The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is located in the north center part of Utah.
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National Invasive Species Awareness Week is February 22-28, 2015. Non-native plants, animals and pathogens can harm humans and the environment and impact our nation's economy.  Invasive weeds can produce skin irritation, trigger allergies and poison pets and livestock. They can clog waterways, kill native trees, and shade out crops, ornamentals and prized native flora. 5 Steps to Prevent the Spread of Invasive Plants and Animals

     1. Drain, Clean, Dry gear and boats
     2. Burn local or certified firewood
     3. Use weed-free hay
     4. Stay on trails
     5. Before arriving & leaving, remove mud & seeds

Ski Trail Info
Pleasant Grove Ranger District: 
The Little Mill Ski area was groomed Monday, March 2nd. The plan is to groom the trail depending on amount of snow 2-3 times per week, and one time just before weekends, on Fridays.
Salt Lake Ranger District:  Updated conditions as of Wednesday, February 18, 2015 for Mill Creek Canyon ski trail. The trail is extremely icy the first mile and a half and large portions of the trail have very little to no snow. Folks can still ski but be prepared to walk sections of the trail. The lantern in the Yurt has been fixed, fire wood, and extra supplies for the yurt have been stocked.  The trail will be groomed when it receives more snow.
Heber-Kamas Ranger District: The Beaver Creek ski trail, on the Heber-Kamas Ranger District was groomed Tuesday, January 13th. With the warm weather the snow has been melting and refreezing so conditions are not ideal for skiing. Dogs are allowed on odd days. The trail will be groomed again when it snows.

Snowmobile Information
Pleasant Grove Ranger District: Current snow conditions do not meet the required 12” of minimum snow for over snow conditions, and have prompted the closure of the center gates at: Tibble Fork Reservoir, Pine Hollow Trailhead, Aspen Grove Trailhead, and Cascade Springs.

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Fire/Prescribed Fire Information

Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts:  Weather dependent fire personnel plan to burn 100 to 150 slash piles to reduce hazardous fuels in the Mill City area located approximately 35 miles South of Evanston, Wyoming on the West side of the Mirror Lake Highway on the Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts anytime from Monday, March 2nd through March 31st.
Ogden Ranger District: Weather dependent fire personnel plan to burn the remaining slash piles 10 acres to reduce hazardous fuels in the Pineview Estates area on the Ogden Ranger District anytime from Tuesday, March 3rd through March 31st.
Heber-Kamas Ranger District: Fire personnel plan to burn piles at the Mill Hollow project on the Heber-Kamas Ranger District weather permitting anytime from February 25, 2015 through March.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Prescribed Fire Info


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Fire Management Positions Outreach

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Latest News on the Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Effort

Cover page for the Utah Greater Sage-Grouse Draft Environment Impact Statement

Recent News


Surveying Pika Populations Above Brighton

The American pika is a low-profile mammal that lives at high altitudes. Related to rabbits and hares, these small, big-eyed creatures spend much of the summer preparing for a harsh winter high above the timberline. Starting in mid-September, a DWR biologist will visit an established pika area above Brighton ski resort to check on population growth.


Beetle Activity on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Beetle activity east side of Bridger Lake

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is experiencing significant beetle activity, reaching epidemic levels in some areas particularly on the North Sl...

Wasatch Legacy Project

Wasatch Legacy Project

Learn more about the Wasatch Water Legacy Partnership (WWLP).


Outdoor Educational Programs on the Salt Lake Ranger District

This photo shows children learning about the Salt Lake City Watershed while on a snowshoe tour

Outdoor educational programs availabe on the Salt Laker Ranger District in partnership with Cottonwood Canyon Foundation, Salt Lake City Deptatment of Public Utilities and REI