The El Yunque National Forest is located in the eastern part of Puerto Rico.
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[Photograph]: A photographer is taking a picture of the sunset.We have a small selection of maps that highlight the many exciting features of the El Yunque National Forest. Some are available in digital format on this website. Others are contained in brochures, flyers and other print publications.

A detailed map of the El Yunque National Forest published by National Geographic Maps/National Geographic Society can be purchased in the Eastern National Bookstore at the El Portal Rain Forest Center and at the EN satellite stores conveniently located at the forest’s Yokahu Tower and Palo Colorado Interpretive Sites.

El Yunque National Forest maps available in both digital (website) and print format are listed below. To view digital format maps, Click on a title for direct access to its link. If your operating system has a “magnifier” feature or you have a magnifier utility program you can use it to expand a selected map for better detail. All digital and print format maps of the El Yunque National Forest are made available to the public subject to these disclaimers.

Electronic Maps


An interactive map of the El Yunque National Forest Recreation Area that links to individual trail maps with descriptions and photographs.

Recreation-El Portal:

Facility map and aerial photograph of the El Portal Rain Forest Center.

Print Maps

Enjoying the Rain Forest: (PDF 184 KB)

A free, bi-lingual (English/Español) flyer with a map of the El Yunque National Forest Recreation Area showing points of interest to the public. Obtainable at El Portal Rain Forest Center Information, Yokahu Tower Interpretive Site, and Palo Colorado Interpretive Site, or by request, see Contact Us for information.

PDF files require the Acrobat Reader program. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of charge. Please read our disclaimers.