Lands & Realty


Our Mission

Image of a meadow filled with purple, yellow and pale pink flowers against a mountainous backdrop on the Uinta NF, Utah. Photo by Terea Prendusi.

The Lands and Realty management program secures and protects the American public's rights, title, value, and interests in its national forests and grasslands and authorizes a variety of uses on those lands to meet the needs of present and future generations.


 Our Goal

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in a raft, and a pipeline.

More than 192 million acres of public land are managed as national forests and grasslands. The protection of these lands and resources is a fundamental Forest Service responsibility. Through direct land management practices, the Lands and Realty Management program enables the agency to better manage Federal lands within or adjacent to NFS boundaries and deliver the necessary products and services that are essential for enhancing natural resource stewardship and providing for the public's enjoyment, future use, and access to NFS lands.


 Some of the uses and activities we facilitate include:

  • Purchasing land to protect critical resource areas and provide increased public recreation opportunities
  • Authorizing a powerline to provide electricity to a community
  • Ensuring that a hydro-electric project protects riparian areas on the National Forest
  • Exchanging and conveying lands to achieve a desired national forest landownership pattern that supports forest land and resource goals and objectives
  • Conveying administrative sites to allow the agency to realign and enhance its asset portfolio
  • Surveying national forest boundaries to identify and protect private and public lands
  • Determining the market value of lands purchased, exchanged, or conveyed
  • Authorizing a right-of-way for a road to a private home within the forest
  • Accepting donations of land to protect archeological or historical sites
  • Maintaining records of national forest land areas, land transactions, land status, permitted uses, and easements
  • Securing public road and trail access to existing national forest system lands


 Other Information

Image of Hells Canyon Recreation Area, Wallowa-Whitman NF, Oregon. Photo by Gene Yates


Release of Wind Energy Directives

The Forest Service amended its internal directives for special use authorizations and wildlife monitoring to provide direction and guidance specific to wind energy projects.

Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009

Maps of Designations on National Forest System lands


Weeks Act Centennial

The Forest Service is celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of the most successful land conservation efforts in the U.S.

Public Law 109-432 Section 403(a)

Rocky Mountain Front Mineral Withdrawal Area Map, lands described in section 403(a) of PL 109-432.