Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Siuslaw National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

10C Designated Routes Project

Designating motorized vehicle routes in the 10C Management Area of the Oregon Dunes NRA. For background and more information, see the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area OHV Designated Routes page - which includes the goals of the project, the working group's final report and meeting notes, and a process outline for the project.

1136 Road Construction

1915 feet of road reconstruction and 750 feet of new construction to allow access to adjacent private timber land.

2013 Special Use Authorization Projects (Camp Cleawox Amendment)

Amend for two new kayak storage buildings at existing Girl Scout camp under an existing authorization.

2013 Special Use Authorization Projects (Conger Road)

Issue a new authorization for proposed road access to private land.

2014 Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail Authorization

Issue an authorization for non-motorized trail over approximately 5.4 miles of National Forest System lands, between Corvallis and Harlan, using existing road and trail segments and .23 mile segment of new trail construction.

Beaver-friendly Culvert Management

Installation of flow devices and road maintenance work to control beaver damming activity and eliminate beaver-related flooding at culvert crossings that currently require constant maintenance.

Rocky Bend & Castle Rock Campground Decommissioning

The Hebo Ranger is proposing to decommission Rocky Bend and Castle Rock Campgrounds. All infrastructure will be removed. Rocky Bend Campground is located on Upper Nestucca River Road, and Castle Rock is located on Oregon Highway 22.

South Nestucca Restoration Project

Thinning previously burned and planted or clear-cut and planted stands using commercial or noncommercial methods. About 1,015 acres of 28-50 year old plantations and 1,311 acres of 76-100 year old plantations of off-site genetic stock.

Analysis Completed

2014 Lakeside Fiber Optic Authorization

Issue new authorization for placing fiber optic cable on existing utility poles servicing City of Lakeside.

Cascade Head Scenic Research Area View Point and Interpretive Site Project

The Siuslaw National Forest proposes to construct an interpretative day use facility within the boundaries of Cascade Head Scenic-Research Area (CHSRA). Development would include a vault toilet, parking and a short trail.

Central Coast Ranger District-ODNRA Small Projects Program

Maintain and improve meadows, control invasive plants, restore riparian areas, enhancing wildlife, fish, and plant habitats, reducing fire hazard, maintain or reconstruct trails, and remove hazard trees near roads, trails, developed sites, facilities

Commercial Special Forest Products Program EA

The Forest-wide Special Forest Products (SFP) EA was completed in 1995. The SFP team has held annual meetings refining site-specific regulations. The intent of this EA is to document those site-specific details.

Drift (Siletz) Key Watershed Roads Analysis

Review existing Forest Roads in this Key watershed to determine which roads would remain open to public travel, be closed to public travel, or be decommissioned.

East Alsea Landscape Management Project

Commercially thin 4,200 acres of plantations, create gaps in plantations, plant some gaps in plantations, create nesting cavities and snags in plantations at up to 3 plantation trees per acre...(see Environmental Assessment below for a complete summary.)

East Beaver LWD Project

The Hebo Ranger District proposes to provide ~ 57 trees ranging from a DBH of 24-32 inches from mature stands on National Forest System Lands to the Bureau of Land Management for placement into East Beaver Creek for aquatic habitat restoration.

East Dunes Campground Project

The Hebo District Ranger is proposing to add 20 sites at the East Dunes Campground at the Sand Lake Recreation Area. The new Campsites will replace sites lost at Sandbeach Campground due to encroachment of the Sand Lake estuary.

Five Rivers Landscape Management Project

Thin and harvest about 3200 acres of 25-35 year old managed stands, decommission about 49 miles of road, stabilize and close 77 miles of road, build and maintain a road to access private property,

Fivemile-Bell Landscape Management Project

Proposed watershed restoration that includes upland treatments (commercially thin plantations), in-stream restoration (adding large wood, and stream channel restoration), and valley bottom management (riparian planting and meadow maintenance). Read about the background, goals and partnership work for this project from our Restoration Projects section: Fivemile-Bell Project

Heceta Shores Stabilization Project

Construct a shoreline protection structure to stabilize about 325 feet of embankment. The embankment is continuing to fail and poses a risk to private property and homes.

