The Forest Service develops proposed actions and analyzes them in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, in particular the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) guides clean-up of hazardous waste sites.

CERCLA Cleanup Projects

The CERCLA process assesses site conditions, evaluates hazards to humans and the environment, determines the level of cleanup required and selects an appropriate cleanup alternative. CERCLA projects on the forest are:

NEPA Projects

The NEPA process begins with a proposed action that addresses a purpose and need for action. The NEPA process discloses environmental effects, involves public notice, invites public comment and results in a decision.

The level of NEPA analysis depends on the significance of the effects. Projects that fit a category of actions determined to not significantly affect the human environment fall into a Categorical Exclusion. Some CEs are documented in a Decision Memo. Projects that may fall within a categorical exclusion are:


If the proposed action is not covered by a Categorical Exclusion, an Environmental Impact Statement or an Environmental Assessment is prepared. A project with significant environmental effects has analysis documented in EIS. Its decision is a Record of Decision.  

A project without significant environmental effects has analysis documented in an Environmental Assessment. Its decision is a Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact. 

The quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions lists and describes in detail projects undergoing environmental analysis and documentation as Decision Memos, EAs and EISs.

The Schedule of Proposed Actions list does not include projects on the national forest led by a different agency, such as Federal Highway Administration and its analysis of Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads projects:

Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Buck Creek Campground Restoration

Project would restore riparian habitat where a logjam rerouted stream flow into campsites on the West side of Buck Creek campground and would upgrade campsites on the East side of Buck Creek campground to compensate for sites loss to the storm damage

Darrington Blowdown Salvage

Partial salvage is proposed to meet visual management objectives, access needs, and reduce concentrations of down material which would harbor bark beetles. Salvage would be located at the Old Sauk trailhead (<1 acre) and along Suiattle Rd 25(<5 ac.)

Wells Creek Road (FSR 33) Road Repair at Mile Post 5.1

This project would replace riprap along the wall of the slide, bury both riprap and large woody material to the depth of the current channel bed, install a log fence in the floodplain, replace lost aggregate, and place geotextile material.

Under Analysis

Bull Bear Trail construction

Construct approximately 5.75 miles of new trail between Rat Trap Pass and Skaar Pass for trail access to Circle Peak/Crystal Lake areas. The trail would partially replace existing trail that is expensive and difficult to manage to desired standards.

Camp Brown Day Use Area trail construction

Construct approximately 2,106 feet of trail to ADA standards that would provide an interpretive loop around the Camp Brown area and access to picnic sites and a large gravel bar

Canyon Creek Spur (FSR 3140) Road Repair at Mile Post 0.5

his project would move the road into the hillside approximately 10 feet, replace the embankment failure with riprap armored walls, replace the existing culvert, and remove debris from the road and ditch.

Darrington Storm Damage Repairs

The project would repair storm-damaged trails and roads on Darrington District as funding is available. Repairs include trail tread and reconstruction. Road repairs include slide debris removal, drainage and embankment repairs, and reconstruction.

Dirty Harry Road-to-Trail

Convert approximately 0.6 miles of non-system road to trail. This is a portion of a larger non-system road that connects a State Parks trailhead to Dirty Harry Peak across two sections of land managed by DNR, who would manage the entire trail.

Fish Fry Release into Upper Baker Lake

Issue special use permit that allows development of a fish fry release site on the north side of Baker Lake

Frog Mountain and Alpine Falls Trail Construction

Construct about 3.8mi of trail from the gravel pit on Forest Service Road 6550-610 north of Jacks Pass to the summit of Frog Mtn. Construct about 750ft of trail with viewpoints of Alpine Falls, adjacent to Hwy 2, about 6mi east of Skykomish.

Glacier House Conveyance

This project will reduce facilities operations and maintenance costs, the number of unused facilities and administrative site maintenance backlog through the sale of one house, a detached garage and a small cement bunker on 0.51 acre of land.

Glacier Peak Data Collection

Issue a special use permit for the US Geological Survey (USGS) to install temporary Global Positioning System (GPS) antennas at two headwater streams of Glacier Peak, and collect geophysical core samples around Glacier Peak.

Gold Basin Habitat Restoration Project

Reduce sediment delivery from the Gold Basin slide to the S.F. Stillaguamish River to improve salmonid habitat. Includes: construction of live crib, sediment detention basins, diversion fencing, grading, large woody debris structures, & re-vegetation

Greenwater Access and Travel Management Project

This project would decide which roads to retain and at what maintenance levels, and which roads are no longer needed. The project would describe treatments needed to minimize impacts to other resources and comply with laws and Forest Plan direction.

Mt. Baker Wilderness and National Recreation Area Outfitter and Guide Project

This project analyzes allocation of 28,350 service days to an outfitter-guide permit pool for use within the Mt. Baker Wilderness and Mt. Baker National Recreation Area.

North Cascades Mountain Goat and Climate Change Study

Collar up to 26 mt goats to study status, population dynamics, seasonal movement patterns and habitat use to better understand factors influencing populations, including climate change. Install 2 SNOTEL sites(NRCS contract)to monitor weather patterns

North Fork Nooksack ATM

This project evaluates roads within the Upper North Fork Nooksack River Watershed to balance access needs with resource protection and budget. The project will assess which roads to retain and which roads are no longer needed.

North Mountain Lookout Restoration

Provide a special use permit for Friends of North Mountain Lookout to repair and maintain the existing North Mountain Lookout for future recreational use in accord with the standards for structures eligible for the National Historic Register.

