Mountain Loop Scenic Byway Conditions

Road and trail condition reports are updated weekly through forest visitors, trail crews and engineering reports. Please call Darrington Ranger District at 360-436-1155 or send an email to give a report after your hike of the conditions during your visit. We can’t be everywhere at once and appreciate your help.


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Road & Trail Status Definitions

• OPEN - No restrictions, forest visitors can drive the road or hike the trail.
• UNREACHABLE - Forest visitors can only drive or hike part of the trail because of snow, trail damage, wildlife habitat or road or trail is not reachable because of damage or closures on roads or trails leading to it.
• CLOSED - Road or trail closed because of forest closures, wildlife habitat, road damage, gates or barriers. Forest visitors cannot drive any part of the road or hike any part of the trail.
• NOT CLEARED - Road or trail is snow covered or not brushed out but still open.
• INACCESSIBLE - Road or trail not reachable because of road damage or closures on roads or trails leading to it.
• TEMP CLOSED – Road or trail construction closing access.
• UNKNOWN – Status of road or trail not known at this time.