The Deschutes & Ochoco National Forests & Crooked River National Grassland are located in central Oregon.
Where is this Forest?


Forest Products Permits

Permits may be obtained for collection of Botanical forest products such as: transplants, cones, tree boughs, Christmas trees, mushrooms, and ornamental cuttings. Wood product permits may be obtained for firewood and posts & poles products.

For small quantities of personal use products, permits may be free. For large quantities, or commercial use, a fee is charged. When a fee is charged, there is a minimum fee of $20.

For most products, there are regulations covering when, how, and where collection is allowed. The intent of these regulations is to ensure continued availability and sustainability of our country’s forest resources. For more information about how to get a permit, fees, product availability, or regulations covering collection, please contact the Forest Service office nearest your intended activity or visit one of these retailers.

Permitting Procedure

Steps to the permitting process:

  1. Call your closest District Office and find out whether the product you want to collect is available.
  2. Go, in person, to the District Office with valid photo identification. Offices accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. At the District Office, obtain either a:
    * Free Use Permit
    : Small quantities of products collected for your use only. Anything obtained for free cannot be sold, traded or bartered.
    * Personal Use Permit: Large quantities of products collected for personal use. There is a minimum charge of $20.
    * Commercial Use Permit: Products collected for commercial resale. Minimum charge of $20 applies. All products may not be available at each District Office.
  3. Keep the permit & your identification on your person at all times while harvesting.
  4. Have fun!