S.F. Stillaguamish Vegetation Management Project

Thin second-growth forest stands within the S.F. Stillaguamish River drainage to promote forest stand structure for old-growth associated species and maintain and enhance Riparian Reserve conditions.

Segelsen Collaborative Vegetation and Aquatic Restoration Project

Project would entail a 70-acre thinning with a stewardship component of drainage restoration in the Segelsen and Clear Creek drainages - see

Sultan Roads Improvement and Decomissioning Project

Treat and put in storage approximately 0.5 miles of Forest Service Road (FSR) 6122. Decommission approximately 4.1 miles of system and non-system roads including FSRs 6100-050, 6122-115, and 6124-114. Remove a log stringer bridge.

USGS Glacier Peak Seismic Monitoring Stations

This project would issue a 20-year permit for USGS to install and maintain four seismic monitoring stations around Glacier Peak.

Wells Creek Road (FSR 33) Repair at Mile Post 6.1

This project would replace an embankment failure with large woody material and riprap buried to the depth of the current channel bed. This project would also reconnect the bridge approach with the road.

Analysis Completed

Covanta Energy Communication System Update

Improve communication between Covanta Energy power plant and main office by topping up to 8 live western hemlock trees and 2 snags, a single tree at a time, until a clear signal path for a new satellite communication system is achieved.

Depression Lake Improvements

The proposed action is to replace a wooden toilet that was removed due to disrepair and install an accessible toilet at this site and provide additional resource protection measures as needed.

Hansen Creek Vegetation Project

Supply sustainable forest products, and support the health and wildlife habitat values of forest stands, while meeting aquatic, recreational, and scenic objectives within the South Fork Snoqualmie watershed

Invasive Plant Management

Treat approximately 4000 acres with herbicide, manual, mechanical, cultural and biological methods. Add aminopyralid. Use boom sprayers. Use Early Detection, Rapid Response for new infestation

Little Sandy Creek Fish Barrier Replacement Project

Replace three culverts in the Baker Lake Basin to provide access to upstream rearing and spawning habitat for known Coho salmon and Coastal Cutthroat Trout populations in the Little Sandy Creek drainage.

Maple Grove Campground Maintenance

This is a rustic campground with seven individual sites that is highly popular for a variety of users (e.g., families, scout groups) due to its' relative remoteness but e

Middle Fork Recreation Hub Project

Construct 1700' trail to Otter Falls. Construct 1.3mi Garfield Ledges trail starting at intersection of Rd 56/5640. Construct trail Mid Fork trailhead (TH) to Taylor R. bridge; add picnic sites.

Mt. Baker Ranger District Geothermal Consent to Lease Project

This project will analyze nearly 83,378 acres to decide whether or not to consent to lease, an if so, what lease stipulations are necessary to minimize impacts to other resources and comply with law, regulation, policy and Forest Plan Direction.

Panorama Point Boat Launch Improvements

Improve and maintain boat launching capabilities, provide improved toilet facilities and increase parking capacity to improve visitor safety at the Panorama Point boat launch.

Snoqualmie Lake trailhead improvements

Reconstruct the Snoqualmie Lake TH with additional and improved parking and add a toilet

Stevens Pass Phase 3

Stevens Pass Mountain Resort wishes to develop additional downhill mountain bike trails and skills parks, replace two chairlifts, add parking on the north side of US Highway 2, and remove a gun mount (formerly used for avalance control).

Talapus Lake Trail Reconstruction

Relocations and reconstruction of portions of Talapus Lake Trail # 1039 and relocation of Talapus Cutoff Trail # 1039.1 to hiker only Trail Development Class 3 (moderate level of development) standards.

On Hold

Boulder River Trailhead and Road Storage

Construct new trailhead with toilet, large gravel parking area (20-30 vehicles), picnic area and signs. Place last 0.7 mile of Road 2010 in storage for use as trail until new trail route can be constructed from new parkign area to current trailhead.

Communications Use Lease Renewals

Renew communications use lease for existing Maloney Ridge communications sites.

Lost Creek Bridge Replacement

Replace the Lost Creek Bridge, an undersized and deteriorating timber bridge on Road #49 with a longer steel or concrete bridge. The bridge is located across Lost Creek on Road #49 in the North Fork of the Sauk River drainage.

Mountain Loop Vegetation and Road Management

Vegetation management would include pocket openings (approximately 2 acres) for scenic vistas, thinning of forest stands (approximately 27 acres) along the Mt. Loop for forest stand enhancement and removal of vegetation overhanging roads and ditches.

Proposed Access Improvements, Repairs, and Sampling at the Great Excelsior Mine

Redevelop the Great Excelsior Mine in two phases in preparation for future extraction of gold and silver bearing ore.

Puget Sound Hydro Easement

The proposal is to issue a 20 year Special Use Authorization to grant access on approximately 625 feet of existing Forest Service Road 3045 from the entrance of Excelsior Campground to private property.

South Fork Nooksack Trail Reconstruction

The Forest Service proposes to relocate 1.2 miles of the South Fork Nooksack Trail #602 out of the floodplain and repair an additional two miles of existing trail.

USGS South Cascade Glacier Research Station

The USFS proposes to issue a 20 year permit to USGS Ice and Climate Project, to continue the operation and maintenance of the research station at S Cascade Glacier, in the Glacier Peak Wilderness area.


Mt. Baker Wilderness and National Recreation Area Outfitter and Guide Project

This project analyzes allocation of 28,350 service days to an outfitter-guide permit pool for use within the Mt. Baker Wilderness and Mt. Baker National Recreation Area.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.