Alerts & Notices


  • Event at Brasstown Bald Visitor Information Center December 21, 2014
  • Dry Creek Trails affected by logging
  • Tallulah River Road (Road work)
  • Lake Conasauga and The Pocket Closed
  • Construction at Fish Hatchery on Forest Service Road 69 (Rock Creek Road)
  • Reed Mill Creek Road Temp. Closed
  • Don't Move Firewood!
  • Rocky Flats Trail Closed Indefinitely

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Weather Around the Forest

Check current weather around the forest and view our webcams on Brasstown Bald. Get information about special alerts from the National Weather Service, fire, drought, and real-time surface water flows in Georgia.

Fire Danger Rating

Check out this fire danger rating map from the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC). Updated daily around 2:30pm and links to the GFC fire weather system web page for more details.

Public Notices

Camping Restrictions in the Cohutta Wilderness

Due to very heavy use and impacts in the vicinity of the area known as Beech Bottoms in the Cohutta Wilderness, changes to past camping practices were implemented in November of 2006. Get the whole story here.

Rules and Regulations for Forest Visitors

Rules and regulations play a role in protecting our natural resources and enhancing the experiences you have as a visitor to the national forests. Please take a few minutes to become familiar with some of the "rules of the road" we use.

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