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Rangers Reflect on Experiences in Retracing Arthur Carhart’s First Journey to Trappers Lake. Ironton house courtesy of Daniel-TerNedden.Early Ashcroft,CO. Select to view more ghost towns and mining haunts. Willow Lake is protected within Wilderness. Kelly Kane assists in setting up a GPS database post 9-11.

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Looking for a great place to mountain bike or cycle? Bike US

Image of US Forest Service and US Cycling Logo

National Forests offer hundreds of miles of trails and roads to bicycle. Roads winding through the forest can be ideal for cycling and trails take mountain bikers on an exploratory journey. There is something for all abilities...

Exploding Targets-2014

Exploding Targets

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This Month in Forest Service History

November events that have helped shape the Forest Service. 

Our Future Forests: Beyond Bark Beetles

Image of an adult mountain pine beetle

New video series, Our Future Forests: Beyond Bark Beetles, explains bark beetle outbreaks in our forests and shares actions the U.S. Forest Service is taking to respond.