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 Schedule of Proposed Action (SOPA)

The Forest Service now has an on-line, web-based SOPA located on the national website. This program will allow anyone with access to a computer to view all SOPAs produced at all forests within the agency.

The current SOPA Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. If you need assistance or have questions and comments regarding projects listed, please contact the person listed in the project description or contact the Forest Enviornmental Coordination, Justin Seastrand, at (626) 574-5278 or email at


Click on the following link for current and past Angeles Quarterly SOPA Reports.

National Forest SOPA Website

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Angeles National Forest Project List

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Angeles National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Angeles National Forest Defensible Space Project

The Angeles National Forest is preparing an Environmental Assessment to analyze the effects of allowing private landowners adjacent to National Forest System lands to clear vegetation in accordance with County codes. The purpose is to reduce the risk of losing structures in a wildfire. A scoping comment period was held in April 2011, and for the Draft EA in June 2014. The project is subject to administrative review (objections) under 36 CFR 218 Subparts A and B. Only those who submitted timely project-specific written comments will be eligible to file an objection. When a proposed decision and the final Environmental Assessment are available they will be posted here, along with information on teh objection period.

Aquatic Invasive Removal in Devils Canyon, San Gabriel Wilderness Area

The Forest Service proposes to remove aquatic non-native species within Devils Canyon. The project will involve the use of nets and backpack electroshockers to remove non-native species that prey on the federally endangered mountain yellow-legged frog. This project occurs in the San Gabriel Mountains Wilderness, but will not involve motorized equipment or mechanical transport. See links below for further details and a map. This project was subject to notice, comment, and appeal regulations, 36 CFR 215. A 30-day public comment period was held in July 2013. Because of changes in laws and regulations enacted by Congress in 2014, the project is not longer subject to appeal.

Los Angeles County- Big Tujunga Canyon Highway Maintenance

The Angeles National Forest is seeking public comment on a proposal to maintain Big Tujunga Highway. An unreinforced wall of 450' length and 20' high is severely eroded by constant water scouring. The proposal is to reinforce this wall with riprap. A temporary water diversion structure will be placed in the middle of the streambed to divert water. The proposal is subject to 36 CFR 218, Suparts A and B, for pre-decisional objections. This comment period is to allow public input into the scope of issues, and to provide an opportunity to comment on proposed actions, as required by these regulations. Please see the legal notice for detailed instructions on submitting comments, and on the objection process. Because this website was not updated until April 23, comments will be accepted until May 7.

Mt. Waterman Ski Resort Summer Mt. Biking

Mt. Waterman Ski Resort proposes to offer summer Mt. Biking within their permitted area. Approximately 10 miles of single track trail would be constructed, primarily within and adjacent to existing ski runs and service roads. Other non-disturbing activities such as frisbee disc golf would also be allowed.

Non-Native Aquatic Species Removal in Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Habitat.

This project will remove non-native aquatic species within the South Fork Big Rock Creek, Dorr Canyon, Little Rock Creek, Devils Canyon, Bear Creek, Vincent and Bear Gulch and will involve the use of nets, traps and backpack electroshockers. The purpose of the project is to improve habitat conditions for the endangered Mountain yellow-legged Frog, by removing known predator species. See project map for details of the locations.

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. Line 63 Re-Route

The Angeles National Forest, Santa Clara Mojave Rivers Ranger District, is preparing an Environmental Assessment for a proposal by Plains All-American Pipeline LP, to re-route a 14,000 foot segment of a 14-inch crude oil pipeline known as Line 63. The project would meet requirements of a District Court Consent Decree(2010) for returning crude oil into Line. The pipe will be installed via a combination of conventional trenching and horizontal drilling. A scoping and proposed action comment period was held from February 19 until March 21. Click onthe project link for additional information including a detailed project descriptionwith figures and maps. Since no comments were recieved during the comment period, the decision will not be subject to further review. When a final decision notice is available it will be posted here.

Rio Hondo Saugus Idle Line Removal

A proposal to issue So. CA Edison a short term special use permit for removal and restoration of 2 miles of idle electrical transmission line, and 1.3 miles of access road. Towers will be removed by helicopter with no ground disturbance.

