The White Mountain National Forest is located in the north center part of New Hampshire.
Where is this Forest?



Bear canisters are available to borrow - first-come, first-served. Properly stored food: in a car at a campground. Bears are opportunistic and this dumpster smells inviting. New Watershed Monitoring protocols on the White Mountain National Forest. Lower Falls, a popular destination is closed for renovations.Lower Falls, a popular destination is closed for renovations.Summer maintenance includes string trimming and mowing.

Lower Falls Recreation Site Is Closed - Site Improvements Underway  

Lower Falls parking lot under construction.  Site improvements are under way at Lower Falls Recreation site, and while it will remain closed until November, the upgrades and improvements are significant and worth a visit next summer. The forest is looking forward to renovations that will improve public safety, the recreation experience, and minimize visitor impacts to the area. While Lower Falls is closed, please refrain from slowing down or pulling over.  Learn more

Secure your Food - "A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear"

bear catches the scent of toothpaste?  Do not store food or even toothpaste in your tent. The feeding of bears, intentional or unintentional, is prohibited on the White Mountain National Forest. Visitors who have not properly stored their food risk their own safety and receiving a citation. First priority upon arriving at your destination: secure your food.  

  • Put all food away even during the daytime.  Never leave a buffet on the picnic table - whether you are there or not.  
  • Never leave your backpack.  
  • Do not store food in pop-up campers.  Bears can and have ripped through the canvas tent.
  • Bears that are successful obtaining human food may have to be trapped or killed.  "A fed bear is a dead bear."
  • Following safe food storage practices protects both you and the bears.  Follow these guidelines to practice safe recreating in bear country.
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Best Management Practices: Watershed Monitoring

 Forest employees work together during the summer water monitoring program.

 Forest employees work together during the summer water monitoring program. Visible summer projects on a national forest often includes new coats of paint, hiking trails improvements, and campgrounds to capacity.  Behind-the-scenes is a whole host of land and resource management projects.  The watershed program has been busy this summer implementing the new national monitoring protocol.  Historically, the watershed program has monitored watersheds and water quality but this newly implemented protocol evaluates how successful soil and water protection measures have been for different forest projects and activities.  The evaluation process includes an interdisciplinary team of specialists, including soil, water, forestry, recreation and planning staff.  Did you know the Forest Service manages the largest single source of water in the U.S.?  Learn more interesting facts about watersheds.

Forest Sign Extraordinaire: Volunteer Jim Wells

New Kancamagus Pass sign to greet visitors at the height of land.Ask forest volunteer, Jim Wells, how he got his start on the White Mountain National Forest, and he pulls up a chair and gives a thorough description of who he met and how the pieces fell into place.  Mr. Wells has managed the wood working shop for about 3 years, and during that time has replaced numerous trail signs as well as significant and otherwise costly roadway signs.  Jim's latest project replaces the old and weather-beaten sign thousands of visitors see each year at the height of land on the Kancamagus Highway.  Read more



Wilderness Act 50th Anniversary

Pemigewasset Wilderness

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the WMNF has scheduled several public viewings of American Values: American Wilderness in communities surrounding the Forest and one showing in Boston. The movie will be preceded by a brief introduction about Wilderness, and followed by a group discussion/question and answer session facilitated by Forest Service Wilderness recreation staff. 

The movie schedule:

August 15, Gorham, NH
August 27, AMC - Boston, MA
September 18, Bethlehem, NH

Water Safety

Image of screen capture for WMNF Water Safety YouTube video.

Heavy rain can create potentially dangerous and life threatening situations if attempting a water crossing or simply getting too close to take the perfect picture.  
Refresh your water recreating safety knowledge before heading out on your trip.


WMNF Heritage Topics

Image of Ranger Office Depot on Highland Street, Plymouth, NH.

The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) constructed Fire Equipment Depot buildings on three of its five ranger districts between 1940 and 1942.

Former Pemigewassett Ranger Station For Sale By Sealed Bid

The Plymouth Fire Equipment Depot and office building, view toward Highland Street.

Want to own a piece of U.S. Forest Service, White Mountain National Forest, Civilian Conservation Corp history?


Summer Safety

A beautiful day hiking Mt. Washington

If your plans include a trip to the mountains, please keep in mind that it is still winter conditions, especially at higher elevations.

Forest Venues Now Available to Rent Online

Russell-Colbath Barn in a field of daisies

Looking for a venue for family or group gathering?  The Russell-Colbath barn and Dolly Copp Picnic area are perfect for events large and small - and can be reserved online.