Alerts & Notices

There are forests in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota that are experiencing bark beetle epidemics at a historically unprecedented scale.

The Regional Bark Beetle Information web site shares information and links about the beetles, the epidemics, the forest mortality, and resulting impacts.


 Watch For Falling Trees

Guidelines to help you avoid risk:

  • Avoid dense patches of trees.  They can fall without warning.

  • Stay out of the forest when there are strong winds.  If you are in the forest and the winds kick up, head to a clearing out of reach of any trees.

  • Place campers and tents in areas where they will not be hit by a falling tree.

  • When driving in remote areas of the forest, park close to a main road rather than on a spur or one-way section.  If trees fall across the road you may be trapped.

  • Bring an axe or chainsaw to remove fallen trees if you become trapped.

  • Do not rely on cell phones for safety.  There is no coverage in many areas of the forest.




Public Notices

Cave Closures

Fulford Cave Open:

Thanks to the quick response of the Eagle/Holy Cross district and a small group of cavers, the broken ladder inside the access culvert at Fulford Cave has been removed and a new ladder installed.  Fulford Cave is now open for use.  Remember that access to all caves in Region 2 must be authorized through a mandatory registration system that is available online through the regional office. Click here to register.

Federal Regulations and White River National Forest Special Orders

A list of Federal Regulations, Rocky Mountain Region Special Orders, and White River National Forest Special Orders.