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Photo of the North Fork of the John Day River Fish Resources on the Malheur National Forest
Photo of a large boulder Geology and Rock Types on the Malheur National Forest
[graphic] Old Wagon Wheel Heritage on the Malheur National Forest
[graphic] Passport in Time Patch Passport In Time Projects on the Malheur National Forest

Timber Sales


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C Salvage Timber Sale

6232 ccf, Blue Mt. Ranger District, was awarded for the minimum bid rate of $4.55/ccf to Iron Triangle. There was one bidder.

41 Road Hazard Tree Removal Sale

The 41 Road Hazard Tree Removal Sale; Iron Triangle was the apparent high bidder.

Gibb DxPre

Awarded to Boise Cascade Wood Products LLC for $14.75/ton. There were a total of 6 bidders.

Wolf South STWD IRTC


395 Deck Sale

No Bids

TC Timber Sale

The TC Sale is located within T20S, R32E, Sections 2,11,14,15,22,23,28,29, 32, T19S,R32E, Sections 23,24,25 and 26, T21S, R32E, sections 3 and 4.

Elk LP Timber Sale

PL Deck Timber Sale

Blue Mountain Ranger District; 11 ccf; minimum bid at $34.94; went to the apparent high bidder, Nolan Riis, for $45.99. There were three bidders on the sale.

Wild Timber Sale

No Bid

Snow Decks

Bald Decks Sale

Prairie City Ranger District

Aspen Decks Timber Sale

Antelope LO Timber Sale

Antelope L.O. Timber Sale

Campground Timber Sale