Resource Management

Fire and Aviation

The Forest Service has managed wildland fire for more than 100 years. But how we do it - why, when, and where we do it - has changed.

For decades, we fought fire. First with hand tools and strong backs, then with aircraft and engines, we engaged fire in the wildlands and put it out. We became good at it, among the best in the world.

But science has changed the way we think about wildland fire and the way we manage it. We still fight it, especially to protect communities and the resources people need—but we also use it to make forests and grasslands healthier and to protect communities and natural resources, especially clean, abundant water.

We still use hand tools and strong backs, aircraft and engines. And we are still the best wildland fire organization in the world. But we recognize the role of natural fire in the health of many ecosystems, and we continue to move forward through research and technology to understand and manage fire better, so when we need to put it out, we can. And when we need to use it, we can do that too—more safely, more effectively than 100 years ago, but not as well as we will 100 years from now. (From US Forest Service [National] Fire & Aviation Management site.)


Forest Resources



Flowers and trees, not birds and bees, invasive weeds...


Forest Health

Bark Beetles, Aphids, Hazardous Trees


Wildlife & Fisheries

Birds and bees, and bear and native fish


Fall Colors

Learn about the changing of leaves in the autumn, and find recommendations for the best places to see fall colors throughout the Coconino National Forest.


Minerals & Geology

Visit U.S. Forest Service "Minerals & Geology Management" web page. Agency programs help facilitate the energy, mineral and geologic activities that take place within your national forests.



Watch a video demonstrating a model watershed to observe how water affects watershed function including streams, homes and reservoirs.  

Verde Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive River Management Plan


Water Quality

Learn more about water quality concerns in the Coconino National Forest.

Timber Sales


FWPP Phase I Timber Sale

Timber sale located immediately to the west and southwest of Mount Elden, Flagstaff, Arizona, east of FR 557 (Elden Lookout Road).

Little Spring Timber Sale

Timber sale in the Little SpringĀ area on the northwest side of the San Francisco Peaks, east of the junction of FR 151 (Hart Prairie Road) and FR 418.