The Mark Twain National Forest is located in the center and southern areas of Missouri.
Where is this Forest?


Welcome to Mark Twain National Forest

photos of treesFrom 2012-2022, the forest will collaborate with partners to restore more than 100,000 acres near Doniphan, Winona, Van Buren and Poplar Bluff, Missouri, in a Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project (CFLRP).

Monitoring Plan Transition

During the upcoming months, Mark Twain National Forest will be updating our existing Forest Plan monitoring program in order to comply with new planning regulations. More information is available here.


Recent News


Aftereffects of Flooding on Roads and Forest

Road washout at Red Bluff Recreational Area

Please be aware of the aftereffects of flooding as you travel throughout Missouri. We are still assessing damage caused by recent events and this will take time. We recommend calling your district office before you travel to your favorite recreation site to confirm that sites are open and accessible. If you have pictures or see damage on Mark Twain National Forest land or roads, please share that information with your local office. For local office information, including phone numbers, click here. Tips for dealing with high water can be found here.


From the Salem, MO. Ranger’s Desk February, 2016

Thom Haines doing a Radio Interview

February’s article features Youth summer job deadline approaches

Mark Twain Outdoor News – Potosi-Fredericktown Ranger District

Debris lodged against fire rings, cupboards, lantern poles and water spigots at Red Bluff Recreation

2016 01-MTOutdoorNews - Flooding causes damage on Potosi-Fredericktown Ranger District.