The Lolo National Forest is located in the northwestern part of Montana.
Where is this Forest?


Rattlesnake Wilderness


The Lolo National Forest is located in west central Montana and encompasses two million acres. We have lots of recreation opportunities such as camping, water sports, and hiking. We also have two wonderful visitor centers. We invite you to explore this web site, and contact us if you have questions.

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2016 Mushroom Harvest Information

Morel Mushroom

For current information on harvesting mushrooms for the 2016 season please see our Passes and Permits.




Lolo National Forest 2015 Annual Heritage Report

The Lolo National Forest 2015 Annual Heritage Program Report provides a summarized account of the Forest Heritage Program accomplishments during the calendar year. > more.


110 Years for the Lolo National Forest

A moose standing in the water near the shore of Hoodoo Lake, on the Superior Ranger District.

2016 marks 110 years for the Lolo National Forest, which was formed in 1906 and later combined with the Missoula, Blackfoot, Coeur d’ Alene and the Cabinet National Forests. Early in the Forest’s history there were many other Ranger Districts across the Lolo, but over time they have been consolidated into five Ranger Districts that now make up the Lolo NF: the Missoula, Seeley Lake, Ninemile, Superior and Plains-Thompson Falls Ranger Districts.


Marshall Woods Restoration Project

View of the RattlesnakeThe Marshall Woods project has been designed to achieve multiple restoration objectives in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area (NRA) and adjacent Woods Gulch. Mountain bikers, hikers, runners, skiers, and those who love to hunt and fish all find something to love in the Rattlesnake NRA or the adjacent Rattlesnake Wilderness. But the NRA is also adjacent to homes in the Rattlesnake neighborhood -- and just a short commute from downtown Missoula. Vegetation in the project area, including locations adjacent to the main Rattlesnake trail and nearby meadows, are outside their historic condition. Some areas are densely populated with non-native species. One of the objectives of the Marshall Woods project is to both restore native vegetation and promote the health of species like ponderosa pine – and reduce heavy fuel loading. Mitigating the potential for high intensity fire in this area, where Rattlesnake subdivisions buffer the national forest, is a key objective. Click here to follow this project and learn more about the collaborative effort that brought it to life.


Ninemile Wildlands Training Center (NWTC)

logo for the NWTC

This unique training center offers courses in backcountry skills and historic building restoration. Updated 2016 course descriptions and schedules are available as well as registration information.


Resource Management - Fish

Bull Trout Ready to Spawn

The Lolo National Forest is active in inventorying, assessing and eliminating barriers to the movement of fish and other aquatic organisms.

Lolo National Forest Interagency Hotshot Crew

crew logo

Love working hard in the dirt and ashes? If you're interested in becoming a member of our elite firefighting crew, visit our hotshot information to learn more about firefighting and how to apply.

National Incidents - Fire and Other


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