Welcome to limitless opportunities in Missouri's national forest! The beautiful
Ozarks serve as the setting for a wide variety of activities, and you have 1.5
million acres to roam. Fourteen floatable streams and 16 lakes from 3 acres to
440 acres await you. You'll find trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or
Focusing on ecology, aesthetics, wildlife, and recreation has yielded a national
forest that has truly come back from being "lands that nobody wanted" to the
lovely woodland it is today. Come and enjoy!

(image)Forest broken out in 4 Zones

(link) zone 1(link) zone 4(link) zone 2(link) zone 3


The Recreational Sites are broken down by Districts which are located in 1 of 4
zones. Each zone contains maps of recreation opportunities for that zone,
included on these map are some of the local government facilities that are also

Zone 1 Cedar Creek, Houston and Rolla Ranger District
Zone 2 Ava, Cassville and Willow Springs Ranger District
Zone 3 Eleven Point and Poplar Bluff Ranger Districts
Zone 4 Potosi, Fredericktown and Salem Ranger Districts

For District specific Recreational Opportunities

Ava/Cassville/Willow Springs
Eleven Point
Houston/Rolla/Cedar Creek
Poplar Bluff

For up-to-date information on closures and other current conditions, see "Alerts
& Notices" on the left.