   
Devils Churn Day Use   
Discovery Loop Trail #1387    07/11/2014: Open. No reports of damage.
Drift Creek Falls Trail #1378    Watch for hazards from loose rocks at face of waterfalls.
Driftwood II Campground   
Driftwood II OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Dry Lake Horse Camp   
East Dunes Campground   
East Ridge Trail #1324    06/24/2014: One log reported down on upper portion of trail. Passable.
Eel Creek Campground   
Enchanted Valley Trail #1321    06/20/2014: No recent reports.
Ermie Walters Boat Launch   
Fisherman's Day Use   
Giant Spruce Trail #1365    07/11/2014: Trail open entire length. Recently brushed.
Goose Pasture OHV Staging Area   
Goose Pasture OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Gwynn Creek Trail #1371    06/14/2014: Recently cleared of downed logs on trail. Some brushy areas.
Hall & Schuttpelz Lakes Day Use    Open.
Hall/Schuttpelz Lake Trail #1357    07/11/2014: Open. Cleared of winter storm debris.
Harris Ranch Trail #1347    06/14/2014: Trail has been cleared by Scorpions Volunteer Trail Crew. Thanks Guys!
Hart's Cove Trail #1303   
Hauser Beach OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Hauser OHV Staging Area   
Hauser Sand Camping Access   
Hebo Lake Campground   
Hebo Lake Day Use   
Hebo Lake Loop Trail #1311   
Heceta Lighthouse Trail #1370    11/05/2014: Open.
Holman Vista Day Use   
Holman Vista Trail #1326    06/24/2014: Open.
Horse Creek Campground   
Horse Creek North Trail #1362.1    06/14/2014: Horse Creek North Trailhead is open. Trail recently cleared of downed logs.
Horse Creek South Trail #1362    06/24/2014: Horse Creek  South trailhead is open. Logging operation in the area! Use caution on access roads!
Horsfall Beach Campground   
Horsfall Beach Day Use OHV Staging    12/16/2013 Flush toilets currently out of service.  Wheel-chair accessible portable toilets are available until repairs are made.  
Horsfall Campground   
Horsfall Day Use OHV Staging   
Horsfall Sand Camping Access   
Hunters OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Seasonally high water exists on much of the route. Impassable to most ATV traffic.
Incinerator OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
John Dellenback Dunes Trail #1339    07/11/2014: Trailhead Open. Campground loop is clear. Some brush and trees down in foredune forest between ocean & dunes.  
Kentucky Falls Trail #1376    07/10/2014: Kentucky Falls Trail has been cleared of downed logs & brush to the lower falls. North Fork Smith River Trail beyond lower Kentucky Falls is currently cleared for an additional mile.
Lagoon Campground   
Lagoon Loop Trail #1330    06/24/2014: Trail is open.
Lily Lake Trail #1397    06/24/2014: Open. No recent reports.
Lodgepole Picnic Area   
Marys Peak   
Marys Peak Campground    Open.
Marys Peak Day Use   
Meadowedge Trail #1325    03/24/2014:  Open. Cleared of brush & Logs.
Mercer Lake Boat Ramp   
Niagara Falls Trail #1379   
Noel Ranch Boat Launch   
North Fork Siuslaw Campground    Open. No Fee or potable water.
North Fork Smith Trail #1351    07/10/2014: Trail has storm debris down and brush between 1st lower river crossing (Bridge out) and one mile below Lower Kentucky Falls. Nature loop open.
North Ridge Trail #1350    07/11/2014: Open. Recent repairs made to lower end of North ridge trail.
Ocean Beach Day Use   
Old Bark Road OHV Staging Area    07/30/2013: Open
Oregon Coast Trail #1308    06/14/2014: Clear & Passable.
Oregon Dunes Day Use   
Oregon Dunes Loop Trail #1334    07/07/2014: Loop trail to Beach has been recently brushed & logged out.
Pawn Trail #1317    06/24/2014: Trail is open. Monitoring slide repairs for additional storm/slide damage.
Pawn Trailhead    06/24/2014: Trailhead is open, trail is cleared of logs and brush.
Pioneer Hill Trail #1316    06/24/2014: Trail open & passable.
Pioneer-Indian Trail #1300   
Restless Waters Trail #1364    07/11/2014: Open. Recently brushed.
Riveredge Boat Ramp   
Riveredge Group Campground   
Rock Creek Campground   
Rocky Bend Campground   
Saint Perpetua Trail #1306    07/11/2014: Open. Recently brushed.
Sandbeach Campground   
Sandtracks Day Use   
Saunders Lake OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Siltcoos Beach Day Use OHV Staging   
Siltcoos Lake Trail #1333    03/24/2014: Open. Trail has been cleared.
Siltcoos Sand Camping Access   
Siuslaw Vista Day Use Closed to Visitor
South Jetty Beach Day Use   
South Jetty OHV Staging Area   
South Jetty OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
South Jetty Sand Camping Access   
South Lake Dispersed Area   
Spinreel Boat Ramp   
Spinreel Campground   
Spinreel OHV Staging Area   
Spinreel Sand Camping Access   
Summit Trail #1388    06/24/2014: Open.
Sutton Campground   
Sutton Lake Boat Ramp   
Sutton Trails #1321    06/24/2014: Sutton Trail System logged out and brushed. Thanks for all the volunteer trail help!
Sweet Creek Trail #1319    07/11/2014: Trails are open & clear of logs and brush.
Tahkenitch Campground Open to Visitor
Tahkenitch Creek Trail #1336    07/11/2014: Trail has been cleared to the beach.
Tahkenitch Day Use   
Tahkenitch Dunes Trail #1353    07/11/2014: Trail not recently scouted. Look for blue strip wooden poles to follow route through the dunes.
Tahkenitch Lake Boat Ramp   
Tahkenitch Landing Boat Ramp   
Tahkenitch Landing Campground   
Taylor Dunes Trail #1335    06/24/2014: Trail is open.
Ten Mile OHV Trail    03/20/2014: Open
Threemile Lake North Trail #1338    07/11/2014: Trail has been cleared of logs and brush for the 1st 2 miles.
Threemile Lake South Trail #1356    06/14/2014: Cleared of all downed logs and brushed out. Access road has lots of potholes, drive slow!
Tie Trail #1313    07/11/2014: Trail cleared of logs.
Tillicum Beach Campground   
Tillicum Beach Day Use   
Tyee Boat Ramp   
Tyee Campground   
Umpqua Beach #2 Day Use /OHV Staging Area   
Umpqua Beach #3 Day Use /OHV Staging Area   
Umpqua Beach Viewing Platform - Trail #1399    03/24/2014: Open.
Umpqua Sand Camping Access   
Waxmyrtle Campground   
Waxmyrtle Trail #1337    06/24/2014: Open. Use detour to access beach during Snowy Plover closure season March 15 to September 15, 2013.
West Winds Campground   
West Winds Day Use OHV Staging   
Whispering Spruce Trail #1305    07/11/2014: Open.
Wild Mare Campground   
Wild Mare Day Use   
Wild Mare Horse Trail #4500    06/24/2014: Trail is open.(Trail is 1 mile to beach, watch for signs. There are additional user-created trails throughout the area. Follow signs for maintained trail to the beach).