The Idaho Panhandle National Forests are located in the northern part of Idaho.
Where is this Forest?


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Visitor Maps

Detailed Forest and District visitor maps are available directly from the Idaho Panhandle National Forests' main offices. These maps are available in paper ($9) or a water and tear resistant material ($10) which retains its' flexibility and is more durable than paper. These maps include many Forest Service system roads, recreation sites, lakes, rivers, streams, mountain peaks, and ownership. Please go to the Offices/Districts section for contact information.

Visitor maps may also be ordered online via the National Forest Store. The IPNF is comprised of three proclaimed forests - Kaniksu (north third of the IPNF), Coeur d'Alene (middle third of the IPNF), and the St. Joe (south third of the IPNF). There is a separate map for each of these proclaimed forests:  

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)

Snowmobiling on the Kaniksu Portion of the Idaho Panhandle NFs

Travel Restrictions Still in Effect. Over-snow motorized travel will continue to be restricted for the 2015-2016 winter season based on legal rulings of November 7, 2006 and February 27, 2007. The court‘s ruling and associated Forest Closure Order restricts motorized winter travel within portions of the designated recovery area for the woodland caribou.

Updated trail maps are available at our Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Priest Lake Ranger District offices, and our Supervisor's Office in Coeur d'Alene beginning in mid-December. An online (20mb pdf) version is available now.

In the meantime, the IPNF plans to restart the winter travel planning process in 2016 to ensure winter motorized travel is consistent with current laws, regulations and other direction. The planning process will promote a balanced approach to the quantity and quality of experiences provided, and required resource management objectives including types of uses and potential restrictions.

Snowmobile Guide: Front & Back (Note: These map files are approximately 20 MB each. A high speed internet connection is recommended.)

GIS Map Data

We also provide a library of GIS (geographic information system) data sets and associated tabular information. Base layers including roads, trails, ownership, and recreation sites are among the products that we offer.



  • Recreational Prospecting, Rockhounding, and Fossil Hunting
    Prospecting, rockhounding, and fossil hunting are among the many outdoor pursuits visitors to the IPNF enjoy. The Prospecting/Rockhounding and Fossil Hunting brochures can help you enjoy these activities safely and provide guidelines for when a permit may be necessary. (260k - pdf) Updated 2015
  • Gathering Firewood
    Basic information you should know before cutting firewood. Details on permits, where and what to cut, the best firewood, and fire safety.
  • Trees of North Idaho
    Want to know what kind of tree hangs over your favorite campsite? Identify native trees with this guide.
  • Wildflowers of North Idaho
    Curious about the flowers you are most likely to see on your forest excursion? Learn to recognize them with this guide.
  • Edible and Medicinal Plants of North Idaho
    Many North Idaho plants have some edible or medicinal value. This guide explores the historical importance to Native Americans and early explorers in the plant's edible and medicinal properties.
  • Poisonous Plants of North Idaho
    Some North Idaho plants bite back! This guide can help you recognize poisonous plants commonly found on our forest. Take the time to be informed and safely enjoy your forest experience.
  • Noxious Weed Guide
    These alien invaders often crowd out native plants and create problems for people and the environment. Learn to recognize them with this guide.
  • Safety in Bear Country
    How to avoid attracting bears, hiking safely in bear country, and what to do if you encounter a bear.
  • Traveling Forest Roads
    How to make travel through the Idaho Panhandle as safe as possible. Details on road types, traffic rules, and some driving safety tips.
  • Guarding Against Giardia
    Backcountry streams and lakes, although clear and clean in appearance, often harbor a hidden danger. Giardiasis can cause extreme discomfort, and can persist for many months.
  • Christmas Trees
    Looking for a Christmas tree? By obtaining a permit, you can select any tree you want, within certain guidelines.



  • Garnet Digging at Emerald Creek Garnet Area
    There are only two places in the world you can find Star Garnets - India and right here on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests! Find out how you can dig your own samples of Idaho's State Gem.