San Gabriel River Ranger District Administrative Sites Defense Zones and Evacuation Routes

The USDA Forest Service, Angeles National Forest (ANF) is seeking comment on a proposal by the San Gabriel River Ranger District to improve and maintain defense zones and evacuation routes for administrative sites across the District. Sites include recreation residences, communication sites, and campgrounds that currently lack adequate defensible space for protection from unwanted effects of wildfire. These strategic point protection measures will enhance the safety and resiliency of recreation sites and infrastructure while providing for safer working conditions for firefighters and evacuation routes for Forest users. Please send comments to:, in e-mail text, or in a readable format (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf); or by mail to: San Gabriel River Ranger District, Attn: Dan OConnor, 110 North Wabash Ave, Glendora, CA 91741. Paper copies available upon request.

Southern California National Forests Land Management Plan Amendment

The Southern California National Forests (the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino National Forests) are developing a proposed amendment for the Land Management Plans (LMPs) adopted in 2006. The proposed amendment would revise land use zone allocations for select Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs) within the four forests and amend LMP monitoring protocols. This proposed LMP amendment is a result of the Settlement Agreement approved January 3, 2011 for California Resources Agency, et al vs. United States Department of Agriculture, and Center for Biological Diversity, et al vs. United States Department of Agriculture. Scoping began on April 27, 2012 and closed on June 11, 2012. One EIS will be prepared with a Record of Decision (ROD) for each Land Management Plan. This joint planning process will maintain the consistent management direction and format across the four Forests.

Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project Supplemental EIS

The Forest Service has released a draft Record of Decision (ROD), for the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project Supplemental EIS. The Final SEIS was published in October 2013. On National Forest System lands, the project would install marker balls on 111 wire spans and lights on 3 towers, according to Federal Aviation Administration recommendations. This project is subject to objections pursuant to 36 CFR 218, Subparts A and B. Only those who submitted timely, project-specific written comments are eligible to file an objection. The time period for filing objections began on June 13, 2014 with the publication of a legal notice in the Los Angeles Times. The objection filing period ends on July 28, 2014. The Final EIS, text of the legal notice, and Draft ROD are available by clicking on the project link. Please see the legal notice for instructions on filing an objection.

Williamson Rock and Pacific Crest Trail

The Angeles National Forest is seeking public input on a proposal to provide limited recreational access to the Williamson Rock climbing area and the Pacific Crest Trail, near Little Rock Creek and Cooper Canyon north of Highway 2. This area has been closed to recreation since 2006 to protect critical habitat for the Mountain yellow-legged frog. The project occurs within the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness and the Little Rock Creek eligible Wild and Scenic River. Proposed activities include seasonal and long term closures, and construction of a trail, trail bridge, barriers, and minor improvements to staging areas and trailheads. Based on issues identified through previous public comment in Dec. 2013, the project is proceeding with an Environmental Impact Statement. An additional comment period began August 7, with the publication of a Notice of Intent. To recieve full consideration comments should be received by Sept. 5. For maps and details, click on the project link above.

Analysis Completed

Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission Project

The Forest Supervisor of the Angeles National Forest has signed a Record of Decision (ROD) for the Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission Project (BRRTP). The ROD will allow the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to construct 13 miles of powerlines, and upgrade an additional 17 miles. The selected route is the San Francisquito Canyon utility corridor. Please click on the project link to see the ROD and a legal notice. The Final Environmental Impact Statement is available at: This decision is subject to administrative review (appeal) pursuant to 36 CFR Part 215. Only that portion of the project affecting National Forest System lands is subject to appeals. Appeals may be filed for 45 days starting June 29, the day after publication of a legal notice in the LA Times. See the ROD and legal notice for more information on filing an appeal.

Santa Clara River Watershed Invasive Plant Treatment Project

District Ranger Wilburn Blount signed a Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact on 8/16/2013 approving this project. The selected alternative allows several methods, including herbicides, to control, contain, or eradicate plant species that are undesirable or that harm, noxious, harmful, or injurious. The project will occur for the next 15 years on National Forest System lands, within the Santa Clara River Watershed. The project area includes the mountains north and west of Santa Clarita, and south of Highway 14. Final project documents are available at the project link above. Hardcopies are available by request at the district office, 33708 Crown Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510, (661) 269-2808. This decision is not subject to administrative review (appeal) pursuant to 36 CFR 215.12, because no substantive comments of concern or only supportive comments were received. A legal notice was published in the LA Daily News on 10/30/2013, and implementation is underway.

On Hold

Black Oak Mistletoe Project 2010

This project intends to focus on restoration of the Black Oak stand through management of the mistletoe infestation using several eradication techniques and by promoting understory regeneration through planting.

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