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[Photo]: Teacher and class streamside [Photo]: Salmon tent (tent shaped and painted to look like a cartoon salmon) [Photo]: Family fishing together.
Welcome to the Kid's Corner! Here you will find games, stories, and other FUN activities just for kids!

Fun Fish Facts!

[Image]: Leaping FishEcosytems:

An ECOSYSTEM is made up of the interaction of all living organisms (like animals, plants, and bugs) in an area with all of the non-living organisms (like water, dirt, rocks, and the sun). 

Fish and Water: 

When it rains, where does the WATER go? How can you tell the difference between different kinds of FISH? Some fish live in both FRESH water and SALT water. These are called "Anadromous" Fish. You can see some examples of Anadromous fish on the FISH page! 

Aquatic Insects and Fish!:

Some people don't like bugs very much, but fish sure do! AQUATIC INSECTS make up a huge part of some fishes' diets! That's why fly fishermen use flies that are imitations of bugs--they're really trying to fool the fish into thinking that their hook is a tasty fly!

To learn more about Fishing in the Pacific Northwest, visit your nearest National Forest's fisheries web site!


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