The Umatilla National Forest is located in the north eastern part of Oregon.
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Coalmine Hill Palm Fossil

Palm fossil found near Coalmine Hill, Heppner Ranger District


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NEW! 2017 Temporary/Seasonal Hiring

Forest Plan Revision - Information online!

The Umatilla National Forest, located in the Blue Mountains of southeast Washington and northeast Oregon, covers 1.4 million acres of diverse landscapes and plant communities. The Forest has some mountainous terrain, but most of the Forest consists of v-shaped valleys separated by narrow ridges or plateaus.
The landscape also includes heavily timbered slopes, grassland ridges and benches, and bold basalt outcroppings. Elevations range from 1,600 to 8,000 feet above sea level. Changes in weather are common, but summers are generally warm and dry with cool evenings. Cold, snowy winters and mild temperatures during spring and fall can be expected. More about the Forest... 

2017 Temporary Employment


Temporary Hiring for the 2017 Fire and Field Season is Underway!

The open period to apply for 2017 summer positions is November 15-21, 2016!  (PDF - 450 kb)  Are you hard working and love the outdoors? Are you looking for a job where you can learn the skills necessary to advance in different professions? The Pacific Northwest Region is looking for a seasonal workforce to work in different types of jobs on 17 national forests and scenic area in Oregon and Washington. Jobs include specialized positions in fire and natural resources. Click here for information and listings of all temporary fire and natural resources vacancies and locations on the Umatilla National Forest and across the Pacific Northwest Region.


Forest Conditions: Know before you go!

Seasonal Public Use restrictions are in effect!   Click here to learn more!
Forest conditions can change dramatically without warning.  Please contact your  local Ranger District office and consult your motorized recreation use maps before your trip.



2016 Motorized Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)

Image of Motorized Vehicle Use MapUpdated motorized vehicle use maps (MVUM) for 2016 are now available, free of charge, at all Umatilla National Offices and can be viewed and printed off the Forest’s MVUM webpage. 

Download 2016 MVUMs with your iOS Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Umatilla National Forest Travel Analysis Report  (released 12/16/2015)

Eastside Restoration in the Blue Mountains

Eastside Restoration-PRx

Across the Pacific Northwest, there is broad public support for actively managing forests to be more resilient to the uncertainties of climate change and the effects of insect outbreaks, disease, and destructive wildfires that follow decades of fire suppression in fire-dependent forests.

However, the current rate of restoration is not keeping pace with forest growth.  Unless we do some things differently, acres in need of restoration will continue to out-pace restoration accomplishments.

Blue Mountains Resiliency Project

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Forest Celebrates a Century of Service

2008 marked the100th anniversary of resource management on the Umatilla National Forest..

Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision

The current forest plans for the Umatilla, Malheur, and Wallowa Whitman National Forests are currently being revised.