The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is located in the north center part of Utah.
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Public Invited to Attend Historic Cabin Celebration Blacksmith Fork Guard Station

Campground/Picnic Area, Trail and Road Conditions

  • Salt Lake Ranger District - (801) 733-2660
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Road/Trails Update  
    Updated May 22, 2015,  Farmington Canyon road has been temporarly closed as of May 17th due to rock debris. The road will be closed until further notice to provide for public health and safety the area has potential for continued rock debris activity due to the weather and while heavy equipment is in the area working.  Ward Canyon Forest Service road, in Davis County is open from Buckland Flat to the intersection with Sklyline Drive & Sessions Mountain road where gates remain close.  The entire South Willow Canyon road as well as all campgrounds and the picnic will be closed to all uses as of June 1, 2015 until further notice.  The closure is necessary for public saftey while the Forest road crew and heavy equipment are removng rock debris and surface treating the road. 

  • Pleasant Grove Ranger District - (801) 785-3563
    Silver Lake Dam Rehabilitation 2015  Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update   Updated May 22, 2015 The Alpine Loop is open. With all of the recent rain, the trails on the Pleasant Grove and Spanish Fork Ranger Districts are completely saturated. While only certain trails in American Fork Canyon are under a wet trail closure, all trails should be avoided. We are asking even hikers/runners to avoid using trails that are this saturated. Hiking and running can cause long term damage to the trails either to the trail tread or by creating parallel routes along the trail tread in an effort to avoid the muddy tread. We are hoping for some warmer weather this weekend to start drying things out. Please help us protect your trails by waiting to ride, run, bike until they are dry.

  • Heber-Kamas Ranger District - (435) 654-0470 or (435) 783-4338 Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update  Updated May 22, 2015
    The Mirror Lake Highway is open.

  • Evanston-Mountain View Ranger District - (307) 789-3194 or (307) 782-6555 
    Evanston Recreation Update Updated May 22, 2015
     The Mirror Lake Highway is open. 
    Mt.View Recreation Update Updated May 22, 2015

  • Ogden Ranger District- (801) 625-5112
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update  Updated May 20, 2015 Highway 39 over Monte Cristo is open.  Alpha Company, 405th CA BN will be conducting an aerial/ground training mission in the vicinity of South Canyon Road from May 29 through May 30.  This is just a training mission intended to improve their readiness to conduct overseas missions.  This is not in response to any local threat.  There will be several UH – 60 Black Hawk helicopters landing and taking off during the exercise.  Additionally, there will be several Up Armored HMMWVs moving throughout the area and around 30 military personnel and role players in both military and civilian dress. They will be firing blank ammunition throughout the day and night of May 29-30.  No live ammunition will be fired.  If you are on South Canyon Road during this time, please be aware of your surroundings before firing any weapons. Volunteer Projects on the Ogden and Logan Ranger Districts

  • Logan Ranger District - (435) 755-3620 
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update Updated May 15, 2015

  • Spanish Fork Ranger District - (801) 798-3571
    Campgrounds/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Updates Updated May 15, 2015 All roads and campgrounds are open as of May 15, 2015 

Fire/Prescribed Fire Information

Heber-Kamas Ranger District: Fire personnel will not be burning slash piles, to reduce hazardous fuels tomorrow Thursday, May 28th, in the Mill Hollow area on the Heber/Kamas Ranger District. Weather permitting the plan is to burn slash piles on Friday, May 29th - Wednesday, June 3rd.
Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts: Evanston - Mt. View Ranger Districts fire personnel successfully completed burning the remaining slash piles, to reduce hazardous fuels in the Mill City area, approximately 35 miles south of Evanston, Wyoming on Tuesday, May 26th and Wednesday, May 27th.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Prescribed Fire Info


Forest Issues

Latest News on the Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Effort

Cover page for the Utah Greater Sage-Grouse Draft Environment Impact Statement

Recent News


Surveying Pika Populations Above Brighton

The American pika is a low-profile mammal that lives at high altitudes. Related to rabbits and hares, these small, big-eyed creatures spend much of the summer preparing for a harsh winter high above the timberline. Starting in mid-September, a DWR biologist will visit an established pika area above Brighton ski resort to check on population growth.


Beetle Activity on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Beetle activity east side of Bridger Lake

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is experiencing significant beetle activity, reaching epidemic levels in some areas particularly on the North Sl...

Wasatch Legacy Project

Wasatch Legacy Project

Learn more about the Wasatch Water Legacy Partnership (WWLP).


Outdoor Educational Programs on the Salt Lake Ranger District

This photo shows children learning about the Salt Lake City Watershed while on a snowshoe tour

Outdoor educational programs availabe on the Salt Laker Ranger District in partnership with Cottonwood Canyon Foundation, Salt Lake City Deptatment of Public Utilities and REI