Little Nestucca Restoration Project

Commercial thin about 3000 acres of 30 to 60 year old plantations and 400 acres of 90 to 110 year old off-site Douglas fir stands; repair roads; decommission about 2 miles of roads; non-commercially thin younger plantations; underplant, create snags

Lobster Restoration Project

Commercially thin about 2,800 acres of plantations 25 to 60 years old; underplant 600 acres of thinned areas; repair 55 miles of roads; decommission about 10 miles of roads; non-commercially thin younger plantations; maintain and create meadows.

Lower Suislaw Landscape Management Plan

Accelerate the development of late-succesional forest habitat and enhance water quality and stream function.

Marys Landscape Management Project

Commercially thin about 2000 acres, create nesting cavities and create coarse woody debris in plantations, decommission about 8.5 miles of road, replace culverts that block fish passage, prevent further loss of meadow habitat, and manage invasives.

Millwright Beaver Landscape Management Project

This project includes actions that would thin young, dense conifer stands less than 80 years old; enhance fish and wildlife habitats; repair, store, or decommission roads; and treat invasive plants.

Nestucca Roads Decommissioning

Through the Legacy Roads Program decommission approximately 25 miles roads no longer needed for management or access.

Niagara/Boulder Restoration Project

This project is a portion of the original North Nestucca project. Divided into two EA's to facilitate analysis. This project will commercially thin about 598 acres of 32 to 39 year old managed conifer stands and commercially thin about 285 acres.

North Fork Siuslaw Landscape Management Project

This is a landscape-scale restoration project in the North Fork Siuslaw River watershed. Activities include: plantation thinning, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, invasive plant treatments, and road improvements.

North Nestucca Restoration Project

Commercially thin about 6,390 acres of 25 to 65 year old young managed conifer stands, and treat about 338 acres of alder dominated upper the Nestucca watershed.

Pixieland and Fraser Creek Restoration Projects

The purpose of the project is to restore the hydrology and native vegetation of Pixieland, an abandoned amusement park that is now part of the Forest Service ownership in the Salmon River Estuary.

Riley Ranch Access Project

The objective of the Riley Ranch OHV Route Project is to provide OHV access from the Coos County OHV park, across national forest lands that are closed to OHV use, except on designated routes, to the open-dune lands that are open to OHVs.

Salmon / Neskowin Restoration Project

Commercially thin about 1936 acres of 30 to 60 year old plantations and precommercially thin about 800 acres..

Siuslaw Invasive Plant Treatment Project

Managing invasive non-native plant infestations totaling about 1966 acres (75 sites) with chemical (herbicide), manual (pulling,grubbing) and mechanical (mowing, brushing, cutting) treatment methods.

Siuslaw National Forest Travel Management Project

Designation of National Forest System roads, trails, and areas on National forest System lands that are open to motor vehicle use.

Tamara Quays and Crowley Creek Restoration Project

The purpose of the project is to restore the natural channel of Rowdy Creek and native vegetation at Tamara Quays, a former mobile home park which is now in Forest Service ownership and restore watershed functions of Crowley Creek.

West Alsea Landscape Management Project

Commercially thin about 4,300 acres; plant about 500 acres of gaps and up to 2,000 acres in commercially thinned plantations; create about 8,800 nesting cavities in trees in plantations and 500 cavities in mature stands (see other project info)

Yachats Watershed Aquatic Restoration Project

Place trees and root wads in about 9.6 miles of streams; remove fill and culverts from two abandoned roads; remove landing fill; non-commercially thin 2 acres of conifer plantations, and release about 5 acres of conifer in the Beamer Creek area.

Yachats Watershed Roadwork Project

Decommission about 8.3 miles of non-key roads; close about 34.8 miles of non-key roads in the watershed.

Yachats Watershed Terrestrial Restoration Project

Commercially thin approx. 2,300 acres of palntations 25-54 years old; underplant about 1,030 acres in treated stands; create snags and coarse wood material; and non-commercially thin about 2,280 acres; decommission about 6.1 miles of non-key roads.

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Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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