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An early female forester gives an interpretive talk. Today, women comprise 38 percent of all of the Forest Service’s more than 30,000 employees.Image of Weminuche Wilderness. Select photo to read- What is Wilderness?- an article by Mike Blakeman.Get Outdoors Colorado Collaborative members.Dan Jirón announced the recipients of the 2013 Regional Forester Honor Awards. Bridge over clear creek in 1923, Cloud Peak Wilderness. Bridge over Clear Creek in 2013, Cloud Peak Wilderness.San Juan National Forest Forester Gretchen Fitzgerald checks the health of an eight-year-old ponderosa pine that has regenerated naturally on burned slopes west of Vallecito Reservoir.U.S. Forest Service hosts visitors from the Jewish National Fund

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US Forest Service finalizes policy to promote year-round recreation on ski areas.

Diverse people receiving public service award. Congratulations to the Winners of the 2013 Regional Forester Honor Awards

Spruce Beetle – San Juan National Forest; east of Lake San Cristobal, CO. 2013.Results for 2013 Aerial Survey are now in.

Shoshone National Forest is revising Shoshone National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

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